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Sunday 3 December 2023



The Quranic paradox or an enigma called Allah can be easily understood from an old Arabic euphemism. 

He who knows his own Self (Nafs), knows his Lord (Rabb). (man arafa nafsahu faqad arafa Rabbahu). 

Some says this is a hadith, nevertheless I conclude that this words of wisdom contains the very essence of the teaching of the book Quran. The subject of the book Quran is Man's Nafs and His Rabb or Man and his Sustainer. 

Some would say why it is important to know Rabb/ Allah? Without knowing our Rabb / Allah still our life is going smoothly so why the need to know Him? Isn't it our duty to know our provider, nourisher and our sustainer? We might be materially well off and seems to be happy superficially but still the feeling of missing out something or feeling of emptiness persist within all of us. Without knowing and getting connected to Allah our energy or the source we cannot operate or know our true purpose of life, our purpose of existence and our purpose of work and fulfill that feeling of emptiness or feeling of anxiousness lingering inside us.

For the sake of understanding I put forth an example of a bulb, tubelight, lamp, chandelier, fan, heater, microwave, refrigerator, mixer blender, washing machine, toaster, tv, motor, computers, mobile phones, etc. They all wants to know themselves, their utility and their purpose of existence. Their difference in utility or design is useless even if they know their designer. Their purpose of design is useless if they are not connected with the source. Some of them are expensive appliances and some of them are complicated machines but without connection to the power they are futile or purposeless. They want to know their purpose, their utility, without that they are lying dormant. Just like us they want to know their path. All the appliances have their catalogue attached with them but that is not sufficient for them to operate. They also need to connect with the power or the energy to operate.

The common source between all of them is Electricity. Without the connection to electrical power they are heap of scrap, they are lifeless, useless, lying dormant. Just like us without proper connection with the script and the energy we are straying purposeless, our existence is not beneficial to mankind.

Man is the most complicated machine of all the known appliances. But without the Power or the Energy man is nothing. The Power / Energy is the part and parcel of his evolutionary cycle. The Power is the Designer, the Evolver, the Creator and It cannot be cutoff from the design, evolution, creation, form, model or the master piece. It has to be 24/7 with the master piece because the master piece is actually is the actual master of that piece of work. 

The master is the Malik (Owner) as well as the Khaliq ((Evolver) of His own work. He is the Owner of the entire workshop and without the involvement of His Ruh (Spirit) nothing works. The entire work is the Manifestation of His Spirit. We belong to Him and to Him we all return. The purpose of our life to know Him and serve Him. Without knowing Him we cannot serve Him. We have been evolved or created in His image or character (30:30). But we give too much importance to ourselves, to life and death. In truth we are nothing but His ordinary slaves. We have arrived empty handed and will go empty handed but we keep on accumulating as if our stay is permanent and we are independent without any debts to repay.

Our purpose to understand our script (al-kitab) and follow the role or service or position assigned to us. Our job satisfaction or peace or Islam is in knowing our script and implementing in our own life. This is the best Ibadah or Service to Allah or Mankind. 

Work is worship if done according to our embedded script (Al-Kitab)

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Friday 1 December 2023



Al-Kitab - The Embedded Script or the Message Within is sufficient for human guidance. No "holy scriptural" guidance is needed. Al-Kitab in the context of the book Quran is our own Book of Guidance  our Operating Manual , a Reminder - This is the only Book of God specifically designed and different for every individual  - To know our own book we do not require any expertise in any foreign language. Any tom, dick and harry can read his script i.e The Book of Allah because it is his/her embedded book, he / she just need to be mindful (mutaqi) about it - The physical book Quran is made up of Arabic syntax derived Middle Eastern language. The 114 chapter book is not our Quran because it is not in our language. Linguistically the word Quranan arabiyyan (12:2) does not point to this physical book. Here the word Quranan and Arabiyyan is not proper noun. The phrase Quranan arbiyyan signifies that the signs coming out from our inner script is clear, articulate and tangible - Kitabi mubin means clear script, which does not require any outside light to shine, it lights on its own light (12:1)Quranan is our own compilation of thoughts coming out of Al-Kitab. The word arabiyyan means clear, articulate, mother tongue. The opposite of word Arabi is Ajmi. The word Ajmi means which is foreign, intangible, not clear.

To read a foreign language book like Quran we need to appoint a learned teacher of that language or attend a good school to infer the nuances of that language and comprehend its message. Whereas to read, study and understand the Book of Allah we do not require any teacher or school, because Rehman is the Teacher -  Rehman is the Teacher of our own embedded Quran which is in our own language. In other words we don't require a teacher to study our inner Quran, it is self explanatory, self witnessing and self experiencing for those who are mindful, thoughtful, who ponder, contemplate on their own existence or origin.

The Book of Allah does not have any language barrier it is easy, even an illiterate can understand it provided he / she has wisdom. The Book of Allah is a compilation of signs and only tahir (clean from all preconceived notions) & mutaqi (cautious, mindful, observant) can decode its sign. It is an individual's book of signs that is present within everyone of us, we just need to remember / recall (zikr) it. The book or the inner script is in our memory (zikr), we just need to activate it, that's why Al-Quran is also called Al-Zikr (The Reminder) and this Zikr will always be guarded and preserved.

We have forgotten our original nature, and the foreign language book of 114 chapters does not remind us of anything. We have lost the fitrat of Allah because of indoctrination from parents, teachers and environment. The inner script is our true Imam (leader). Our character is same as Allah there is no two opinions about it. All characters belong to Allah. In simple and clear words even bad characters also belongs to Allah. The evolution of human mindset depends upon which characters we choose to become. 

"We just need to set our focus / face / attention sincerely towards *repayment of debts (Deen). This is the main character / nature (fitrat) of Allah on which the mindset of human beings are molded. There is no change in the pattern if you really want to evolve Allah in you. That is the establishment of Deen. But most mindsets are not aware of it." 30:30 - interpretation.

Repayment of our Debts to our Owner (Malik) is the true Deen which can bring true Peace (Islam). We just need to establish Balance (mizaan) and not follow Extreme path. 

Monday 20 November 2023





I am using masculine pronoun for Allah for the sake of convenience. Allah is Energy and It is above genders.


Allah knows His Self (Nafs), He knows His requirements, He knows His desire and He knows what must be done to fulfill it. 


There is nothing without Allah, He is All Encompassing (Wasiun), Apparent (Zahirun) and Hidden (Batin). He is Evolver (Khaliq), Foremost (Awal) and the Delayer (Aakhir).


Without Allah we are Satan and with Allah we are at Peace (Darul Salam - 8:127). Either we serve Allah or we serve Satan the choice is ours. 


Allah Drive us and we drive our own allah. Allah can replace us if He is not satisfied with our driving but we cannot replace our Owner (Malik) or change His Vehicle, because the Home of the Owner (Malik) is inside us.


The Behaviour of the Owner depends upon our service. The Owner is 24x7 with the servant, He is aware of everything, a servant cannot fool His Master (Rehman) because the Master or the Teacher is Present everywhere, everytime, Watching every minute details. 


It is upto us whether to become a friend (wali) of Allah or friend (wali) of Satan. Allah and Satan are two sides of the same Coin. It is upto us to choose the side.

The Owner expects that His servants know their job and its purpose. The Owner (Malik) can change His character according to services provided by His servants. The Master (Rehman) wants His servants to be honest with the script and work according to the script they have been provided.  The Master (Rehman) is 24x7 ready to Teach provided His students are ready to learn or see within. 


The Owner is Benevolent as long as His servants serve Him properly and is obedient to the assigned task but if they disobey Him and try to corrupt His Kingdom then the character of the Owner changes and He becomes Satan. 


There are no two Powers or Owners. All Power belongs to One Allah, Satan is the other side from the same Allah (min duni Allah). - 7:30


Who are we ? We are a subordinate part of Allah trying to return back (2:156) to the Natural State of Allah (Fitrati Allah) on which He has evolved mankind (Nas). 30:30 




Thursday 2 November 2023



The topic of the book Quran is all about the human mindset. This 114 chapter book emphasizes mankind to observe, to be cautious and instructs them to think, contemplate and ponder over our own embedded script (al-kitab) in order to get guidance through it & have a peaceful, sound and wise mindset. 

Quran is not a book of law as generally believed. The theme of the book Quran is "As you sow, so shall you reap". The book discusses about the consequences of our intentions, thoughts and actions. The book also discusses about the core psyche (nafs) of human beings.

Our entire universe is settled in our own mindset. Our own thoughts are the makers / breakers of our world or evolver of our mindset. Our mindset is our true world. Destruction of strong beliefs or old concepts and birth of new ideas is our moment of Qiyamah or permanent awakening. Peaceful and sound mindset is the most basic criteria to achieve positive productivity, stability in our inner self which will reflect or manifest in our outside behaviour. We are living in our own mindset that consists of our own community of various thoughts. 

We all talk about Peace, but to offer Peace to others; first we need to have Peace in our own selves. A mind full of hate, anger, malice, jealousy, impurities, ego, rivalry, ignorance, arrogance,  superiority and pride cannot attain the state of a peaceful mind. Complete submittal to peace in all circumstances is true Islam and it is not monopoly of Arabs or Muslims. Islam is just an Arabic word for Peace, Shanti, Shalom and Salam. The entire theme of the book is about succeeding to become a peaceful soul or to have a sound, balanced and creative mind. A real Muslim is one who has sound, stable and peaceful mind, irrespective of his / her cultural background.

Nowadays to say that religion Islam signifies submission to Peace (Salam) at all cost has become a laughing stock and to say such thing is often being labeled as apologetic by its adversaries. Those who called themselves Muslims are being associated with bad temperament, ill mannerism, indiscipline, immorality, illiteracy, rudeness, intolerance, communal and terrorism. Label Muslims ignore these facts about themselves and still feel proud to identify themselves as Muslims. Fulfilling all religious rituals is a matter of big achievement for them, humanity has taken backseat.

The labeled Muslims have reserved or rather hijacked all good characters like muslim, momin, sauleh, mutaqi, muhsin from the book Quran for themselves and they have assigned all bad characters like kafir, mushrik, fasiq, munafiq, zaleem, najis, for the non muslims. 

The traditional Muslims believe that only righteous deeds are not sufficient to be qualified as a good human being. The religionists believe it is not enough if you are good, righteous, helpful, humble person. Carrying an Islamic Arabic tag with you or professing the magical formula of la ilaha ilallah muhammadurasullah is an ultimate ticket to enter the blissful state in Jannah. Such nonsense limits the magnanimous Islam as a cult religion while the message of book Quran carries universal appeal.

The message of the book Quran is put to trail again and again by different groups of antagonists around the world, thanks to the poor translation; but their accusation is also justifiable in the behaviour of the followers of the Quran. It's because of the bad behaviour of the labelled Muslims; the book Quran has to face the brunt.

The main weapon to malign “Muslims” is the centuries old translations that are merely a copy / paste chain of continuous similar line of wrong interpretations. The task of the adversaries of religion Islam becomes easier because of our blind faith on those translations which instruct us to preach, convert or kill the people who does not subscribe to the ideology of the book Quran. Almost every "Muslim" wished to have Islamic Rule on Earth or Successor on Earth, thanks to wrong interpretation of Arabic phrase خَلَائِفَ فِي الْأَرْضِ and on the basis of this interpretation they want to establish their version of "Islamic" governance.

We have made the translation and the exegesis of scholars above criticism as though they are divine. To question any translation or the exegesis of scholars is to invite wrath and isolation from main stream Islam or from the sub-sects or from some group of unconventional thinkers on social media.

In peace we have opportunity to think, contemplate, ponder, meditate and evolve. The concept of inner peace has become alien in Islam on the contrary one who speaks of non-violence, compromise, settlement, acceptance, tolerance, accommodation are labelled as coward, non-believer, faithless, traitor and escapist.

One thing is sure that we cannot achieve outer peace without inner peace; sadly nobody relates Islam with inner peace and tolerance,  not even the so called Muslims believe this, thanks to the present translation / interpretation and concocted history. We have made the entire Islam the religion of appeasement of God through rituals, rote learning and aggression.

Some recent intellectuals relate Quranic message with the establishing a just and fair society. Though the subject of formation of just and fair governance is good but it is not the topic of the book Quran. 

The topic of establishing good governance is more appealing and soothing to simple "Muslims" all over the world because they too are suffering from corrupt despotic rulers and their officials. "Muslims" look towards Quran in hope to change their destiny so they try to find "Madina Charter" through the Quranic interpretation. Many wait for some messiah to change the plight before the end of this world. 

Some  "intelligent Muslims" believe that the book Quran cannot be translated word by word so they have a freehand to interpolate the pure message with manipulations. The vital important Quranic terms are twisted to suit the idea of formation of "Islamic Socialism" through Quranic verses.

The vibrant terminologies like Allah, Rasul, Nabi, Malaikah, Shaitaan, Salat, Zakat, Saum, Hajj, Nisa, Rajul are manipulated to fit into the message of "Islamic Socialism" of the book Quran. This method of translation is equally harmful like the method of translating Qur'an on the basis of Shaane Nuzool (circumstances of revelation).

People want one verse references and that too from the translations of their favourite scholars. People often ask me about my understanding of the book Quran. My theme of the book Quran is new, my translation is under process, its a big task to translate the entire book in a short time when the concept it totally new. Picking and choosing one verse to justify our version is an act of injustice with the entire context of the book Quran.

It is a fact that we all are victim of crony capitalism, tyrant rulers and religious priesthoods and we are aware of it. The need of the hour is to become Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, and wipe out these evil  forces. But this is impossible if we follow the manipulated theme of establishing just and fair governance in the world when we ourselves are drowned in superficial knowledge. Without correct knowledge and conduct we will be wiped out from the face of the earth instead of the communities we are targeting to change.

The brief message to those who call themselves Muslims is, they must reform by accepting their ignorance, use aqal, acquire ilm, unlearn what they learnt and practice sabr.

Saturday 7 October 2023

ALLAH and ilah


Allah & ilah 

The term Allah and ilah must be inferred in the context of our psyche (nafs / inner self) which is the actual theme of the entire book Quran. The subject of the book Quran is not about rules of nature or the absolute laws of physics, chemistry or the society.

The word ilah linguistically signifies something which we devotedly serve, worship and adore but sadly without understanding. The element or the activity that captivates or allures us is our ilah (god). Ego can be our ilah, greed can be an ilah and fear can be our ilah too. A God / god is an ilah of the religionists because their god is based on greed, reverence, fear and blind faith.

One thing must be very clear that Quranic Allah is not like a traditional God / god / ilah. The Quranic Allah does not require our worship, praise, adoration or our captivation. The term Allah is made with the combination of two words laam (ل) represents the word FOR and hu (ه) represents the word HIM - لَهُ - lahu (له), please refer 112:4 for understanding له (lahu). When definite article Al ال is attached to lahu له it becomes Allah (اللَّهُ).

The term Allah اللَّهُ is not a capital of ilah إِلَٰهٌ as popularly inferred. There cannot be big god and small god in Islamic philosophy. I strongly believe that the term Allah is a combination of a definite article plus preposition and pronoun; it is not a single word. The term Allah / allah is represented in the book Quran as masculine pronoun هُوَ - huwa - He - In Arabic grammar pronouns are called zameer (ضمير). And zameer means conscience, a voice that speaks, judges, it is a voice of our heart or conscience. 

Definition of Allah through Surah Ikhlas 

In 112:1 - Say Huwa is Allah ahadun - the essence of this verse is He / It can be anybody's conscience or anyone's conscience is Allah. Here the word هُوَ represents conscience.

The essence of verse 112:2 is that Voice of Conscience is Samad (Independent). 

112:3 The Voice / Allah / Energy neither creates / produces / gives birth / begets nor is born / begotten. 

The last verse 112:4 - And nor there is for  it / Him any comparison / equivalent.

The entire subject of the book Quran is inner self or conscience. The main subject of the book Quran is conscience of mankind and how the inner voices effects upon the thinking process and behaviour of individuals.  The entire life and death of human being is product of his / her own thought process.

The book Quran only instructs us that we give our sincere attention to observation, learn and seek knowledge in order to recognise and understand the cause, the source or the energy that effect us. The quality of our conscience drives us. A fake source or tempting energy is Satan and the factual or original source is Allah according to my humble understanding of the book Quran.

The book Quran has nothing to do with Imaginary Heavenly God but it is a book about our own strength and weakness. God is the Balancer of Human mind that we all must strive to keep sound and stable. An unstable or an unsound God is Satan. The entire message of the book Quran is to understand the God and it's Kingdom inside us and not outside. There are no two powers inside us, Satan and Allah are two sides of the same coin. Good and Evil are not two different powers or energies but two extreme part of the same scale. We become what we feed.

Our evolutionary journey is from small alphabet g to the capital alphabet G of God. We the small g is never separate from the big G, they are units of the same scale and have a strong connection with IT. The book Quran refers to Allah with capital A and allah with small a too, just like a drop 💧 and Ocean 🌊, they are not separate but One and the Same. 


Thursday 14 September 2023



The translation and the interpretation of the book Quran are totally flawed, but not the Arabic script. The Allah of the book Quran is not concerned what we eat, drink or dress or is worried about our sexual preferences. 

The Arabic term Allah of the book Quran is not used for God of any religion but it is used for our own conscience, it is person's own moral sense of right and wrong. 

Allah is the superior than Satan in terms of moral ground and Satan is a low or degraded part of Allah but possesses equal powers and grip like Allah although in negative shade. Allah and Satan are two sides of the same coin. 

We become what we feed our conscience through our own thoughts. Our own conscience is our Guide. Service to Allah is actually service to conscience. What we serve will be served back to us. Allah resides in clear, pure and humble conscience. 

Rabb is the provider of awareness to the conscience, I infer rabb as Consciousness. There are different level of consciousness and Allah resides in each levels but with different levels of consciousness or awareness. Awareness is knowledge and lack of awareness is ignorance, arrogance and pride, a trait of Satan. 

The God of religion Islam is an angry, jealous, insecure, moody, narcissist, proud, ignorant, boastful and arrogant God. The Allah of the book Quran has cast itself in human mould and if not taken proper precaution or care He / It is capable of becoming Satan too. So we need to be careful about our Allah not turning into Satan. That’s the reason taqwa (diligence / caution) is an important part of the message of the book Quran.  

Friday 25 August 2023



The entire perception of most of the religious text including the book Quran is wrongly focused on idolizing or vilifying the personalities rather than concentrating on real objective of the knowledge of the subject matter. The more we increase in exoteric knowledge, the more we drift away from the original message of those religious texts.
The ancient religious scriptures were not meant for worldly knowledge (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Astronomy, Oceanography, Orology or body anatomy . There are better books available if we need to understand those important subjects.
The core theme of any religious scriptures that I am aware of is 'KNOW YOUR SELF'



All spiritual knowledge is for well being of our spirit that is unfortunately turned into religious dogma.
Spiritual knowledge is the food / provision (rizq) for our internal world which we must possess all the time. This Spiritual knowledge when turns into spiritual energy, helps us to boost our happiness, peace and overcome all type of tension and depression.
Boosting our energy to fight our internal enemies is the main purpose of all religious scriptures. The philosophy of Islam is about love and fighting or overcoming our internal enemies, it has nothing to do with materialistic world.
Spiritual knowledge has nothing to do with materialistic knowledge or attachments however it helps us to develop us to face the cruel / unjust world. Worldly knowledge can be taught in school and colleges that helps us to understand the immediate necessities of life or material world.
Spiritual knowledge helps us to face the challenges of the material world, it control or balance all type of fear, greed, temptation and insecurities that causes imbalances in our life.
The spiritual knowledge and materialistic knowledge does not complement each other on the contrary the spiritual knowledge is a shield that stops the worldly attachments to enter in our pure, uncorrupted system of conscience.

Saturday 5 August 2023


The entire drama of this life is an illusion. We are spiritual beings experiencing the material world around us. Our purpose is to understand / recognize the senses (bashar) behind the mask of our skin. The process of unlearning is like the peeling off of Onion that brings tears from the eyes. Each passing moment is an illusion which we are not able to realize. The eyes and the brain does not have the capacity to see the ultimate truth, for that we need to have farsighted insight and an evolved mind. Our ego and pride is based on the gratification from our materialistic possession. Past is gone, present goes within the blink of a second and future is figment of our imagination.

The day we recognize the fact about ourselves, it will be the moment of our real establishment (yaum al-qiyamah), that will be the moment of our recognition (Arafah) and the manifestation of knowledge (ashrun malumaatun).

We have eyes but we lack the insight that's why we cannot witness / see / experience (shahadah) the knowledge of the spiritual world (alameen) confined inside us. The book Quran is all about the journey / pilgrimage and paying the homage to the house of thoughts (bayatullah) or to spiritual world inside us.

The spiritual aspect is hard to understand for worldly people that's why it is not for everyone to take this spiritual journey or path. It is only for rare human beings who dare to afford it and ready to lose the worldly pleasures. The pilgrimage is not for those who can afford the expenses of visa, ticket and hotel accommodation to Saudi Arabia. Hajj is an internal journey of recognizing our self, our true Master.

We need to realize that our true identity is not our physical body. Physical body is just like clothes we wear but the real entity or set-up is within that is beyond the reach of our physical eyes. Whatever we are doing, practicing, tasting is for our mortal body.

We are not aware that we are immortal beings and our needs are different than this temporary world. The food or provision of our spiritual world is the connection with our real Self. Physical body or the world around us is just a short time illusion or enjoyment that carries an expiry date. The moment our deep sleep is broken we awake to the reality of spiritual world.

The messages of various philosophies of the axial age are same. If we realise it, it is a revelation for us otherwise it is just an idle tales (lahwa al-hadith). According to the book Quran without the awareness of self we are not alive but mentally dead or asleep.

The Designer is not separate from its design just like a drop of water is not different from H2O / or a fish without water is a dead fish. Can we separate them? We need to understand this paradox of life. Self trying to understand the Self is the biggest riddle of life. We are not separate; we are nothing without that Energy / Allah / Atma / Soul / Ruh / Spirit / Nafs / Rabb / Consciousness / Breath of Air. We are the part and parcel of that Evolutionary Spirit, infact we are the spirit in motion. Our journey is to become the Spirit from the spirit. We have everything inside us for that spiritual journey but that does not mean that we need to ignore our physical world and it's responsibilities.

Salat is that permanent bridge which connects our mortal being with our immortal self. Salat is our ladder of ascent (miraj) from the lower conscious level (ardh) to higher conscious level (samawaat).

We all are well aware about the world we live in. Majority among us know how to live a decent life. We know what our responsibilities are as a denizen of this world. We don't require any catalogue to operate ourselves. We don't check at every moment our needs, requirements and method to fulfill those day to day errands from any book. In short we are well aware about the material or mortal world.

The book Quran's main focus is not material world because we already know it. Its main focus is spiritual world which cannot be seen (gayab), our immortal world, our unending world (aakhirah), our main life line. The book Quran discusses our self (nafs), our spirit (ruh) our peace of mind (islam), our mental death (maut), our inner voices (rasuls), the inbuilt information (nabiyeen), the ego (satan) the hidden enlightenment (jannah), the hidden hell (jahannam), our hidden urges (nisa), our community of different thoughts (qaum), our correctional process (ummah) our embedded script (kitab) that shows our direction (qibla) our purpose of living.

Our permanent awakening to the unseen is our Qiyamah. Al-Qiyamah is not a dooms day but the day when we understand our own Quran that is the day of awakening when old thoughts and firm beliefs (jabal) fly like a cloud of wool.

Understanding our Quran means understanding the criterion (furqan), understanding Allah and Rasul and living with them eternally. Not easy. The path to spiritual world goes through the path of material world. This I have realized it very late in life. Life is made up of ups and downs, we need to balance (mizaan) it and this is very important in life.


6:32 / 6:70 / 7:51 / 21:2 / 21:55 / 29:64 / 43:83 / 44:38 / 47:36 / 57:20

2:126 / 3:185 / 3:197 / 4:77 / 9:38 / 10:23 / 10:70 / 10:98 / 11:48 /  

Tuesday 1 August 2023


One of my sister asked me ...

The verse Rehman, alamal Quran, (55:1-2), is it past tense ayat or present tense ayat ?
My answer:
First we need to know what is Quran and who is the recipient of the message of the Quran.

The recipient of the Quran (not the book) is the evolved man (Insaan) and not an ordinary man (Adam driven out from Jannah).

The book Quran is narrated with the help of personified examples (misaal).
We never question the tense of maths problem when the teacher teaches us with the help of examples. Same way we need to understand the examples (misaal) of the book Quran.

The statement that 1) the Rehman - 2) taught the Quran (not the book) - 3rd verse is - He evolved Insaan (not mankind).

Not everyone is evolved upto the level of Insaan. A very vast majority of men are at the stage of Adam (ordinary man). They have not reached or evolved to the position of Insaan.

Important is not whether the verse is past or present or future tense. Important is what message we are able to derive from it.

The moment we say it is an ayaat (signs) that means it is applicable, valid in the current scenario. The word ayaat (signs) is used when the happening is live. The signs are always valid in the current situations and are never used for past events.
The ayaats are addressed to those readers who are evolved or those who know the meaning in the signs.

The ayaah simply says that the Teacher of the Quran is Rehman. But we assume that the word Quran means 114 chapter Book in Arabic language.

In ayaat 2:31 the Quran says He taught Adam al-asmaa (characters, attributes, names, identification - this ayat is pointing or emphasizing the function of Allah, that is to teach, evolved Mankind from the level of Adam. We will not say that the event happened in the past and now this verse is defunct and of no use today.

The entire book Quran is written in theophany format (tamsili). There are lessons in the parables for us to understand and not see whether the events happened in the past or they are stories of the past.

Islam is against the glorifications of language, place, personalities, books, scholars, gurus.

The book Quran has life lessons for maintaining a peaceful mind which are molded in parables.

We just need to take lessons from it and not to consecrate it. We take lessons from many movies or fictional stories but we never ask whether the story happened in the past or is it relevant today. This is because we know it is just a story.

The book Quran says many times that the signs are qasas (lessons from which we can deduct lessons) and misaal (parables or examples).

Important is to take lessons from those parables and not to hate or sanctify the characters of the parables.

Debating on nuance of language of any story is useless nonetheless when the book Quran itself emphasis that the narratives are best parables.

The writings or the script of the book Quran are called ayaat (signs), that means those signs are valid and are applicable today also furthermore they are meant to instruct or influence (surah) us.

Hope I am able to explain my point 🙏

Monday 24 July 2023



The basic meaning of Qadar is measurement, value, estimate...

Nature (qudrat) predetermined the course of it's every creation. Every creation follow it's pre decided course except Man.

Sun, Moon, Wind, Water, Trees, Animals, Birds, Insects... all have their syllabus, course, direction predetermined because they all are following Deen of Allah (natural inbuilt system) except Man.

Those who understands and value (qadar) his script, book, subject, syllabus and follow it's direction achieves power or ability (qudurur).

Taqdeer and Muqaddar depends on how much value (qadar), importance one gives to it's course or script. Our future or fate (muqaddar / taqdeer) is the byproduct of our understanding and sincerity in following of our own script (al-kitab). 

This is my humble understanding.

Friday 14 July 2023


Deen is Empathy.

Deen is a system of God and will always remain a system of God, whether we believe it or don't believe it, whether we establish it or don't establish it. Deen will always be the system of God, prevailing all other systems.

The essence of Deen is giving or precisely it means to payback, the Urdu, Hindi word dena is a derivative of Arabic word deen. Every creature in the universe give or contribute to establish and maintain the natural balance of Deen of Allah except so called human beings. 

The Deen with Allah is Islam - This aphorism means our Peace with the system of consciousness is in philanthropic way of life / empathetic way of life.

We are humans and we need to prove this by manifesting Humanity in our life otherwise we are inhuman, just living a life of haiwaan (inhuman). 

Birds 🐦, Animals 🐴, trees 🌴, crops 🌾, water 💦, Sun 🌞, Moon 🌝 are the honest Deendaar (contributors). They know their restrictions and work within it, they are the one who are sincerely doing their duty of surrendering to the will of God, except the ungrateful greedy human beings. 

Nature is the one who follows the path of philanthropic way of life (Deen). It is only the Man that has to work on his mindset and come out from the mentality of consumer to the mindset of maintainer and distributor.

As a human being first we need to establish Deen in our own life, create a state of Deen in our own mindset. Madeena a derivative of deen, it is a state of mindset not a city of Saudi Arabia. Madeena means the place where the Deen lives or where the Deen is established. To become Muslim first we need to establish the state of deen in our own mind or in our own nafs. If every individual realizes / recognizes (maruf) that he is a slave of God, then only he can be a true servant (abid) of God. 

A Muslim is a slave, one who knows the wishes of his Owner, Master and is in service 24x7 without the expectation of reward. If we are good slave then salary, property, honour, peace, prosperity, good health, good environment or good society is the byproduct of our own being a good slave or Human being. A Muslim understands, recognizes, follows the covenant & agreement his / her own pure conscience made with himself / herself.

A Momin is a trustee or a caretaker of God's property. Being a good person means to be trustful, loyal and honest towards the properties (niyamat) of God. A Muslim is one who surrenders everything for the sake of Salam and Islam. Performing rituals to please God or shedding blood for the sake of God has no place in Islam (Peace) ✌️-

A Christian will fight to establish Kingdom of God on Earth 🌎, a Hindu will fight for establishing Ram Rajya on Earth 🌍, a Muslim will fight for establishing Nizam e Mustafa or Nizam e Rabbubiyat on Earth 🌎, similarly Chinese, Koreans and others will fight to establish their supremacy on Earth. If these fights of holy flags persists then there cannot be Peace ✌️ on Earth 🌎 - The Quran is the book of Peace, it's message is Peace ✌️  and not war or subjugation of others.

Being a good slave or human being is not easy at all, for that we need to be always at war with our own selves. A good slave is above religious background. Jihad is a internal struggle of being perfect human being before any external struggle.

The entire message of the book Quran is based on unseen events known as gayab in Islamic terminology. The basic motive of the message is to evolve Man (Adam) into conscious human being. All the personified characters of the book Quran or Hadith have meaningful connotations that signify their role and function within Adam or our own senses, emotions, thought process.


Our Mohammad must fight many wars with his internal enemies. Our major enemies are Abu Jahal (ignorance, illiteracy) number one enemy of Islam, 2nd is Abu Lahab (ego, anger) - these two enemies should be killed and the rest are to be overpowered or banished - Our 3rd enemy is becoming a prey of blandishment, flattery, allurement (Hinda), Our 4th enemy is Abu Sufiyan (one who easily get carried away like dust or influenced by others), Our 5th enemy - Yahood (those think they are guided ones, not ready to learn, Our 6th enemy is Nasara (those who always wanted to remain as assistant only, never want to grow, always remain subordinate) etc... the final take from these illustrated parables is that we must never become friends with the enemies of Islam (Peace). 

These are not a part of any Islamic History but they are part and parcel of our life. We need to know our friends and enemies.

The book Quran and Hadith are written in personified parables (misaal) for us for the ease of comprehension but we take those personified examples / stories (qasas) as literal events in the life of parabolic personalities and then foolishly love, hate or fight under their influence.

Friday 7 July 2023



Everyone of us is born with an embedded script or a book within our own selves. There is no partiality in the distribution of this book. Anyone with faculty of reason, dedication can have access to this portal of life. This is our foremost book of guidance which is unseen, which we must trust and listen to the gentle low voice coming out from our embedded script.

Our success lies in understanding, recognizing and following this naturally ingrained book of our life's script. This book show us our true inclination or our path our right direction. We need to follow the inherent script to the core by stopping all other distractions and noises from outside and within.

When we are totally dedicated to ourselves and to that designed or scripted role, we established the connection with our inner book. Our growth and development is because of the continuous thoughtful reminders, meditation and connection with the script of that inherent book.

Our Quran is in our own mother tongue which is the compilation or extraction of instructions, signs, guidelines from the mother book for our current role or need is according to the our urgent requirement for the world.

The Quran in our mother tongue (arabi) is not for reading but for figuring out a clear path. The Quran / Furqan is our book of guidance /. knowledge for the agitated / thinking mind.

The correct deciphering of the physical book Quran plays an important role in recognising and decoding our hidden script. The faith or belief in our unseen book is important, but belief must out of reasonable understanding and not through blindly placing the faith in any book or messages in the name of divinity.

The formation of any belief must consist of thorough due diligence, investigation, scrutiny, persistence and purity in efforts, without this elements the belief would be considered as influenced by majoritarianism

The result of the connection with the inherent book brings in the cleansing of the self, a very important aspect of reaching near to our pure consciousness. The path of cleansing is not at all easy, it is a hurricane task, a big fight or struggle with the self filled with ego.

There are lot of hindrances from many fronts. The closeness or admission in the sacred house of thoughts requires continuous fight with our filthy, ignorant, arrogant, greedy, tempting and egoist mindset. It not at all easy, except for those who are determined to establish their connection with the intention of coming closer to their original self.

Bringing the wandering homeless soul to its Original House is not at all easy. Trusting and surrendering towards our bestowed script is a revolutionary act, not an easy task. That's why martyrdom or crucifixion in the cause means the person is born again, he / she is living according to his / her destined post, position or status ... he / she is not physically dead or useless but activated in the service of mankind.

Silencing the mind is the biggest task in this journey to the sacred House of thoughts. Mind filled with noise and clutter of useless information cannot hear the pleading, crying, warning, supplication of noble voices echoing in the chamber of our soul. We can able to listen or hear the call, voice or the proclamation only when we are in the state of complete silence & discipline ...

The Teacher appears when there is no commotion. When house is in complete pin drop silent the enshrined Educator, inside us begins his course. This pedantic Instructor forms your thought process and takes care of your future challenges. At every moment of your life you are guided with continuous chain of revelations. The invisible Teacher of the unseen book becomes the influential Master of your life. This is the result of your permanent connection with the innate script or the book of guidance. Your life must always be within the radar or range of the sacred valley of thoughts.

Know your Self is core topic of the book Quran, in other words the subject of the book Quran is human psychology.

The article is influenced by my humble understanding of the book Quran - ahleaqal.com

Tuesday 4 July 2023



What is destiny or muqaddar?

How is the word destiny distinct from other similar nouns?

Some common synonyms of destiny are doom, fate, lot, and portion. While all these words mean "a predetermined state or end," destiny implies something foreordained and often suggests a great or noble course or end.

I understand destiny as a natural path, method, unique way which suggested by our own embedded script (Al-Kitab). Very vast majority among us don't recognise or understand their own unique inner script so reading, following or valuing it is out of question. The efforts towards this unique script is path to success.

The inner Al-Kitab or The Script is our real destiny or destination (our nuzul & manzil i.e our own Al-Quran) but we don't value it so we don't reach our destination and then blame fate or predestination.

A child of destiny is one who recognises his own script from a very early age, follow it to the core and achieves success; a position of praise (maqam e mahmood).
Qadar means value, if we value our script we can make our muqaddar. The script show or suggest the path of our true destination or destiny but unfortunately we value the advice of every books, teachers, society, parents, friends, relatives except our own embedded script, which is our true guide and companion. 

Friday 16 June 2023




The basic meaning of امن is safety and security, tranquility in heart and mind, free from fear - It is related to mind and not concerned about world peace. Islam is against killing shedding blood, cruelty, aggression or any type of hegemony. The philosophy of Islam concern about peace of individual mind. Providing peace to others is an utopian concept. How can someone provide peace if he / she is not peaceful himself / herself. The word الْمُؤْمِنُ (Momin) is wrongly inferred as Giver of Security or Giver of Peace. Allah does not give anything to anyone, when we are eligible we get, Allah knows who is a deserving candidate. God Helps those who help themselves.

2:196 – فَإِذَا أَمِنْتُمْ = Then when you feel safe / secure – perfect verb

33:72 – الْأَمَانَةَ – Al-amanah – The Trust – Noun

6:87 – أَمِينٌ – Ameen – Trustworthy - Adjective

2:3 - الَّذِينَ يُؤْمِنُونَ بِالْغَيْبِ وَيُقِيمُونَ الصَّلَاةَ - Those who persistently believe in the transformation of self / those who aspire to believe in self [يُؤْمِنُونَ] - form iv

9:124 – إِيمَانًا – Imaan -  faith, trust, freedom from doubt, feel secure, believe – Form iv verbal noun

61:11 تُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّهِ وَرَسُولِهِ وَتُجَاهِدُونَ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ بِأَمْوَالِكُمْ وَأَنفُسِكُمْ ذَلِكُمْ خَيْرٌ لَّكُمْ إِن كُنتُمْ تَعْلَمُونَ You need to persistently believe with Allah and His Rasul and strive in the cause of Allah with your full inclination and your nafs. That is best for you, if you should know.

Once you believe, signs are everywhere – The real belief is achieved when one knows, recognizes, understands the signs and not just believing anything blindly. Majority of people believe in so called intangible God of religion based on blind belief because it is often based on ideology (عقيدة) of their cult and is not based on knowing, understanding, recognizing the real entity, real energy, real power.

Any belief which is not based on our own self study or our own inference of facts is actually not a belief but in fact it is ignorance or blind belief. 

Allah is Momin 59:23 so is Musa – Musa is also Momin - 7:144 – Momin is a Possessor or Holder of Imaan / aman / amanah and not a provider or giver of security / peace / tranquility to others. No one can provide Imaan / Aman, it is not a commodity which can be easily available to any Tom, Dick and Harry. Momin is a state of believing in self, after understanding the self, having thorough knowledge of self.

Friday 27 January 2023



The book Quran describes people according to their thinking pattern that forms the base of our behavior. It does not discuss our appearance. It is a book of universal truth and does not specifically target any specific community. Muslim, Momin, Mushrik, Kafir, Munafiq, Fasiq, Yahood, Nasara are not communities or sects but they are human mindset that forms our behaviour.

It doesn't matter if you have a beard, if you wear a religious dress, or have an Arabic name or Sanskrit name, or any of the dozens of superficial expressions of faith that religious people carry.

"Muslims" generally place a higher value on superficial appearance because they believe that's what prophet Muhammad was like and copying him is an act of righteousness. Such thinking is against Islamic way of thinking. Imitation has no place in Islam. The main emphasis of the book Quran is to think, ponder, meditate, reason, verify, check and don't follow anything blindly.

Note, the book Quran talks only about human mindset and behaviors and the consequences of not having a sound and balance mindset, copying or imitating Arabic culture is not Islam.

Islam or Peacefulness comes by accepting each other, understanding each other, respecting each other, working with each other, speaking the language of the locals, participating in each other's happiness and grief. Understanding our limits is Islam, going out of limit is not Islam. Peaceful living is Islam. Recognizing our Satan and our true God is Islam. Blind worship is not Islam. Establishing the Kingdom of Your God is not Islam. Accepting and respecting every culture is Islam
"The servants of Rehman are they who walk in the earth / ardh with humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say: Peace." - Quran 25:63

"And they who do not bear witness to lies, and when they pass by vanity, they pass by it with dignity.

And those who, when reminded of the ayaat / communications of their Rabb, do not act as if they were deaf and blind" - They think, reflect and are mindful, thoughtful, cautious...

Quran 25:72-73

So if you aren't behaving as the Quran describes; your beard, your thawb, your hijab, your eating habits or whatever else you have incorporated into your identity will not help you. The best dress is modesty or taqwa, not tailor-made religious cloths. The words of the Quran address your thoughts that form your behavior, your inner mechanism that controls your senses and if you don’t understand those ayaats / signs then you have a major problem.

On the other hand, if your behavior is peaceful and you love and respect everyone and for you work is worship then you don't need anything else, you are already there, you just have to keep it up. You don't have to grow a beard, change your name, and wear clothes foreign to your culture or anything like that. If you still want to perform a ritual that’s okay but if your behavior is on point that's all that matters. Creating a different personality away from the culture we live is inviting doubt, suspicion and isolation from the mainstream locals and that is not good for you.
Behavior / Attitude is the goal of life, that is what the book Quran says. All of us are supposed to incorporate that thought process that molds the behavior into our identities or die trying, which is the goal of this life. It's hard but anyone can do it with enough of dedication and discipline.

Don't work on making your fake appearance your identity. Muslim identity is not putting on makeup; it is your mindset, your behaviour, your humble attitude, your care and love for everyone.

Work on what the Quran says is important - the thought process, the behavior. Mold your identity to correspond to behavior beneficial to the people you live with, then only you are a true servant of God no matter your name or your appearance. If you fail to do that then nothing will help you.


Monday 16 January 2023



Namaz is not part of Salat, 100% agree but neither it is a part of establishing Just and fair society in the "corrupted countries" in the name of religion Islam.

This concept of establishing so called Islamic Socialism is an Utopian concept and root cause of dispute, conflict and disagreement between people of different beliefs.
We are still fighting among ourselves over which is the best translation of the book Quran and wish to establish our own version of Quranic society in the world. Isn't it strange?

This is not the intended message of the book Quran but the understanding of some respected souls who were concerned about the dilapidated condition of their country's governance.

There are so many countries who are not aware about the message of the book Quran but still are top in peace and happiness index. It is because they follow their common sense and did not rely on holy books for guidance.

Please don't misinterpret or convert the message of Love, Peace, Acceptance into the message of war, overpowering, conquering, capturing, spilling blood of others and establishing the rule of the book Quran which we ourselves are not clear and don't understand. 🙏

The book Quran is not a civics book nor it is a book of criminal, society or civil laws. It is a catalogue of how to develop, operate and handle our own nafs, soul, self. 🙏

Monday 2 January 2023



@Everyone - The book Quran never gave us any system neither it provides any clues on how to establish "Islamic System". It is not a civics administration book.

The topic of the book Quran is human nafs and not human rights. The entire book discusses about the characteristics of human nafs and how to protect it from drifting on the wrong path. Each nafs has to bear the burden of his / her deeds, no one else is responsible but his own soul or nafs. So the entire emphasis of the book Quran is on character building of nafs / self / soul.

The program of Salat, Zakat, Saum, Hajj, Jihad, Hijrah are for the growth of individual's nafs / soul.

The urge to establish "Quranic values, laws" on Earth or Country or Society or in Family is the main cause of fasad or conflict throughout the world 🌎. 🙏

Know who you are, contemplate deep within, read / understand the ayaats (signs) within yourself (nafs) and follow / connect / grow with the help of your unique script (al-kitab).

We cannot understand even 1% of the Nature around us that's why the topic of the book Quran is not about comprehending the Nature but to understand our own nature / self / Nafs / Soul.

But some of our friends ignore this important message of the Quran in lieu for forming just and fair society because they are suffering in their native countries that are corrupted to its core. They think that the book Quran is all about equal distribution of wealth irrespective. Upliftment of financial condition or other living condition of the rich or the poor is not the topic of the book Quran; although it is an important subject but it is not the subject of the Quran.

The message of the book Quran is not just for the political elite class to form government but it is the message of entire human psyche from all walks of life.

I am not against forming a good just and fair society but that's not the intended message of the book Quran. Societies are formed by the culture of majority community. We cannot impose our version of culture on others. If we strive to do so then we are pushing for conflict, dispute and unrest in the world.

We need to take care of our own self first, we first need to recognise our own devil's and angels. We need to connect with our own soul and try to establish the Kingdom of God within us. We don't even realise that we are driven by the devils inside us and we wish to establish Kingdom of God outside. This is not at all possible. This is an utopian concept.
God does not change the condition of any community unless they change what is inside them.

Happy New Year To Everyone.