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Thursday 2 November 2023



The topic of the book Quran is all about the human mindset. This 114 chapter book emphasizes mankind to observe, to be cautious and instructs them to think, contemplate and ponder over our own embedded script (al-kitab) in order to get guidance through it & have a peaceful, sound and wise mindset. 

Quran is not a book of law as generally believed. The theme of the book Quran is "As you sow, so shall you reap". The book discusses about the consequences of our intentions, thoughts and actions. The book also discusses about the core psyche (nafs) of human beings.

Our entire universe is settled in our own mindset. Our own thoughts are the makers / breakers of our world or evolver of our mindset. Our mindset is our true world. Destruction of strong beliefs or old concepts and birth of new ideas is our moment of Qiyamah or permanent awakening. Peaceful and sound mindset is the most basic criteria to achieve positive productivity, stability in our inner self which will reflect or manifest in our outside behaviour. We are living in our own mindset that consists of our own community of various thoughts. 

We all talk about Peace, but to offer Peace to others; first we need to have Peace in our own selves. A mind full of hate, anger, malice, jealousy, impurities, ego, rivalry, ignorance, arrogance,  superiority and pride cannot attain the state of a peaceful mind. Complete submittal to peace in all circumstances is true Islam and it is not monopoly of Arabs or Muslims. Islam is just an Arabic word for Peace, Shanti, Shalom and Salam. The entire theme of the book is about succeeding to become a peaceful soul or to have a sound, balanced and creative mind. A real Muslim is one who has sound, stable and peaceful mind, irrespective of his / her cultural background.

Nowadays to say that religion Islam signifies submission to Peace (Salam) at all cost has become a laughing stock and to say such thing is often being labeled as apologetic by its adversaries. Those who called themselves Muslims are being associated with bad temperament, ill mannerism, indiscipline, immorality, illiteracy, rudeness, intolerance, communal and terrorism. Label Muslims ignore these facts about themselves and still feel proud to identify themselves as Muslims. Fulfilling all religious rituals is a matter of big achievement for them, humanity has taken backseat.

The labeled Muslims have reserved or rather hijacked all good characters like muslim, momin, sauleh, mutaqi, muhsin from the book Quran for themselves and they have assigned all bad characters like kafir, mushrik, fasiq, munafiq, zaleem, najis, for the non muslims. 

The traditional Muslims believe that only righteous deeds are not sufficient to be qualified as a good human being. The religionists believe it is not enough if you are good, righteous, helpful, humble person. Carrying an Islamic Arabic tag with you or professing the magical formula of la ilaha ilallah muhammadurasullah is an ultimate ticket to enter the blissful state in Jannah. Such nonsense limits the magnanimous Islam as a cult religion while the message of book Quran carries universal appeal.

The message of the book Quran is put to trail again and again by different groups of antagonists around the world, thanks to the poor translation; but their accusation is also justifiable in the behaviour of the followers of the Quran. It's because of the bad behaviour of the labelled Muslims; the book Quran has to face the brunt.

The main weapon to malign “Muslims” is the centuries old translations that are merely a copy / paste chain of continuous similar line of wrong interpretations. The task of the adversaries of religion Islam becomes easier because of our blind faith on those translations which instruct us to preach, convert or kill the people who does not subscribe to the ideology of the book Quran. Almost every "Muslim" wished to have Islamic Rule on Earth or Successor on Earth, thanks to wrong interpretation of Arabic phrase خَلَائِفَ فِي الْأَرْضِ and on the basis of this interpretation they want to establish their version of "Islamic" governance.

We have made the translation and the exegesis of scholars above criticism as though they are divine. To question any translation or the exegesis of scholars is to invite wrath and isolation from main stream Islam or from the sub-sects or from some group of unconventional thinkers on social media.

In peace we have opportunity to think, contemplate, ponder, meditate and evolve. The concept of inner peace has become alien in Islam on the contrary one who speaks of non-violence, compromise, settlement, acceptance, tolerance, accommodation are labelled as coward, non-believer, faithless, traitor and escapist.

One thing is sure that we cannot achieve outer peace without inner peace; sadly nobody relates Islam with inner peace and tolerance,  not even the so called Muslims believe this, thanks to the present translation / interpretation and concocted history. We have made the entire Islam the religion of appeasement of God through rituals, rote learning and aggression.

Some recent intellectuals relate Quranic message with the establishing a just and fair society. Though the subject of formation of just and fair governance is good but it is not the topic of the book Quran. 

The topic of establishing good governance is more appealing and soothing to simple "Muslims" all over the world because they too are suffering from corrupt despotic rulers and their officials. "Muslims" look towards Quran in hope to change their destiny so they try to find "Madina Charter" through the Quranic interpretation. Many wait for some messiah to change the plight before the end of this world. 

Some  "intelligent Muslims" believe that the book Quran cannot be translated word by word so they have a freehand to interpolate the pure message with manipulations. The vital important Quranic terms are twisted to suit the idea of formation of "Islamic Socialism" through Quranic verses.

The vibrant terminologies like Allah, Rasul, Nabi, Malaikah, Shaitaan, Salat, Zakat, Saum, Hajj, Nisa, Rajul are manipulated to fit into the message of "Islamic Socialism" of the book Quran. This method of translation is equally harmful like the method of translating Qur'an on the basis of Shaane Nuzool (circumstances of revelation).

People want one verse references and that too from the translations of their favourite scholars. People often ask me about my understanding of the book Quran. My theme of the book Quran is new, my translation is under process, its a big task to translate the entire book in a short time when the concept it totally new. Picking and choosing one verse to justify our version is an act of injustice with the entire context of the book Quran.

It is a fact that we all are victim of crony capitalism, tyrant rulers and religious priesthoods and we are aware of it. The need of the hour is to become Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, and wipe out these evil  forces. But this is impossible if we follow the manipulated theme of establishing just and fair governance in the world when we ourselves are drowned in superficial knowledge. Without correct knowledge and conduct we will be wiped out from the face of the earth instead of the communities we are targeting to change.

The brief message to those who call themselves Muslims is, they must reform by accepting their ignorance, use aqal, acquire ilm, unlearn what they learnt and practice sabr.

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