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Friday 7 July 2023



Everyone of us is born with an embedded script or a book within our own selves. There is no partiality in the distribution of this book. Anyone with faculty of reason, dedication can have access to this portal of life. This is our foremost book of guidance which is unseen, which we must trust and listen to the gentle low voice coming out from our embedded script.

Our success lies in understanding, recognizing and following this naturally ingrained book of our life's script. This book show us our true inclination or our path our right direction. We need to follow the inherent script to the core by stopping all other distractions and noises from outside and within.

When we are totally dedicated to ourselves and to that designed or scripted role, we established the connection with our inner book. Our growth and development is because of the continuous thoughtful reminders, meditation and connection with the script of that inherent book.

Our Quran is in our own mother tongue which is the compilation or extraction of instructions, signs, guidelines from the mother book for our current role or need is according to the our urgent requirement for the world.

The Quran in our mother tongue (arabi) is not for reading but for figuring out a clear path. The Quran / Furqan is our book of guidance /. knowledge for the agitated / thinking mind.

The correct deciphering of the physical book Quran plays an important role in recognising and decoding our hidden script. The faith or belief in our unseen book is important, but belief must out of reasonable understanding and not through blindly placing the faith in any book or messages in the name of divinity.

The formation of any belief must consist of thorough due diligence, investigation, scrutiny, persistence and purity in efforts, without this elements the belief would be considered as influenced by majoritarianism

The result of the connection with the inherent book brings in the cleansing of the self, a very important aspect of reaching near to our pure consciousness. The path of cleansing is not at all easy, it is a hurricane task, a big fight or struggle with the self filled with ego.

There are lot of hindrances from many fronts. The closeness or admission in the sacred house of thoughts requires continuous fight with our filthy, ignorant, arrogant, greedy, tempting and egoist mindset. It not at all easy, except for those who are determined to establish their connection with the intention of coming closer to their original self.

Bringing the wandering homeless soul to its Original House is not at all easy. Trusting and surrendering towards our bestowed script is a revolutionary act, not an easy task. That's why martyrdom or crucifixion in the cause means the person is born again, he / she is living according to his / her destined post, position or status ... he / she is not physically dead or useless but activated in the service of mankind.

Silencing the mind is the biggest task in this journey to the sacred House of thoughts. Mind filled with noise and clutter of useless information cannot hear the pleading, crying, warning, supplication of noble voices echoing in the chamber of our soul. We can able to listen or hear the call, voice or the proclamation only when we are in the state of complete silence & discipline ...

The Teacher appears when there is no commotion. When house is in complete pin drop silent the enshrined Educator, inside us begins his course. This pedantic Instructor forms your thought process and takes care of your future challenges. At every moment of your life you are guided with continuous chain of revelations. The invisible Teacher of the unseen book becomes the influential Master of your life. This is the result of your permanent connection with the innate script or the book of guidance. Your life must always be within the radar or range of the sacred valley of thoughts.

Know your Self is core topic of the book Quran, in other words the subject of the book Quran is human psychology.

The article is influenced by my humble understanding of the book Quran - ahleaqal.com

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