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Friday 1 December 2023



Al-Kitab - The Embedded Script or the Message Within is sufficient for human guidance. No "holy scriptural" guidance is needed. Al-Kitab in the context of the book Quran is our own Book of Guidance  our Operating Manual , a Reminder - This is the only Book of God specifically designed and different for every individual  - To know our own book we do not require any expertise in any foreign language. Any tom, dick and harry can read his script i.e The Book of Allah because it is his/her embedded book, he / she just need to be mindful (mutaqi) about it - The physical book Quran is made up of Arabic syntax derived Middle Eastern language. The 114 chapter book is not our Quran because it is not in our language. Linguistically the word Quranan arabiyyan (12:2) does not point to this physical book. Here the word Quranan and Arabiyyan is not proper noun. The phrase Quranan arbiyyan signifies that the signs coming out from our inner script is clear, articulate and tangible - Kitabi mubin means clear script, which does not require any outside light to shine, it lights on its own light (12:1)Quranan is our own compilation of thoughts coming out of Al-Kitab. The word arabiyyan means clear, articulate, mother tongue. The opposite of word Arabi is Ajmi. The word Ajmi means which is foreign, intangible, not clear.

To read a foreign language book like Quran we need to appoint a learned teacher of that language or attend a good school to infer the nuances of that language and comprehend its message. Whereas to read, study and understand the Book of Allah we do not require any teacher or school, because Rehman is the Teacher -  Rehman is the Teacher of our own embedded Quran which is in our own language. In other words we don't require a teacher to study our inner Quran, it is self explanatory, self witnessing and self experiencing for those who are mindful, thoughtful, who ponder, contemplate on their own existence or origin.

The Book of Allah does not have any language barrier it is easy, even an illiterate can understand it provided he / she has wisdom. The Book of Allah is a compilation of signs and only tahir (clean from all preconceived notions) & mutaqi (cautious, mindful, observant) can decode its sign. It is an individual's book of signs that is present within everyone of us, we just need to remember / recall (zikr) it. The book or the inner script is in our memory (zikr), we just need to activate it, that's why Al-Quran is also called Al-Zikr (The Reminder) and this Zikr will always be guarded and preserved.

We have forgotten our original nature, and the foreign language book of 114 chapters does not remind us of anything. We have lost the fitrat of Allah because of indoctrination from parents, teachers and environment. The inner script is our true Imam (leader). Our character is same as Allah there is no two opinions about it. All characters belong to Allah. In simple and clear words even bad characters also belongs to Allah. The evolution of human mindset depends upon which characters we choose to become. 

"We just need to set our focus / face / attention sincerely towards *repayment of debts (Deen). This is the main character / nature (fitrat) of Allah on which the mindset of human beings are molded. There is no change in the pattern if you really want to evolve Allah in you. That is the establishment of Deen. But most mindsets are not aware of it." 30:30 - interpretation.

Repayment of our Debts to our Owner (Malik) is the true Deen which can bring true Peace (Islam). We just need to establish Balance (mizaan) and not follow Extreme path. 

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