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Sunday 3 December 2023



The Quranic paradox or an enigma called Allah can be easily understood from an old Arabic euphemism. 

He who knows his own Self (Nafs), knows his Lord (Rabb). (man arafa nafsahu faqad arafa Rabbahu). 

Some says this is a hadith, nevertheless I conclude that this words of wisdom contains the very essence of the teaching of the book Quran. The subject of the book Quran is Man's Nafs and His Rabb or Man and his Sustainer. 

Some would say why it is important to know Rabb/ Allah? Without knowing our Rabb / Allah still our life is going smoothly so why the need to know Him? Isn't it our duty to know our provider, nourisher and our sustainer? We might be materially well off and seems to be happy superficially but still the feeling of missing out something or feeling of emptiness persist within all of us. Without knowing and getting connected to Allah our energy or the source we cannot operate or know our true purpose of life, our purpose of existence and our purpose of work and fulfill that feeling of emptiness or feeling of anxiousness lingering inside us.

For the sake of understanding I put forth an example of a bulb, tubelight, lamp, chandelier, fan, heater, microwave, refrigerator, mixer blender, washing machine, toaster, tv, motor, computers, mobile phones, etc. They all wants to know themselves, their utility and their purpose of existence. Their difference in utility or design is useless even if they know their designer. Their purpose of design is useless if they are not connected with the source. Some of them are expensive appliances and some of them are complicated machines but without connection to the power they are futile or purposeless. They want to know their purpose, their utility, without that they are lying dormant. Just like us they want to know their path. All the appliances have their catalogue attached with them but that is not sufficient for them to operate. They also need to connect with the power or the energy to operate.

The common source between all of them is Electricity. Without the connection to electrical power they are heap of scrap, they are lifeless, useless, lying dormant. Just like us without proper connection with the script and the energy we are straying purposeless, our existence is not beneficial to mankind.

Man is the most complicated machine of all the known appliances. But without the Power or the Energy man is nothing. The Power / Energy is the part and parcel of his evolutionary cycle. The Power is the Designer, the Evolver, the Creator and It cannot be cutoff from the design, evolution, creation, form, model or the master piece. It has to be 24/7 with the master piece because the master piece is actually is the actual master of that piece of work. 

The master is the Malik (Owner) as well as the Khaliq ((Evolver) of His own work. He is the Owner of the entire workshop and without the involvement of His Ruh (Spirit) nothing works. The entire work is the Manifestation of His Spirit. We belong to Him and to Him we all return. The purpose of our life to know Him and serve Him. Without knowing Him we cannot serve Him. We have been evolved or created in His image or character (30:30). But we give too much importance to ourselves, to life and death. In truth we are nothing but His ordinary slaves. We have arrived empty handed and will go empty handed but we keep on accumulating as if our stay is permanent and we are independent without any debts to repay.

Our purpose to understand our script (al-kitab) and follow the role or service or position assigned to us. Our job satisfaction or peace or Islam is in knowing our script and implementing in our own life. This is the best Ibadah or Service to Allah or Mankind. 

Work is worship if done according to our embedded script (Al-Kitab)

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