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Saturday 5 August 2023


The entire drama of this life is an illusion. We are spiritual beings experiencing the material world around us. Our purpose is to understand / recognize the senses (bashar) behind the mask of our skin. The process of unlearning is like the peeling off of Onion that brings tears from the eyes. Each passing moment is an illusion which we are not able to realize. The eyes and the brain does not have the capacity to see the ultimate truth, for that we need to have farsighted insight and an evolved mind. Our ego and pride is based on the gratification from our materialistic possession. Past is gone, present goes within the blink of a second and future is figment of our imagination.

The day we recognize the fact about ourselves, it will be the moment of our real establishment (yaum al-qiyamah), that will be the moment of our recognition (Arafah) and the manifestation of knowledge (ashrun malumaatun).

We have eyes but we lack the insight that's why we cannot witness / see / experience (shahadah) the knowledge of the spiritual world (alameen) confined inside us. The book Quran is all about the journey / pilgrimage and paying the homage to the house of thoughts (bayatullah) or to spiritual world inside us.

The spiritual aspect is hard to understand for worldly people that's why it is not for everyone to take this spiritual journey or path. It is only for rare human beings who dare to afford it and ready to lose the worldly pleasures. The pilgrimage is not for those who can afford the expenses of visa, ticket and hotel accommodation to Saudi Arabia. Hajj is an internal journey of recognizing our self, our true Master.

We need to realize that our true identity is not our physical body. Physical body is just like clothes we wear but the real entity or set-up is within that is beyond the reach of our physical eyes. Whatever we are doing, practicing, tasting is for our mortal body.

We are not aware that we are immortal beings and our needs are different than this temporary world. The food or provision of our spiritual world is the connection with our real Self. Physical body or the world around us is just a short time illusion or enjoyment that carries an expiry date. The moment our deep sleep is broken we awake to the reality of spiritual world.

The messages of various philosophies of the axial age are same. If we realise it, it is a revelation for us otherwise it is just an idle tales (lahwa al-hadith). According to the book Quran without the awareness of self we are not alive but mentally dead or asleep.

The Designer is not separate from its design just like a drop of water is not different from H2O / or a fish without water is a dead fish. Can we separate them? We need to understand this paradox of life. Self trying to understand the Self is the biggest riddle of life. We are not separate; we are nothing without that Energy / Allah / Atma / Soul / Ruh / Spirit / Nafs / Rabb / Consciousness / Breath of Air. We are the part and parcel of that Evolutionary Spirit, infact we are the spirit in motion. Our journey is to become the Spirit from the spirit. We have everything inside us for that spiritual journey but that does not mean that we need to ignore our physical world and it's responsibilities.

Salat is that permanent bridge which connects our mortal being with our immortal self. Salat is our ladder of ascent (miraj) from the lower conscious level (ardh) to higher conscious level (samawaat).

We all are well aware about the world we live in. Majority among us know how to live a decent life. We know what our responsibilities are as a denizen of this world. We don't require any catalogue to operate ourselves. We don't check at every moment our needs, requirements and method to fulfill those day to day errands from any book. In short we are well aware about the material or mortal world.

The book Quran's main focus is not material world because we already know it. Its main focus is spiritual world which cannot be seen (gayab), our immortal world, our unending world (aakhirah), our main life line. The book Quran discusses our self (nafs), our spirit (ruh) our peace of mind (islam), our mental death (maut), our inner voices (rasuls), the inbuilt information (nabiyeen), the ego (satan) the hidden enlightenment (jannah), the hidden hell (jahannam), our hidden urges (nisa), our community of different thoughts (qaum), our correctional process (ummah) our embedded script (kitab) that shows our direction (qibla) our purpose of living.

Our permanent awakening to the unseen is our Qiyamah. Al-Qiyamah is not a dooms day but the day when we understand our own Quran that is the day of awakening when old thoughts and firm beliefs (jabal) fly like a cloud of wool.

Understanding our Quran means understanding the criterion (furqan), understanding Allah and Rasul and living with them eternally. Not easy. The path to spiritual world goes through the path of material world. This I have realized it very late in life. Life is made up of ups and downs, we need to balance (mizaan) it and this is very important in life.


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