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Monday, 23 May 2016



Quran clearly states the Rasul is within us - فيكم (IN YOU ALL), معكم (WITH YOU ALL), منكم (FROM YOU ALL) and بينكم (AMONG YOU ALL) - These are the prepositional phrases used by the book Quran to show the exact positions of the Rasul in our life -

Please read the Quran with your own glasses rather than believing in somebody's else understanding –

The Rasul is present in all including the tribes of African, Australian and Amazonian jungles… instructing them and guiding them in their own Language.

My Allah is not unjust to these tribes that He only favors the followers of Abrahamic Religions by sending chain of Rasuls among them… THINK, PONDER…

According to Classical lexicons and the context of the book Quran, Rasul is our inner voice that impart messages, signs to us.

I have intentionally not provided the references from the Quran - No offence intended, I just want you all to re study the book Quran with the open mind if you are really interested in rediscovering Deen. - Peace / Salam.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016



Kalimah or the Islamic Arabic phrase is in two parts - 1) La ilaha ilal Allah 2) Mohammedur Rasul Allah - That is why it is called Shahadatayn (2 witnesses or 2 testimonies) - it is also called Kalimah Tauhid (utterance of Unity) and Kalimah Tayyibah (utterance of Purity) - Kalimah Shahadah is the minimum qualification to become Muslim or entry into Islamic fold.

We will see whether Muslims qualify to enter into the fold of Islam just by uttering some words without understanding it. Do they fulfill its criteria of shahadah [witnessing by self]? Now the question is have we witnessed it or we are just uttering it ritualistically ? شهد - Sh-Ha-Da means to witness, seen by self, beheld with his eyes, he gave testimony, evidence, attestation, testify, - Shahadatayn is the declaration not on the basis of BELIEF but on the basis of actual witnessing or possessing the Knowledge of Allah and Rasul both- Without witnessing Allah and Rasul or knowing the link between them nobody can become Muslim. Just by uttering this Kalimah and pointing index finger towards the sky we are just completing the ritual but we are far away from understanding its truth.

We know the origin of this Kalimah through the inscription written on Dome of Rock built by Ummayad Caliph Abdul Malik in 72 A.H, situated at Jerusalem. From this we came to know that this Kalimah was a very old Arabic phrase and it has great importance for "Muslims" all around the world. The complete Kalimah is not mentioned in the Quran together. La illah ha illal Allah is mentioned many times separately and Mohamedar Rasul ul Allah is mentioned separately in Surah 48 ayah 29, although it is a most important part of Islamic theology.

Have we witness Allah or Mohamedun rasullah ? Do we know/witness them? Verse 69:40-43 and 81:19 says that Quran is the word of the rasul but is it possible that the book Quran which claims to be clear is silent about the identity of Allah and his rasul?

How will we follow Allah or his Rasul without identifying or knowing them? Do we have to follow conjecture or follow them blindly or believe in them through somebody's else's understanding or experience?

The problem with today's Islam is that we follow everything ritualistically, that means without understanding, just fulfilling the formalities. We utter Bismilahirahmanir rahim without understanding its purpose; we utter inshallah, mashallah and many more Arabic phrases without understanding or knowing their meanings.

We believe Islam is the religion of mantras or chanting religious hymns, that's why we pay more attention to diction of Arabic words and learning them by heart rather than understanding and implementing in our daily lives. We are more busy in praising "God" rather than interested in knowing the nature of Allah.

We are not interested to know why the book Quran lays great importance on Allah and Rasul. What Allah and Rasul have to do with the life of humans? We fail to understand why Islam stress more emphasizes to the phrases like Bismillah... Kalimah and Mohammedun Rasulallah....

We are the blind followers and happily want to remain that way by nurturing our old beliefs. Every sect read the Quran only for the purpose of confirming their own beliefs or for earning brownie points. We are not all interested in knowing the vibrant terms of the book Quran. We just pick and choose verses which confirm our beliefs. We are more interested in creating conflicts than peace thus going near the forbidden shajar [conflict / division].

This is our pathetic story in spite the strong foundation on which the structure of Islam is based but our understanding is very weak. I can say that it is actually our illusion that Islam is standing strong but the truth is that the true Islam has departed from our lives long back and even its traces has been lost by the lapse of time. And nobody is interested to revive it back to life. Everyone is content performing rituals and confirming their beliefs which promote more anarchy rather than peace and soundness.

We don't know the origin of Shahadah or who called this phrase a shadahah. The fact is that the world is misunderstanding this phrase and connecting it with terrorism. The truth is since long the muslims have made it as a very important utterance (Kalimah) of their life but sadly without understanding & measuring its vitality or spirit. The word shahadah and its derivatives have occurred 160 times in the entire Quran; this shows the significance of this word. The book Quran is about implementation, application, experiencing, witnessing and educating the self rather than rote reading.

Now see the importance of this Kalimah. It has been said that without the sincere utterance of this Kalimah Tauhid or Tayibbah - لآ اِلَهَ اِلّا اللّهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُوُل اللّهِ no one can become "Pure Muslim". Such an important part of Muslim faith is ignored by the so called Muslims; one can imagine the callous behavior of people who called themselves as Muslims.

No wonder why we are suffering all over the world. We are just Muslims on paper nothing else; in reality we are not fit to be humans also because we don't use our senses. At least animal use their senses.

Some will raise their eyebrows in confusion - The "hadith" based stories to justify shahadah and to acknowledge the existence "Prophet Mohammed" through it is entirely bogus. Most of our beliefs are based on speculations. We don’t know the exact origin of this Kalimah; it presence could be before the origin of Judaism but of course in another language.

Having said that I must agree that this Kalimah contain tremendous message for those who understand what Allah and Mohammed stands for. The problem with us is that we assume these terms as proper nouns and begin to worship them as if they are magic wands or entry ticket to the utopian paradise.

In short no one can claim to be Muslim if he/she does not witness / feel Allah and Mohammadu-rasul-allah in his self/nafs. Shahadatayn (double witnesses or testimonies) is the foremost eligibility test to become Muslim.