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Monday, 21 June 2021


A question raised by a friend “how to know what to do in life". Very often we have to compromise what we love to do. We are being taught that earning for a living is more important than following our inner call (azaan)? 

We have to force ourselves to fit where we don't belong. Knowing very well that we are not made for that kind of job? It is really regrettable that we have to look out or find some guidance from outside when the book of actual guidance (Al-Kitab) is embedded in all of us.

That's why it is important to discover, understand and follow our inherent script [al-kitab]. Unfortunately very early in life we are being brainwashed or compelled to copy / imitate others and we ignore the signs [ayaats] of the al-kitab present in all of us. When we don't recognize our inherent script (Al-Kitab), we unconsciously kill all the messages and messengers present in us.

The result is we lose direction and confidence in our own abilities / script and we simply follow like zombies what is taught to us by our society or follow some holy books... in this case our society or physical guides are our teachers but not Rehman the teacher of of our inherent Quran / Furqan [not a physical book]. Thus we become Mushrik by ignoring Kitabil-Allah (inherent messages and signs) and we discard our revealed expression [Quran] whose teacher is Al-Rehman.

Sunday, 20 June 2021


The actual or a real Quran is the low voice of our inherent rasul, listen to it carefully. It is in our own language, don't let it get lost in the louder voice of dajjaal (false propaganda and vanity). This 114 chapter book is not our Quran as it is not in our language. It is just a guide to discover our own Quran and Rasul. The Qur'anic phrase quranun arabiyun means the settled or downloaded expression in our own language. The real Quran is a beacon of enlightenment and it's teacher is Rehman [One who reveals the Quran upon us and teaches us the Quran as well]

The reason we are not successful in life is because we don't recognise our own script (Al-Kitab) and tend to follow / imitate others. With so much false information smeared upon us, now it is very difficult to remove those layers and discover our true and unique role.

Understanding and connecting with our script in a very early stage of life is key to success. This connection with our own script is Salat.

No doubt our own rasul will complain to his personal Rabb that we have discarded this Quran (the voice of our rasul), in short we have not used our own intellect because we are more connected to the outside world than our inner world.

After reading this small above article a friend asked me; I like your explanation, however would ask you that in accordance to your opinion what is our guidance book?

My explanation: 

It depends on what guidance you want.

If you want to learn cooking you would take cooking book as your guide or a good chef as your guide.

If you want to learn driving you would join driving school,

If you are interested in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history or any subject, you would take guidances from those books.

If you want to learn to operate some electronic gadgets you would refer it's manual.
Some things are natural, we don't have to learn them, they are embedded in us and we don't require guide books for them.

Permanent moral values are same in every religion, we don't need a special guide books for it.

We need to discover our own book of guidance [Al-Kitab], it's embedded in all of us and Quran is the part of Al-Kitab. The Quran in us will guide us our unique role in life. It will direct us to whatever career we need to choose to be happy, satisfied, content, secure and peaceful in life. But usually we prefer money or material above peaceful and happy life. Thereby we reject Islam (peace of mind) as our way of life (Deen).

Wednesday, 16 June 2021



A friend ask me to explain the last sentence, here we go..  

//"It is not easy to be a believer because he need to put himself as a specimen to be an integral part of his own experiment in which he is an observer too."//

The word Momin signifies knowledge based on conviction from his own personal experience. The status of a Momin is greater than those who are educated by reading someone's else book or hearing somebody's else experience. To become a Momin one has to become a specimen by putting himself on the aperture of the microscope and experience / observe the experiment he is undertaking upon himself.

The faith, trust, security he achieve by experimenting upon himself is far greater than all the qualification he could acquire through theoretical knowledge.

Hence Momin is a person who is self aware or self conscious and self taught by experimenting on himself. A Momin is more secure, feel more safe, more confident because his trust, faith and conviction is far greater due to the virtue of acquiring wisdom and knowledge by undergoing through the experiment upon himself.

Usually people think believer is blind follower but in terms of the book Quran when the word Momin occurs it means he is not a blind follower. The author of the book is addressing those believers who have [shahadah] witnessed / seen / experienced the entire ayaat [signs] by themselves.

If you have not witnessed, observed, experienced Allah and Rasul in your life time then you are not a Momin according to the term momin of the book Quran and your utterance of witness [Kalimah Shahdah] is a BIG LIE.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021


A question asked by someone in a FB group -

Questions for Muslims:

If I know that sticking my finger in a fire will burn my finger, and I choose to stick my finger in a fire regardless, does it make sense for me to get angry at the fire when my finger gets burned?

Similarly, if Allah creates sinners knowing that they will sin, does it make sense for him to get angry when they do sin? 

We are told that nothing happens against Allah's will. But if that's true, then it's also true that sins don't happen against Allah's will. In other words, sins only happen because Allah wants them to happen. But if Allah wants sinners to sin, why does he feel the need to punish them for sinning?

My Answer:

All your questions are valid. In your questions you used the Arabic term Allah 4 times without knowing it's exact connotations.

Your questions are in English but you have not interpreted the term Allah because very vast majority of us think that Allah is God, all Powerful Judge, Accountant, Teacher, Giver of Punishment and Reward for our deeds.

Those who keep such a concept of Allah either deify Him or ridicule Him as they don't want to understand this term. They think their knowledge is sufficient.
The book Quran clearly say that there is no god/God (ilah) except Allah. The problem start when we believe Allah as a Bigger God contrary to the basic teaching of the kalimah that categorically reject the concept of God/god.

Unfortunately we have not understood the term Allah and assume it as Almighty God and make Him either the object of worship, hate or ridicule.

Islam is not a religion of God or fairy tales about God and His soldiers. The term Allah has no gender, still I am using masculine gender instead of using a neutral gender; just to make matter easy for everyone to understand.

The book Quran is a victim of wrong interpretation and translation. It clearly says there is no God/god but we are bent on worshiping that invisible God personified as Man.

In short Allah means our own consciousness, our own mind and Rasul is the voice of our consciousness. The entire drama or the narrative of the book Quran is played inside us. Nothing is physical, historical or geographical in the book Quran. All the names of the characters have meaning and they are not proper nouns either.
The book is written in theophany format so we misunderstood it that it is from the sky God.

Saturday, 22 May 2021



To understand the basics in any field one need to first understand how to measure or analyse the quality of the product of that field. For example the very initial requirement in the field of tailoring is first one need to learn to understand the measuring tape in order to fit the final product properly on the curvy human body. In engineering field we need to understand different gauges, vernier caliper, micrometer and so on. To know the quality of the product one must need to be an expert in the understanding of measuring instruments or measuring gauges of those fields before having an authority in that field.

The measuring instrument of the product Islam is the book Quran. We need to understand the book Quran first but unfortunately we have more knowledge of Hadiths, exegesis, different translations and sermons which are not the measuring instrument of the product Islam. Sadly we judge Islam by these easily available spurious instruments and claim to understand Islam.

Ironically even before taking the mammoth task of understanding the book Quran we already have readymade / preconceived popular meanings, terms and concepts of the book ingrained in our minds. This is the biggest injustice towards the message of the book Quran. We don't let the book Quran speak to us as we already have preconceived understanding of it.

We think that by reading different kinds of translations we understand the book Quran. Our basis of understanding the book Quran is not based on understanding the language and it's grammar but it is based on popular or established beliefs or the belief that is most appealing to us. Trusting or relying on scholars is the biggest hindrance in understanding the subject of the book Quran.

We cannot understand Islam or the book Quran if we read the book to validate or confirm our ancestral beliefs or to accommodate the thought process of our respective scholars. 

Due to our wrong understanding or beliefs our actions are being judged by others as if it is the replica of the ideology or the book we follow or love the most.
The result is that the book Quran becomes the victim because of our wrong thinking process and actions. The fact is Muslims have not understood the message of the noble Quran and with a heavy heart I have to say that they have surrendered their divine intellect at the altar of fallible scholars.

Generally people think that the behaviour of Muslims are because of their religious teachings. They blame this innocent book of human psychology because it is hijacked and dominated by organised religious bigots.

Having said that, now the million dollar question arises how to gauge if our understanding of the book Quran is right? In mathematics 2+2=4 in every language and in every culture; this must be the criteria to measure every knowledge.

The message of the book is self-evident. If the parables of the Quran is understood in the right perspective we can feel, experience the entire narrative in our self. If conceived properly we can feel entire characters or characteristics from Allah, Iblees, Shaitaan, Malaikah, Nabiyeen, Rasuls in our own selves. The proof of the genuineness of the message lies in our correct understanding of the subject. If we understood the message correctly we can witness in ourselves the entire drama being played between our higher and lower consciousness.

If somebody claims that the book Quran is about religion and moral values then it must match with the religion beliefs and moral values of other religions. The interpretation of the book Quran will easily fail in this test as it is not compatible with other religious philosophies of the world. That means translations or interpretations based on such lines are full of flaws.

If somebody claims that the book Quran is about science, history, geography then it must match with the current knowledge of those fields. The present translation is full of manipulation so as to bring it in the line of those subjects.

My claim is that the original message of the book Quran has a universal appeal and can have an impact on the intellect of any sensible man. When I say that the message of the book Quran has an impact on the human mind then to guage this claim we need an open and non biased mind. 

I also claim that the book is about human psychology then to verify that claim it must make an effective appeal on every human being irrespective of his caste, color and creed plus the theme of the message must match the Psyche of the entire human race. 

I even claim that the book is about peace so it must have methods to how to attain peace of mind and must not have any scope for any ideological conflicts, battles and wars. 

I also say that the book Quran has a secular nature, if it is true then it must not talk about any religion or ideology. My understanding and translation of the book Quran is based on this theme, although my translation / interpretation is under process.


Friday, 14 May 2021

Become Muslim First.

I am a human being or an Insaan in Arabic / Urdu -

My pen name is Ahle Aqal, a citizen of Planet Earth. Neither am I a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew nor an Atheist etc. I do not belong to any caste, creed and race that divide Humanity. I care for everyone. This is what I learned from my study of the book Quran. Note for me the book Quran is not a religious book.

In short the instructions of the book Quran are for people who are compassionate, social and merciful [Homosapiens / Insaan]. We cannot complete the definition of human being if we are not helpful to other human beings. To help other human being we need to be capable. We cannot serve tea to other people if our own cup is empty. For that we need to fill our own cup with love, peace and soundness first. The essence of this statement is that first we must become Momin **[safe / secure]** and Muslim **[sound / peaceful],** then only we can serve peace, soundness, safety and security to others, otherwise it will be just a pipe dream without any positive result.

The main emphasis of the book Quran is to become safe, secure, sound and peaceful. We cannot become Muslim unless we have sound health, wealth and peaceful mind irrespective of cultural and religious background. We cannot become Momin if we are not safe and secure financially, health wise and mentally. These are the basics which all mankind must know. The message of the book Quran is for thinkers and researchers, how anyone can become a good thinker or researcher if his stomach is empty, his health is weak and mentally he is disturbed.

If one cannot take care of himself how is going to take care of others? One who lacks these basics economics cannot become Muslim or Momin. The main criterion to understand the book Quran is to have sound health, mind and is not worried about his day to day survival. The message of the book is for those who are above the situation of survival. I always advice people who want to understand Quran to earn first, pay taxes then only they can become Muslim / Momin a basic eligibility to understand other deep sciences.

After we are satisfied / content with our own survival [including our family] we can go to study the nuance of understanding **Kalimah Shahdah, Salat, Zakat, Saum and Hajj** etc. These are development tools for further our own mental evolution. The eligibility to understand Kalimah Shahdah, Salat, Zakat, Saum and Hajj etc is to become Muslim and Momin first. If we are not sound and secure **[Muslim / Momin]**all these talks of providing Peace, Harmony or performing different religious / cultural rituals are futile.

Saturday, 27 February 2021



Why do we need to club everything with "Islam" and the book Quran?

If we are connecting everything with the Quran or want to see the Quranic perspective in everything then we are doing a big injustice with the book.

The subject of the book Quran is not banking, finance, economics, socialism, capitalism or society laws. If we want to color everything with the "Islamic brush" of Quran we will be doing a great disservice to the noble Quran.

The subject of the book Quran is mental evolution, that's all and we need to understand the message of the book in those parameters only.

With due respect to different thought process; progress in any field is not possible without the evolution of our mind; the basic subject or the main emphasis of the book Quran.

All the scientific inventions, discoveries, righteous systems, conduct, behavior, law, virtues and other economics is the byproduct of sound mental growth and I am not against it, that is not the subject of the Quran but it is for the evolved human beings of the world to develop. Good systems and economics are only possible if we have evolved human beings. All sensible men have witnessed the wonderful contributions of evolved human beings who have never read or were dependent on any religious scriptures or their achievements.

The book Quran addresses to activate the important aspect of empathy in humans and that’s main reason for evolutionary cycle to run continuously; other systems or economics will follow in accordance with the individuals’ mental growth.