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Thursday, 14 September 2023



The translation and the interpretation of the book Quran are totally flawed, but not the Arabic script. The Allah of the book Quran is not concerned what we eat, drink or dress or is worried about our sexual preferences. 

The Arabic term Allah of the book Quran is not used for God of any religion but it is used for our own conscience, it is person's own moral sense of right and wrong. 

Allah is the superior than Satan in terms of moral ground and Satan is a low or degraded part of Allah but possesses equal powers and grip like Allah although in negative shade. Allah and Satan are two sides of the same coin. 

We become what we feed our conscience through our own thoughts. Our own conscience is our Guide. Service to Allah is actually service to conscience. What we serve will be served back to us. Allah resides in clear, pure and humble conscience. 

Rabb is the provider of awareness to the conscience, I infer rabb as Consciousness. There are different level of consciousness and Allah resides in each levels but with different levels of consciousness or awareness. Awareness is knowledge and lack of awareness is ignorance, arrogance and pride, a trait of Satan. 

The God of religion Islam is an angry, jealous, insecure, moody, narcissist, proud, ignorant, boastful and arrogant God. The Allah of the book Quran has cast itself in human mould and if not taken proper precaution or care He / It is capable of becoming Satan too. So we need to be careful about our Allah not turning into Satan. That’s the reason taqwa (diligence / caution) is an important part of the message of the book Quran.  

Friday, 25 August 2023



The entire perception of most of the religious text including the book Quran is wrongly focused on idolizing or vilifying the personalities rather than concentrating on real objective of the knowledge of the subject matter. The more we increase in exoteric knowledge, the more we drift away from the original message of those religious texts.
The ancient religious scriptures were not meant for worldly knowledge (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Astronomy, Oceanography, Orology or body anatomy . There are better books available if we need to understand those important subjects.
The core theme of any religious scriptures that I am aware of is 'KNOW YOUR SELF'



All spiritual knowledge is for well being of our spirit that is unfortunately turned into religious dogma.
Spiritual knowledge is the food / provision (rizq) for our internal world which we must possess all the time. This Spiritual knowledge when turns into spiritual energy, helps us to boost our happiness, peace and overcome all type of tension and depression.
Boosting our energy to fight our internal enemies is the main purpose of all religious scriptures. The philosophy of Islam is about love and fighting or overcoming our internal enemies, it has nothing to do with materialistic world.
Spiritual knowledge has nothing to do with materialistic knowledge or attachments however it helps us to develop us to face the cruel / unjust world. Worldly knowledge can be taught in school and colleges that helps us to understand the immediate necessities of life or material world.
Spiritual knowledge helps us to face the challenges of the material world, it control or balance all type of fear, greed, temptation and insecurities that causes imbalances in our life.
The spiritual knowledge and materialistic knowledge does not complement each other on the contrary the spiritual knowledge is a shield that stops the worldly attachments to enter in our pure, uncorrupted system of conscience.

Saturday, 5 August 2023


The entire drama of this life is an illusion. We are spiritual beings experiencing the material world around us. Our purpose is to understand / recognize the senses (bashar) behind the mask of our skin. The process of unlearning is like the peeling off of Onion that brings tears from the eyes. Each passing moment is an illusion which we are not able to realize. The eyes and the brain does not have the capacity to see the ultimate truth, for that we need to have farsighted insight and an evolved mind. Our ego and pride is based on the gratification from our materialistic possession. Past is gone, present goes within the blink of a second and future is figment of our imagination.

The day we recognize the fact about ourselves, it will be the moment of our real establishment (yaum al-qiyamah), that will be the moment of our recognition (Arafah) and the manifestation of knowledge (ashrun malumaatun).

We have eyes but we lack the insight that's why we cannot witness / see / experience (shahadah) the knowledge of the spiritual world (alameen) confined inside us. The book Quran is all about the journey / pilgrimage and paying the homage to the house of thoughts (bayatullah) or to spiritual world inside us.

The spiritual aspect is hard to understand for worldly people that's why it is not for everyone to take this spiritual journey or path. It is only for rare human beings who dare to afford it and ready to lose the worldly pleasures. The pilgrimage is not for those who can afford the expenses of visa, ticket and hotel accommodation to Saudi Arabia. Hajj is an internal journey of recognizing our self, our true Master.

We need to realize that our true identity is not our physical body. Physical body is just like clothes we wear but the real entity or set-up is within that is beyond the reach of our physical eyes. Whatever we are doing, practicing, tasting is for our mortal body.

We are not aware that we are immortal beings and our needs are different than this temporary world. The food or provision of our spiritual world is the connection with our real Self. Physical body or the world around us is just a short time illusion or enjoyment that carries an expiry date. The moment our deep sleep is broken we awake to the reality of spiritual world.

The messages of various philosophies of the axial age are same. If we realise it, it is a revelation for us otherwise it is just an idle tales (lahwa al-hadith). According to the book Quran without the awareness of self we are not alive but mentally dead or asleep.

The Designer is not separate from its design just like a drop of water is not different from H2O / or a fish without water is a dead fish. Can we separate them? We need to understand this paradox of life. Self trying to understand the Self is the biggest riddle of life. We are not separate; we are nothing without that Energy / Allah / Atma / Soul / Ruh / Spirit / Nafs / Rabb / Consciousness / Breath of Air. We are the part and parcel of that Evolutionary Spirit, infact we are the spirit in motion. Our journey is to become the Spirit from the spirit. We have everything inside us for that spiritual journey but that does not mean that we need to ignore our physical world and it's responsibilities.

Salat is that permanent bridge which connects our mortal being with our immortal self. Salat is our ladder of ascent (miraj) from the lower conscious level (ardh) to higher conscious level (samawaat).

We all are well aware about the world we live in. Majority among us know how to live a decent life. We know what our responsibilities are as a denizen of this world. We don't require any catalogue to operate ourselves. We don't check at every moment our needs, requirements and method to fulfill those day to day errands from any book. In short we are well aware about the material or mortal world.

The book Quran's main focus is not material world because we already know it. Its main focus is spiritual world which cannot be seen (gayab), our immortal world, our unending world (aakhirah), our main life line. The book Quran discusses our self (nafs), our spirit (ruh) our peace of mind (islam), our mental death (maut), our inner voices (rasuls), the inbuilt information (nabiyeen), the ego (satan) the hidden enlightenment (jannah), the hidden hell (jahannam), our hidden urges (nisa), our community of different thoughts (qaum), our correctional process (ummah) our embedded script (kitab) that shows our direction (qibla) our purpose of living.

Our permanent awakening to the unseen is our Qiyamah. Al-Qiyamah is not a dooms day but the day when we understand our own Quran that is the day of awakening when old thoughts and firm beliefs (jabal) fly like a cloud of wool.

Understanding our Quran means understanding the criterion (furqan), understanding Allah and Rasul and living with them eternally. Not easy. The path to spiritual world goes through the path of material world. This I have realized it very late in life. Life is made up of ups and downs, we need to balance (mizaan) it and this is very important in life.


6:32 / 6:70 / 7:51 / 21:2 / 21:55 / 29:64 / 43:83 / 44:38 / 47:36 / 57:20

2:126 / 3:185 / 3:197 / 4:77 / 9:38 / 10:23 / 10:70 / 10:98 / 11:48 /  

Tuesday, 1 August 2023


One of my sister asked me ...

The verse Rehman, alamal Quran, (55:1-2), is it past tense ayat or present tense ayat ?
My answer:
First we need to know what is Quran and who is the recipient of the message of the Quran.

The recipient of the Quran (not the book) is the evolved man (Insaan) and not an ordinary man (Adam driven out from Jannah).

The book Quran is narrated with the help of personified examples (misaal).
We never question the tense of maths problem when the teacher teaches us with the help of examples. Same way we need to understand the examples (misaal) of the book Quran.

The statement that 1) the Rehman - 2) taught the Quran (not the book) - 3rd verse is - He evolved Insaan (not mankind).

Not everyone is evolved upto the level of Insaan. A very vast majority of men are at the stage of Adam (ordinary man). They have not reached or evolved to the position of Insaan.

Important is not whether the verse is past or present or future tense. Important is what message we are able to derive from it.

The moment we say it is an ayaat (signs) that means it is applicable, valid in the current scenario. The word ayaat (signs) is used when the happening is live. The signs are always valid in the current situations and are never used for past events.
The ayaats are addressed to those readers who are evolved or those who know the meaning in the signs.

The ayaah simply says that the Teacher of the Quran is Rehman. But we assume that the word Quran means 114 chapter Book in Arabic language.

In ayaat 2:31 the Quran says He taught Adam al-asmaa (characters, attributes, names, identification - this ayat is pointing or emphasizing the function of Allah, that is to teach, evolved Mankind from the level of Adam. We will not say that the event happened in the past and now this verse is defunct and of no use today.

The entire book Quran is written in theophany format (tamsili). There are lessons in the parables for us to understand and not see whether the events happened in the past or they are stories of the past.

Islam is against the glorifications of language, place, personalities, books, scholars, gurus.

The book Quran has life lessons for maintaining a peaceful mind which are molded in parables.

We just need to take lessons from it and not to consecrate it. We take lessons from many movies or fictional stories but we never ask whether the story happened in the past or is it relevant today. This is because we know it is just a story.

The book Quran says many times that the signs are qasas (lessons from which we can deduct lessons) and misaal (parables or examples).

Important is to take lessons from those parables and not to hate or sanctify the characters of the parables.

Debating on nuance of language of any story is useless nonetheless when the book Quran itself emphasis that the narratives are best parables.

The writings or the script of the book Quran are called ayaat (signs), that means those signs are valid and are applicable today also furthermore they are meant to instruct or influence (surah) us.

Hope I am able to explain my point 🙏

Monday, 24 July 2023



The basic meaning of Qadar is measurement, value, estimate...

Nature (qudrat) predetermined the course of it's every creation. Every creation follow it's pre decided course except Man.

Sun, Moon, Wind, Water, Trees, Animals, Birds, Insects... all have their syllabus, course, direction predetermined because they all are following Deen of Allah (natural inbuilt system) except Man.

Those who understands and value (qadar) his script, book, subject, syllabus and follow it's direction achieves power or ability (qudurur).

Taqdeer and Muqaddar depends on how much value (qadar), importance one gives to it's course or script. Our future or fate (muqaddar / taqdeer) is the byproduct of our understanding and sincerity in following of our own script (al-kitab). 

This is my humble understanding.

Friday, 14 July 2023


Deen is Empathy.

Deen is a system of God and will always remain a system of God, whether we believe it or don't believe it, whether we establish it or don't establish it. Deen will always be the system of God, prevailing all other systems.

The essence of Deen is giving or precisely it means to payback, the Urdu, Hindi word dena is a derivative of Arabic word deen. Every creature in the universe give or contribute to establish and maintain the natural balance of Deen of Allah except so called human beings. 

The Deen with Allah is Islam - This aphorism means our Peace with the system of consciousness is in philanthropic way of life / empathetic way of life.

We are humans and we need to prove this by manifesting Humanity in our life otherwise we are inhuman, just living a life of haiwaan (inhuman). 

Birds 🐦, Animals 🐴, trees 🌴, crops 🌾, water 💦, Sun 🌞, Moon 🌝 are the honest Deendaar (contributors). They know their restrictions and work within it, they are the one who are sincerely doing their duty of surrendering to the will of God, except the ungrateful greedy human beings. 

Nature is the one who follows the path of philanthropic way of life (Deen). It is only the Man that has to work on his mindset and come out from the mentality of consumer to the mindset of maintainer and distributor.

As a human being first we need to establish Deen in our own life, create a state of Deen in our own mindset. Madeena a derivative of deen, it is a state of mindset not a city of Saudi Arabia. Madeena means the place where the Deen lives or where the Deen is established. To become Muslim first we need to establish the state of deen in our own mind or in our own nafs. If every individual realizes / recognizes (maruf) that he is a slave of God, then only he can be a true servant (abid) of God. 

A Muslim is a slave, one who knows the wishes of his Owner, Master and is in service 24x7 without the expectation of reward. If we are good slave then salary, property, honour, peace, prosperity, good health, good environment or good society is the byproduct of our own being a good slave or Human being. A Muslim understands, recognizes, follows the covenant & agreement his / her own pure conscience made with himself / herself.

A Momin is a trustee or a caretaker of God's property. Being a good person means to be trustful, loyal and honest towards the properties (niyamat) of God. A Muslim is one who surrenders everything for the sake of Salam and Islam. Performing rituals to please God or shedding blood for the sake of God has no place in Islam (Peace) ✌️-

A Christian will fight to establish Kingdom of God on Earth 🌎, a Hindu will fight for establishing Ram Rajya on Earth 🌍, a Muslim will fight for establishing Nizam e Mustafa or Nizam e Rabbubiyat on Earth 🌎, similarly Chinese, Koreans and others will fight to establish their supremacy on Earth. If these fights of holy flags persists then there cannot be Peace ✌️ on Earth 🌎 - The Quran is the book of Peace, it's message is Peace ✌️  and not war or subjugation of others.

Being a good slave or human being is not easy at all, for that we need to be always at war with our own selves. A good slave is above religious background. Jihad is a internal struggle of being perfect human being before any external struggle.

The entire message of the book Quran is based on unseen events known as gayab in Islamic terminology. The basic motive of the message is to evolve Man (Adam) into conscious human being. All the personified characters of the book Quran or Hadith have meaningful connotations that signify their role and function within Adam or our own senses, emotions, thought process.


Our Mohammad must fight many wars with his internal enemies. Our major enemies are Abu Jahal (ignorance, illiteracy) number one enemy of Islam, 2nd is Abu Lahab (ego, anger) - these two enemies should be killed and the rest are to be overpowered or banished - Our 3rd enemy is becoming a prey of blandishment, flattery, allurement (Hinda), Our 4th enemy is Abu Sufiyan (one who easily get carried away like dust or influenced by others), Our 5th enemy - Yahood (those think they are guided ones, not ready to learn, Our 6th enemy is Nasara (those who always wanted to remain as assistant only, never want to grow, always remain subordinate) etc... the final take from these illustrated parables is that we must never become friends with the enemies of Islam (Peace). 

These are not a part of any Islamic History but they are part and parcel of our life. We need to know our friends and enemies.

The book Quran and Hadith are written in personified parables (misaal) for us for the ease of comprehension but we take those personified examples / stories (qasas) as literal events in the life of parabolic personalities and then foolishly love, hate or fight under their influence.

Friday, 7 July 2023



Everyone of us is born with an embedded script or a book within our own selves. There is no partiality in the distribution of this book. Anyone with faculty of reason, dedication can have access to this portal of life. This is our foremost book of guidance which is unseen, which we must trust and listen to the gentle low voice coming out from our embedded script.

Our success lies in understanding, recognizing and following this naturally ingrained book of our life's script. This book show us our true inclination or our path our right direction. We need to follow the inherent script to the core by stopping all other distractions and noises from outside and within.

When we are totally dedicated to ourselves and to that designed or scripted role, we established the connection with our inner book. Our growth and development is because of the continuous thoughtful reminders, meditation and connection with the script of that inherent book.

Our Quran is in our own mother tongue which is the compilation or extraction of instructions, signs, guidelines from the mother book for our current role or need is according to the our urgent requirement for the world.

The Quran in our mother tongue (arabi) is not for reading but for figuring out a clear path. The Quran / Furqan is our book of guidance /. knowledge for the agitated / thinking mind.

The correct deciphering of the physical book Quran plays an important role in recognising and decoding our hidden script. The faith or belief in our unseen book is important, but belief must out of reasonable understanding and not through blindly placing the faith in any book or messages in the name of divinity.

The formation of any belief must consist of thorough due diligence, investigation, scrutiny, persistence and purity in efforts, without this elements the belief would be considered as influenced by majoritarianism

The result of the connection with the inherent book brings in the cleansing of the self, a very important aspect of reaching near to our pure consciousness. The path of cleansing is not at all easy, it is a hurricane task, a big fight or struggle with the self filled with ego.

There are lot of hindrances from many fronts. The closeness or admission in the sacred house of thoughts requires continuous fight with our filthy, ignorant, arrogant, greedy, tempting and egoist mindset. It not at all easy, except for those who are determined to establish their connection with the intention of coming closer to their original self.

Bringing the wandering homeless soul to its Original House is not at all easy. Trusting and surrendering towards our bestowed script is a revolutionary act, not an easy task. That's why martyrdom or crucifixion in the cause means the person is born again, he / she is living according to his / her destined post, position or status ... he / she is not physically dead or useless but activated in the service of mankind.

Silencing the mind is the biggest task in this journey to the sacred House of thoughts. Mind filled with noise and clutter of useless information cannot hear the pleading, crying, warning, supplication of noble voices echoing in the chamber of our soul. We can able to listen or hear the call, voice or the proclamation only when we are in the state of complete silence & discipline ...

The Teacher appears when there is no commotion. When house is in complete pin drop silent the enshrined Educator, inside us begins his course. This pedantic Instructor forms your thought process and takes care of your future challenges. At every moment of your life you are guided with continuous chain of revelations. The invisible Teacher of the unseen book becomes the influential Master of your life. This is the result of your permanent connection with the innate script or the book of guidance. Your life must always be within the radar or range of the sacred valley of thoughts.

Know your Self is core topic of the book Quran, in other words the subject of the book Quran is human psychology.

The article is influenced by my humble understanding of the book Quran - ahleaqal.com