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Tuesday 16 July 2024

SURAH NISA - 4:101


Contextual interpretation / translation of 4:101.

4:101 - 
وَإِذَا ضَرَبْتُمْ فِي الْأَرْضِ فَلَيْسَ عَلَيْكُمْ جُنَاحٌ أَن تَقْصُرُواْ مِنَ الصَّلاَةِ إِنْ خِفْتُمْ أَن يَفْتِنَكُمُ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ إِنَّ الْكَافِرِينَ كَانُواْ لَكُمْ عَدُوًّا مُّبِينًا

If you are forced to enter in the lower state of consciousness (الْأَرْضِ) and you do not find any tendency of inclination (جُنَاحٌ) upon you, that means you are not getting enough power (تَقْصُرُواْ) from the process of connection (الصَّلاَةِ), if you are apprehensive (خِفْتُمْ) that those ungrateful / egoist / arrogant thoughts (كَفَرُواْ) may test you / prevent you (from getting connected). Indeed the kafireen (ungrateful / egoist / arrogant thoughts) for you an open enemy.  

The verse is saying when we are in the lower state of consciousness our connection gets powerless or weakened. That means our salat is not working it has become powerless because our satanic thoughts prevent us from getting connected with our real self. Satanic thoughts are always hidden and disguised that's why they are termed as Kafir by the book Quran. 

Salat is the bridge of power between lower consciousness and higher consciousness, so we need to uphold our salat 24x7 so that satan could not enter in our system

The popular meaning of the word qasar is to shortened but one of the other meaning is fall short to reach the target, little or no power,... 

So when we are in state of junabah (inclination) towards the lower state of consciousness we tend to lose power. Salat is the power that connects ourselves to our real self through our inherent script, so we must never lose the power of connection (salat).

One of the meanings of word junabah is inclination, the popular translation of junabah is to blame.

One of the contextual meaning of ضَرَبۡ is to check, go in, forced to go when the nail is hammered. The popular meaning of daraba is to hit, strike, beat violently, travel, set forth, knock - the word signifies intensive sense.

Note: This verse has nothing to do with shortening of ritual prayers at the time of war, battle or travelling. This concept is senseless and illogical.


Thursday 11 July 2024



Aqimooasalaat - أَقِيمُوا الصَّلَاةَ - is a very important terminology of the book Quran and according to majority it's firmly established meaning is ritual prayers believed by the very vast majority as backbone of Islam, the philosophy of peaceful mindset. We will see what Salaat has to do with peaceful mind and why it is important part of Islam or Peaceful mind.. 

Some recent school of thoughts understands أَقِيمُوا الصَّلَاةَ (aqimoo-assalaat) akin to establishing a political system. They comprehend the book Quran as Charter of Human Rights and Hajj as World Assembly Center for the purpose of debate. They think good governance can bring peace to individuals mind but that is flawed thinking. Peace of mind is so special that it cannot be bought if you have all the luxuries of life. 

The idea of establishing a just and fair socio-economical system stemmed from having our roots in corrupt countries that seems to be falling towards anarchy. So naturally the need of the hour for any reasonable individuals is to come up with this concept of just and fair governance that is highly appreciative and appealing to the poor and elites of third world countries. Bitter fact is that poor won't be the part of building socio-economics of the country. But that’s not the purpose of Quranic salaat

There is nothing wrong in dreaming of establishing good governance but it is incorrect to look for the solution in the book Quran. It is wrong to change the theme of this transcendental book only because we are suffering and are under continuous pressure of injustice done by our native governments. 

Lack of inner peace is the cause to look for peace outside of us. South Korea and Lithuania are top in Human development index (HDI) than Caribbean, Middle East and some Asian some countries still their suicide rate is higher than them. Conversely some countries with the lowest suicide rates have strong social support systems like family bond, cultural factor that discourages suicide. In spite of having low HDI these countries have very low suicide rate. Suicide is the cause of depression and lack of inner peace. Good governance cannot buy or guarantee us peaceful life. Let me remind you I am not against good governance but that is not the topic of the book Quran.

The Quran is the book that teaches us to believe in ourselves because healing mechanism is inside us if we learn how to manage our psyche (Nafs). Soul, spirit, inner self, innermost self, emotions, inner ego, true being, essential nature, life force, vital force, inner persona, identity, individuality, subconscious, mind and intellect are part of psyche (Nafs). The message of the book Quran addresses these issues therefore I called the Quran book of human psychology.

I have been saying since very long. All the nabiyeen and rusul are applications in the context of the book Quran that are lying dormant within us, we need to activate them so that we gradually achieve their characteristics and act accordingly to the situation. The entire struggle and conciliation is within. The characters of the book Quran are not part of dead History but living part of our own growth, evolution or character building.

We would never understand the book Quran if we link its message to History, Geography or Personalities. Can we achieve peace if we follow History, Geography or Personalities? Peace is in the mind of individuals. The only thing which makes you unhappy is your own thoughts. The book Quran if properly understood can change your thoughts for happiness and peace.

The message of the book Quran is for our own correction and guidance. That’s why the main teacher of the inherent Quran is Rehman. The actual Quran and its teachers are not physical because the entire message is Metaphysics (bilgayab). Those who believe in Metaphysics will understand it's theophanic message in a better way.

Dogmatically manipulating the meanings of an old Arabic text of the book Quran to suit the preconceived theme of establishing just and fair society is injustice to the book Quran and it's author. I very humbly assert that there is no connection between the message of the book Quran and political or social science. Quran is the book of mental peace and it must be inferred in that context only. 

Now coming back to the phrase أَقِيمُوا الصَّلَاةَ (aqimusalaat). I learnt at a very early stage that the basic Classical Arabic is based on root words and we must try to grasp the essence of the actual meaning from the family of words derived from that root word. 

The derived meaning from the root word of salat (الصَّلَاةَ)are sila (صلة)  as in صلة الرحم - literally ties of womb, silati is links -  الصلات السببية is causal links - اتصل is to connect - mawsalat is means of transportation, communication is mawsalat (مواصلات), etisalat -  telecommunications (اتصالات), tawsil is delivery (توصيل), wasal is connect, link, reach (وصل) etc. These words are still used in the colloquial Arabic even today and the root letter of these words are not صلو - but you will find these derivatives under the root وصل -

Is it not injustice with the book Quran to ignore these derivatives of Salat and opt for root letters ص ل و or ص ل ى ?  

Aqimusalaat  أَقِيمُوا الصَّلَاةَ in the context of the book Quran is mainly about establishing relationship, connection, establishing link with our own inherent script (al-kitab) after discovering and recognizing it. When we form a connection or relationship with our own embedded script (al-kitab) then we are being guided according to our own unique script; this connection brings peace to our mind and psyche. The peace comes through following our inner script, diverting ourselves from our inner script brings irritation and dissatisfaction. The guidance is the provision (rizq) which we need to implement at all cost. The guidance is freely available but when we implement it we need to pay the price for it, that is to discharge our obligation (deen) towards the environment.

The word يُنْفِقُونَ in 2:3 is form iv imperfect verb which signifies to continuously pay the price by compensation, indemnity, recompense, reimbursement, remunerate, repay, what we have consumed in our life; this is the essence of the word يُنْفِقُونَ - this word is generally translated as they spend. The essence of this يُنْفِقُونَ word is to pay the price. Without paying the price we cannot follow Al-Kitab. The price you pay can be in the form of your precious time, energy, health, money, social boycott,  ridicule, isolation, luxury, losses etc. The word يُنْفِقُونَ in the context does not mean to spend money on charity, building religious places, relatives, Hajj or Umrah etc. These things cannot bring peace.

The book Quran says it is wrong to write your own script when it is already naturally embedded in you and you recognize it like you recognize your own nature - 2:79, 2:146, 6:20

The purpose of salaat is reconciliation / amendment (عَمِلَ صَالِحًا) – strong emotion like hate, anger, cravings, lust breaks our connection with our own script or hidden garden of enlightenment (jannah) - 19:59-60 

[Quran 29:45] Follow what is inspired [wahi] to you from the script [Al-Kitab], and established/install [aqeem] the process of connection / relationship [salat] . The process of connection / relationship [salaat with your own script] prevents over indulgence [Al-fahsha] and over smartness [Al-munkar]. And the remembrance [zikr] of Allah is greater. And Allah knows what you fabricate.

Changing or hiding the original theme of the book Quran to find answers for socio-economical problems in our lives is really deplorable. The truth is nobody looks in the book Quran for civics matter, infact there are countries without the book Quran doing better in peaceful index. 

Propagating the entire world to follow this ancient language Arabic book in matter of good governance is impossible and ridiculous. Why would European, Scandinavian countries or Chinese, Russians, French or any other group would study this 114 chapter Classical Arabic language book on good governance and take lessons from it. Some of these countries already have working good governance. 

The Quranic salaat is not about bringing people together to establish a collective system based on justice and fair distribution of resources. The Quranic salaat is bringing together all your inherent senses, information, emotions under the leadership of your own intellect and that intellect is your mohammad in the Quranic context.

This book Quran is not for the masses but only for those individuals who are interested to dig its actual message otherwise there are lot of better books, more tangible than this book on the presumed subjects. I am studying this only because I was brought up by this book though traditionally but I am attached to this book like billion of other Muslims and now I am in love with this book very much. The book Quran is the victim of misinterpretation and I want to make an attempt to clear that misconception of this wonderful book through my humble efforts. I don't know whether I would be able to complete this hurricane task.

Saturday 6 July 2024




The clash between these ornamented subjects' starts when we begin to judge or measure religion and spirituality with science. However it is disastrous when religion and spirituality try to enter into the domain of science. Although these three subjects are altogether different in nature but have important connection with mankind. It will be unfair to compare between them and to differentiate which one is better. These are simple subjects like Moral Science, Psychology and Science. Whether you like it or not, all subjects are of equal important for grooming mankind, we cannot debunk anyone of them. 

Basically Religion is cultural based. We don't adopt it consciously; it is automatically inherited from parents and environment. Religion is the system of beliefs that is based on a belief of reward and punishment for our actions from god or gods. Religion has nothing to do with spirituality, it is a base of Moral Science. You don't have to be religious to have moral values.

Spirituality begins from questioning the inherited rituals of religion. It is recognition of feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than our own prevalent belief. Spirituality is something larger than just following dogmatic rituals. 

Spirituality is a feeling of universal compassion experienced by our own senses, coming into contact with greater empathy, connection or relationship with our own self and nature. It is a study of our own existence and origin. 

Spirituality is a non-material unseen metaphysical subject of Human Psychology. A Quantum Physicist can understand spirituality in a more precise manner. 

I would place the book Quran in the genre of Human Psychology (nafs) rather than a religious book. Quran is not a book of God but a book about your own God, a book of signs, about knowing your own God and Satan. It's all about positive and negative energy within us. The book Quran helps you to know your direction and destination.

Science is the study of available information about the physical world and natural laws. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Geology are some of the main subjects of Science. Technology too is a part of Science.

The book Quran is not a book of Science or Political Science. The book Quran's only concern is to bring peace to human mind and it is a simple guide to it, nothing else. It is not a book of History that discusses the rise and fall of nations. 

So the conclusion is every subject is necessary at different level of our growth and learning. Never hate or love anything without scrutinizing it by your own self that too with an unprejudiced mind. If you hate something in entirety there is a great possibility that you would miss something of great importance for your learning. Nothing is entirely wrong, that's why a neutral mind is important.

The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you. - Werner Heisenberg.


Wednesday 3 July 2024

The contextual meaning of Al-Quràn ☀️


The contextual meaning of Al-Quràn ☀️ 

Contextually the word Quran signifies compilation of our own thoughts extracted from our own script (kitab) in our own language (arabi). It has guidance for those who believe in themselves and are conscious about their own script (al-kitab). The contextual Quran cannot  be written on paper or any physical material because it is embedded in human minds and a small part from our inherent script (al-kitab) is revealed only on thinking minds. This Quran (compilation of thoughts) is full of  wisdom (al-hikmah), criterion (al-furqan), guidance (al-hidayah) and has recollection of memories (al-dhikr). It is preserved in human mind (nafs), directly speaks to you only and can be used only by those who uses their intellect. The inherent Quran is the catalogue to evolve human mind. 

The 114 chapter paper book is a wonderful guide for those who understand it's language. This Classical Arabic language book Quran is not for all because it is not in the language of the masses. The message is written in theophanic style. If correctly inferred it has the ability to bring peace and humbleness in our life. The subject of the 114 chapter book Quran is know your self, investigate, analyse yourself and you know your purpose of life.

Monday 10 June 2024



Question raised by one of my close friend

He says “Excellence or success is purely caused by individual’s efforts”

My take:

First we need to define success. The book Quran says success is when you able to discover your purpose of life and adhere to that direction. Success is that brings you happiness and peace. Islam is peace and peace is success.

The Book Quran says all you need to recognize your inherent script (Al-Kitab). You will find guidance that means direction in it. All you need to believe in that unseen, untrodden path and connect to it sincerely. This will take you to success.  

Efforts are not everything, direction (qibla) of the efforts is also important. We lose our direction because of wrong upbringing. Some parents understand the hidden talent in the child. We called that child God gifted. Those who are away from God may not understand this natural gift. Or those who are materially inclined may not like the talent which the child possesses.

Those who are naturally gifted need little efforts to excel and find peace. We all have that hidden talent but we and our parents failed to recognize it. The cause of real excellence is hidden talent; discovering that god gift in early stages of life and following that talent passionately and persistently lead to success. First stage is to recognize that talent then after that hard-work and passion comes. The ultimate cause of excellence is to recognize our own inherent natural script, commonly known as Book of Allah.




Traditional interpretation.

21:107 - وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِّلْعَالَمِينَ

My interpretation.

Also study the verses for more clarification 21/106-108 & 3:81 and 33:40.

First we need to understand the dialogue format of the book Quran. The style of it's writing is theophany. All ancient religious scriptures are written in this format. In layman term personification of abstract things in a plain and simple language so that we be able to easily decipher it.

This verse is about mohammad our own service provider / obedient mindset (qaumil aabidin) one who explain, approves and mark the stamp of approval to all our compilation of thoughts (Quràn) extracted from our own mother book (al-kitab) of our information (nabiyeen) that resides nearer to nafs of the believers (33:6). Nabi means my information.

The sense of the verse is at your perusal.

21:107 - And we have not downloaded you except as a nourishment process for all knowledgeable.

The verse is not addressed to any person but to our embedded rasul that we have lodged you in the nafs of human beings so that you be the guide to all those who seek knowledge.

Translating rehmat as mercy and rehman as merciful is wrong translation. Allah represent justice (adal) and He is Adil (Judge who gives Justice), so how He can be merciful? Allah is not at all merciful. What you sow so shall you reap is the basic principle of divine accountancy and furthermore we will be testifying against our own selves. In other words we will be our own judge. It is all auto mode, no interference of any kind.

Rehman is the teacher of the Quran (55:1-2) and rehmat is the process by which we understand the Qur'an (note: not the 114 chapter book).

Saturday 8 June 2024



The book Quran says when we fully understand the content of our own unique script (al-kitab); we should accept it wholeheartedly and value it's guidance which then becomes our fate (muqqadar) that defines our purpose and way to successful life (muflihun). Fate is what we value (qadar) in life.

Happily / peacefully surrendering to our fate means accepting the direction of our inherent script (al-kitab) after recognizing the final script as our book of destiny and thus by acceptance of its message we bring peace (Islam) to our agitated minds (naas) and gradually creates a peaceful mindset (muslim).

The instructions from your book (al-kitab) don't let you sleep, you are continuously reminded (zikr) and you become conscious about your journey, this in Quranic terminology is known as taqwa and the person involved is mutaqqi (one who is conscious of his / her own script - al-kitab).

Facing continuous struggle and inner resistance to seek knowledge from our own script (al-kitab) and implement it with conviction is jihad in the way of allah (our own consciousness / conscience). 

After jihad comes qitaal. Thorough knowledge that comprehensively wipes out our wrong ideology is Qitaal; a better ideology that hits our temple is qatal, generally interpreted as fighting or killing.

A person who after thorough investigational process believes in his own script (al-kitab) is a believer (momin) and the guidance (hidayah) of the script is only for believers.

Wednesday 29 May 2024



The 114 chapter book called Quran is the compilation of instructions (signs/ayaat) on how to bring peace to our agitated mind (naas) that includes self and our own conscience. Peaceful mind is the only topic of the book Quran. Peaceful mind can create just and fair society but that’s another topic. Surrendering to peace at all cost is Islam.

I cannot widen the scope of understanding any book on my own accord, unless it is mentioned in the content of the book.  I interpret the book Quran purely on the basis of lexicons and I could not find any Arabic word for collective social system or just-socioeconomic system in the entire Quran. So for me the only subject which the Quran discusses is growth of self.

I have great respect for team Tolue Islam and Aastana. I admire the sincere work of Ghulam Ahmad Parvez and Dr. Qamar Zaman but sadly the theme of the book Quran is not about socialism. I find the entire message of the book Quran is about character building of human race.

Character building of self is the need of the hour. Be it a doctor, engineer, advocate, charter accountant, administrator, civil servant, business man, employee, servant, land lord, common man, urbanite, villager, primitive or modern; everyone's requirement is safe, sound and peaceful mindset. And the Quran addresses these issues on how to have a stable peaceful mindset. Before vouching for peace for others first we need to wear the mask of peace ourselves and then put the mask of peace on others, similar to what is instructed while travelling in the plane - "In case of Oxygen shortage, wear the mask first and then put it on your child."

Social living depends upon the society we live in. An Indian or a Pakistani cannot decide what is good for a Chinese or English. We cannot help anyone unless the one we want to help is ready to change his or her own mindset. God help those who want to help themselves. As for permanent values it does not require any special book of instructions. Permanent moral values are same for everyone.

Keeping our mind safe, sound and peaceful is the biggest challenge which if the book Quran is correctly translated can fulfill that challenge. Keeping our mindset cool & peaceful is the biggest challenge of all time. That's why Quran is so special and precious. It has the power to heal the hearts.

I understand the vibrant parables of the book Quran as personification intended to simplify and aid our learning of abstract or metaphysical (bilgayab) component mentioned in the Quran.

Quran is the only book which says read your own unique script (kitab), understand your own God, know your Satan and beware of it, recognize your direction of acceptance (Qibla) in the world, don't copy others, live according to your resources and work according to your inherent book of Allah and Rasool.

 All the key-words or terms of the book Quran that we tend to infer must correlate with the context of self, human mind and conscience. Universe, World, Countries, Nations are vast topics that is not the subject of the book Quran. If that was the topic of the book Quran, common men like us are not eligible to understand those signs that the book claims to have guidance for all. The subject of the Quran is peace for all human beings and the book should be understood in that context only. Peace is the requirement of all human beings irrespective of cast, creed, colour or social status.

 The book Quran is the catalogue for the most complicated machine and that machine is human mind. Other matters are trivial before this important subject. That’s why the teaching of the book Quran is so precious.

 The subject of the book Quran is universal, very valuable and basic requirement of entire mankind as it deals with human mind. The message of the book is not for just some selective elites of the society who can rule the world. The subject of the book Quran is peace to self. We cannot control, manage, distribute, borrow or provide peace to others how much ever we try, the peace will elude us. Islam or peace is individual's internal matter. One may seems to have all the justice and necessities or luxury of life but still be thirsting to have peace in mind.

 Good governments cannot provide peace to individuals. Peace is not a commodity that is available in market. Good government can create just and fair atmosphere by providing free food banks, good infrastructure, educational institutions, provide jobs, implement good laws and create non corrupt systems, but to acquire peace of mind one must learn to remove corruption from our own mindset. Nobody else can remove corruption in our mind; it is up to us to erase it.

 Corruption in lower consciousness (Fasad fil ardh) is the biggest problem that almost every individual is facing today. The fasad which the Quran is talking is not fighting or shedding blood on planet Earth but struggling with our own ego, jealousy, hate, rivalry, enmity, depression, arrogance, illiteracy, pride, hopelessness, fear,  insecurity... these are creating extremities in our psyche.

 The subject of the Book Quran is not Planet Earth, Sky, Sun, Moon, Sea, Trees, Mountains, Camel, Cattle or super human beings and their communities but these vibrant terminologies that must be comprehended within the context of human psyche.

 Some important terminologies of the book Quran according to my understanding; members a free to disagree.


1) Allah = The most powerful and complex energy within and outside us. The characteristics of this fusional energy are mentioned in the book Quran. This energy is everywhere. Everything in the universe is bond by the magnetic field of this one enigmatic Energy.


2). Rasool Allah is the voice of Allah. We need to hear and obey this voice. Linguistically rasul means a low clear voice hanging around like a pendent in the neck. It is Allah's continuous message through wahi to those who believe. Obeying the voice (rasul) is as good as obeying Allah.


3). Al-Kitab is Allah’s message or script embedded in every creature. in it a unique role preserved for every individual to guide him or her to it's course,


 4). Nuzool Al-Kitab = The understanding of the true message of our own embedded script that has message for those who are muttaqi (diligent, cautious or those who are aware or conscious of their Allah).


 5) Wahy =  The conceiving of inspirational thoughts in a conscious mind.


6) Al-Quràn is the compilation of our own thoughts, taught to us by our inner Rasool, the message is deduced from own inherent script (Al-Kitab) - (This is a collection of guidance for successful and peaceful life). Quran always is in our own mother tongue (Arabic)


7). Al-Torah = the concealed script which we need to discover, an character of Alkitab which produces fire in you to follow your divine script/kitab.


8). Al-Injeel = An broadened script of spiritual healing, an character of Alkitab.


9). Zaboor = hard to grasp, which teaches us self restrain to become sound and steady, a characteristics of Al-Kitab


10). Shaitan is our own arrogant  self, not ready to accept the facts on the contrary hides the facts and take us away from the reality.


11). Al-Akhirah is not an ultimate end result but continuous cycle of hereafter. Hereafter does not mean after death but every procrastination moment from now is hereafter.


12). HAYAT Aldunya = the miserable living.

HAYAT Al-tayyibah = a blissful flourished living.

Remember! Alkitab/Alquran is a guide book for the life before death not before birth or after death.