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Monday 10 June 2024



Question raised by one of my close friend

He says “Excellence or success is purely caused by individual’s efforts”

My take:

First we need to define success. The book Quran says success is when you able to discover your purpose of life and adhere to that direction. Success is that brings you happiness and peace. Islam is peace and peace is success.

The Book Quran says all you need to recognize your inherent script (Al-Kitab). You will find guidance that means direction in it. All you need to believe in that unseen, untrodden path and connect to it sincerely. This will take you to success.  

Efforts are not everything, direction (qibla) of the efforts is also important. We lose our direction because of wrong upbringing. Some parents understand the hidden talent in the child. We called that child God gifted. Those who are away from God may not understand this natural gift. Or those who are materially inclined may not like the talent which the child possesses.

Those who are naturally gifted need little efforts to excel and find peace. We all have that hidden talent but we and our parents failed to recognize it. The cause of real excellence is hidden talent; discovering that god gift in early stages of life and following that talent passionately and persistently lead to success. First stage is to recognize that talent then after that hard-work and passion comes. The ultimate cause of excellence is to recognize our own inherent natural script, commonly known as Book of Allah.




Traditional interpretation.

21:107 - وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِّلْعَالَمِينَ

My interpretation.

Also study the verses for more clarification 21/106-108 & 3:81 and 33:40.

First we need to understand the dialogue format of the book Quran. The style of it's writing is theophany. All ancient religious scriptures are written in this format. In layman term personification of abstract things in a plain and simple language so that we be able to easily decipher it.

This verse is about mohammad our own service provider / obedient mindset (qaumil aabidin) one who explain, approves and mark the stamp of approval to all our compilation of thoughts (Quràn) extracted from our own mother book (al-kitab) of our information (nabiyeen) that resides nearer to nafs of the believers (33:6). Nabi means my information.

The sense of the verse is at your perusal.

21:107 - And we have not downloaded you except as a nourishment process for all knowledgeable.

The verse is not addressed to any person but to our embedded rasul that we have lodged you in the nafs of human beings so that you be the guide to all those who seek knowledge.

Translating rehmat as mercy and rehman as merciful is wrong translation. Allah represent justice (adal) and He is Adil (Judge who gives Justice), so how He can be merciful? Allah is not at all merciful. What you sow so shall you reap is the basic principle of divine accountancy and furthermore we will be testifying against our own selves. In other words we will be our own judge. It is all auto mode, no interference of any kind.

Rehman is the teacher of the Quran (55:1-2) and rehmat is the process by which we understand the Qur'an (note: not the 114 chapter book).

Saturday 8 June 2024



The book Quran says when we fully understand the content of our own unique script (al-kitab); we should accept it wholeheartedly and value it's guidance which then becomes our fate (muqqadar) that defines our purpose and way to successful life (muflihun). Fate is what we value (qadar) in life.

Happily / peacefully surrendering to our fate means accepting the direction of our inherent script (al-kitab) after recognizing the final script as our book of destiny and thus by acceptance of its message we bring peace (Islam) to our agitated minds (naas) and gradually creates a peaceful mindset (muslim).

The instructions from your book (al-kitab) don't let you sleep, you are continuously reminded (zikr) and you become conscious about your journey, this in Quranic terminology is known as taqwa and the person involved is mutaqqi (one who is conscious of his / her own script - al-kitab).

Facing continuous struggle and inner resistance to seek knowledge from our own script (al-kitab) and implement it with conviction is jihad in the way of allah (our own consciousness / conscience). 

After jihad comes qitaal. Thorough knowledge that comprehensively wipes out our wrong ideology is Qitaal; a better ideology that hits our temple is qatal, generally interpreted as fighting or killing.

A person who after thorough investigational process believes in his own script (al-kitab) is a believer (momin) and the guidance (hidayah) of the script is only for believers.

Wednesday 29 May 2024



The 114 chapter book called Quran is the compilation of instructions (signs/ayaat) on how to bring peace to our agitated mind (naas) that includes self and our own conscience. Peaceful mind is the only topic of the book Quran. Peaceful mind can create just and fair society but that’s another topic. Surrendering to peace at all cost is Islam.

I cannot widen the scope of understanding any book on my own accord, unless it is mentioned in the content of the book.  I interpret the book Quran purely on the basis of lexicons and I could not find any Arabic word for collective social system or just-socioeconomic system in the entire Quran. So for me the only subject which the Quran discusses is growth of self.

I have great respect for team Tolue Islam and Aastana. I admire the sincere work of Ghulam Ahmad Parvez and Dr. Qamar Zaman but sadly the theme of the book Quran is not about socialism. I find the entire message of the book Quran is about character building of human race.

Character building of self is the need of the hour. Be it a doctor, engineer, advocate, charter accountant, administrator, civil servant, business man, employee, servant, land lord, common man, urbanite, villager, primitive or modern; everyone's requirement is safe, sound and peaceful mindset. And the Quran addresses these issues on how to have a stable peaceful mindset. Before vouching for peace for others first we need to wear the mask of peace ourselves and then put the mask of peace on others, similar to what is instructed while travelling in the plane - "In case of Oxygen shortage, wear the mask first and then put it on your child."

Social living depends upon the society we live in. An Indian or a Pakistani cannot decide what is good for a Chinese or English. We cannot help anyone unless the one we want to help is ready to change his or her own mindset. God help those who want to help themselves. As for permanent values it does not require any special book of instructions. Permanent moral values are same for everyone.

Keeping our mind safe, sound and peaceful is the biggest challenge which if the book Quran is correctly translated can fulfill that challenge. Keeping our mindset cool & peaceful is the biggest challenge of all time. That's why Quran is so special and precious. It has the power to heal the hearts.

I understand the vibrant parables of the book Quran as personification intended to simplify and aid our learning of abstract or metaphysical (bilgayab) component mentioned in the Quran.

Quran is the only book which says read your own unique script (kitab), understand your own God, know your Satan and beware of it, recognize your direction of acceptance (Qibla) in the world, don't copy others, live according to your resources and work according to your inherent book of Allah and Rasool.

 All the key-words or terms of the book Quran that we tend to infer must correlate with the context of self, human mind and conscience. Universe, World, Countries, Nations are vast topics that is not the subject of the book Quran. If that was the topic of the book Quran, common men like us are not eligible to understand those signs that the book claims to have guidance for all. The subject of the Quran is peace for all human beings and the book should be understood in that context only. Peace is the requirement of all human beings irrespective of cast, creed, colour or social status.

 The book Quran is the catalogue for the most complicated machine and that machine is human mind. Other matters are trivial before this important subject. That’s why the teaching of the book Quran is so precious.

 The subject of the book Quran is universal, very valuable and basic requirement of entire mankind as it deals with human mind. The message of the book is not for just some selective elites of the society who can rule the world. The subject of the book Quran is peace to self. We cannot control, manage, distribute, borrow or provide peace to others how much ever we try, the peace will elude us. Islam or peace is individual's internal matter. One may seems to have all the justice and necessities or luxury of life but still be thirsting to have peace in mind.

 Good governments cannot provide peace to individuals. Peace is not a commodity that is available in market. Good government can create just and fair atmosphere by providing free food banks, good infrastructure, educational institutions, provide jobs, implement good laws and create non corrupt systems, but to acquire peace of mind one must learn to remove corruption from our own mindset. Nobody else can remove corruption in our mind; it is up to us to erase it.

 Corruption in lower consciousness (Fasad fil ardh) is the biggest problem that almost every individual is facing today. The fasad which the Quran is talking is not fighting or shedding blood on planet Earth but struggling with our own ego, jealousy, hate, rivalry, enmity, depression, arrogance, illiteracy, pride, hopelessness, fear,  insecurity... these are creating extremities in our psyche.

 The subject of the Book Quran is not Planet Earth, Sky, Sun, Moon, Sea, Trees, Mountains, Camel, Cattle or super human beings and their communities but these vibrant terminologies that must be comprehended within the context of human psyche.

 Some important terminologies of the book Quran according to my understanding; members a free to disagree.


1) Allah = The most powerful and complex energy within and outside us. The characteristics of this fusional energy are mentioned in the book Quran. This energy is everywhere. Everything in the universe is bond by the magnetic field of this one enigmatic Energy.


2). Rasool Allah is the voice of Allah. We need to hear and obey this voice. Linguistically rasul means a low clear voice hanging around like a pendent in the neck. It is Allah's continuous message through wahi to those who believe. Obeying the voice (rasul) is as good as obeying Allah.


3). Al-Kitab is Allah’s message or script embedded in every creature. in it a unique role preserved for every individual to guide him or her to it's course,


 4). Nuzool Al-Kitab = The understanding of the true message of our own embedded script that has message for those who are muttaqi (diligent, cautious or those who are aware or conscious of their Allah).


 5) Wahy =  The conceiving of inspirational thoughts in a conscious mind.


6) Al-Quràn is the compilation of our own thoughts, taught to us by our inner Rasool, the message is deduced from own inherent script (Al-Kitab) - (This is a collection of guidance for successful and peaceful life). Quran always is in our own mother tongue (Arabic)


7). Al-Torah = the concealed script which we need to discover, an character of Alkitab which produces fire in you to follow your divine script/kitab.


8). Al-Injeel = An broadened script of spiritual healing, an character of Alkitab.


9). Zaboor = hard to grasp, which teaches us self restrain to become sound and steady, a characteristics of Al-Kitab


10). Shaitan is our own arrogant  self, not ready to accept the facts on the contrary hides the facts and take us away from the reality.


11). Al-Akhirah is not an ultimate end result but continuous cycle of hereafter. Hereafter does not mean after death but every procrastination moment from now is hereafter.


12). HAYAT Aldunya = the miserable living.

HAYAT Al-tayyibah = a blissful flourished living.

Remember! Alkitab/Alquran is a guide book for the life before death not before birth or after death.

Sunday 3 December 2023



The Quranic paradox or an enigma called Allah can be easily understood from an old Arabic euphemism. 

He who knows his own Self (Nafs), knows his Lord (Rabb). (man arafa nafsahu faqad arafa Rabbahu). 

Some says this is a hadith, nevertheless I conclude that this words of wisdom contains the very essence of the teaching of the book Quran. The subject of the book Quran is Man's Nafs and His Rabb or Man and his Sustainer. 

Some would say why it is important to know Rabb/ Allah? Without knowing our Rabb / Allah still our life is going smoothly so why the need to know Him? Isn't it our duty to know our provider, nourisher and our sustainer? We might be materially well off and seems to be happy superficially but still the feeling of missing out something or feeling of emptiness persist within all of us. Without knowing and getting connected to Allah our energy or the source we cannot operate or know our true purpose of life, our purpose of existence and our purpose of work and fulfill that feeling of emptiness or feeling of anxiousness lingering inside us.

For the sake of understanding I put forth an example of a bulb, tubelight, lamp, chandelier, fan, heater, microwave, refrigerator, mixer blender, washing machine, toaster, tv, motor, computers, mobile phones, etc. They all wants to know themselves, their utility and their purpose of existence. Their difference in utility or design is useless even if they know their designer. Their purpose of design is useless if they are not connected with the source. Some of them are expensive appliances and some of them are complicated machines but without connection to the power they are futile or purposeless. They want to know their purpose, their utility, without that they are lying dormant. Just like us they want to know their path. All the appliances have their catalogue attached with them but that is not sufficient for them to operate. They also need to connect with the power or the energy to operate.

The common source between all of them is Electricity. Without the connection to electrical power they are heap of scrap, they are lifeless, useless, lying dormant. Just like us without proper connection with the script and the energy we are straying purposeless, our existence is not beneficial to mankind.

Man is the most complicated machine of all the known appliances. But without the Power or the Energy man is nothing. The Power / Energy is the part and parcel of his evolutionary cycle. The Power is the Designer, the Evolver, the Creator and It cannot be cutoff from the design, evolution, creation, form, model or the master piece. It has to be 24/7 with the master piece because the master piece is actually is the actual master of that piece of work. 

The master is the Malik (Owner) as well as the Khaliq ((Evolver) of His own work. He is the Owner of the entire workshop and without the involvement of His Ruh (Spirit) nothing works. The entire work is the Manifestation of His Spirit. We belong to Him and to Him we all return. The purpose of our life to know Him and serve Him. Without knowing Him we cannot serve Him. We have been evolved or created in His image or character (30:30). But we give too much importance to ourselves, to life and death. In truth we are nothing but His ordinary slaves. We have arrived empty handed and will go empty handed but we keep on accumulating as if our stay is permanent and we are independent without any debts to repay.

Our purpose to understand our script (al-kitab) and follow the role or service or position assigned to us. Our job satisfaction or peace or Islam is in knowing our script and implementing in our own life. This is the best Ibadah or Service to Allah or Mankind. 

Work is worship if done according to our embedded script (Al-Kitab)

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Friday 1 December 2023



Al-Kitab - The Embedded Script or the Message Within is sufficient for human guidance. No "holy scriptural" guidance is needed. Al-Kitab in the context of the book Quran is our own Book of Guidance  our Operating Manual , a Reminder - This is the only Book of God specifically designed and different for every individual  - To know our own book we do not require any expertise in any foreign language. Any tom, dick and harry can read his script i.e The Book of Allah because it is his/her embedded book, he / she just need to be mindful (mutaqi) about it - The physical book Quran is made up of Arabic syntax derived Middle Eastern language. The 114 chapter book is not our Quran because it is not in our language. Linguistically the word Quranan arabiyyan (12:2) does not point to this physical book. Here the word Quranan and Arabiyyan is not proper noun. The phrase Quranan arbiyyan signifies that the signs coming out from our inner script is clear, articulate and tangible - Kitabi mubin means clear script, which does not require any outside light to shine, it lights on its own light (12:1)Quranan is our own compilation of thoughts coming out of Al-Kitab. The word arabiyyan means clear, articulate, mother tongue. The opposite of word Arabi is Ajmi. The word Ajmi means which is foreign, intangible, not clear.

To read a foreign language book like Quran we need to appoint a learned teacher of that language or attend a good school to infer the nuances of that language and comprehend its message. Whereas to read, study and understand the Book of Allah we do not require any teacher or school, because Rehman is the Teacher -  Rehman is the Teacher of our own embedded Quran which is in our own language. In other words we don't require a teacher to study our inner Quran, it is self explanatory, self witnessing and self experiencing for those who are mindful, thoughtful, who ponder, contemplate on their own existence or origin.

The Book of Allah does not have any language barrier it is easy, even an illiterate can understand it provided he / she has wisdom. The Book of Allah is a compilation of signs and only tahir (clean from all preconceived notions) & mutaqi (cautious, mindful, observant) can decode its sign. It is an individual's book of signs that is present within everyone of us, we just need to remember / recall (zikr) it. The book or the inner script is in our memory (zikr), we just need to activate it, that's why Al-Quran is also called Al-Zikr (The Reminder) and this Zikr will always be guarded and preserved.

We have forgotten our original nature, and the foreign language book of 114 chapters does not remind us of anything. We have lost the fitrat of Allah because of indoctrination from parents, teachers and environment. The inner script is our true Imam (leader). Our character is same as Allah there is no two opinions about it. All characters belong to Allah. In simple and clear words even bad characters also belongs to Allah. The evolution of human mindset depends upon which characters we choose to become. 

"We just need to set our focus / face / attention sincerely towards *repayment of debts (Deen). This is the main character / nature (fitrat) of Allah on which the mindset of human beings are molded. There is no change in the pattern if you really want to evolve Allah in you. That is the establishment of Deen. But most mindsets are not aware of it." 30:30 - interpretation.

Repayment of our Debts to our Owner (Malik) is the true Deen which can bring true Peace (Islam). We just need to establish Balance (mizaan) and not follow Extreme path. 

Monday 20 November 2023





I am using masculine pronoun for Allah for the sake of convenience. Allah is Energy and It is above genders.


Allah knows His Self (Nafs), He knows His requirements, He knows His desire and He knows what must be done to fulfill it. 


There is nothing without Allah, He is All Encompassing (Wasiun), Apparent (Zahirun) and Hidden (Batin). He is Evolver (Khaliq), Foremost (Awal) and the Delayer (Aakhir).


Without Allah we are Satan and with Allah we are at Peace (Darul Salam - 8:127). Either we serve Allah or we serve Satan the choice is ours. 


Allah Drive us and we drive our own allah. Allah can replace us if He is not satisfied with our driving but we cannot replace our Owner (Malik) or change His Vehicle, because the Home of the Owner (Malik) is inside us.


The Behaviour of the Owner depends upon our service. The Owner is 24x7 with the servant, He is aware of everything, a servant cannot fool His Master (Rehman) because the Master or the Teacher is Present everywhere, everytime, Watching every minute details. 


It is upto us whether to become a friend (wali) of Allah or friend (wali) of Satan. Allah and Satan are two sides of the same Coin. It is upto us to choose the side.

The Owner expects that His servants know their job and its purpose. The Owner (Malik) can change His character according to services provided by His servants. The Master (Rehman) wants His servants to be honest with the script and work according to the script they have been provided.  The Master (Rehman) is 24x7 ready to Teach provided His students are ready to learn or see within. 


The Owner is Benevolent as long as His servants serve Him properly and is obedient to the assigned task but if they disobey Him and try to corrupt His Kingdom then the character of the Owner changes and He becomes Satan. 


There are no two Powers or Owners. All Power belongs to One Allah, Satan is the other side from the same Allah (min duni Allah). - 7:30


Who are we ? We are a subordinate part of Allah trying to return back (2:156) to the Natural State of Allah (Fitrati Allah) on which He has evolved mankind (Nas). 30:30 




Thursday 2 November 2023



The topic of the book Quran is all about the human mindset. This 114 chapter book emphasizes mankind to observe, to be cautious and instructs them to think, contemplate and ponder over our own embedded script (al-kitab) in order to get guidance through it & have a peaceful, sound and wise mindset. 

Quran is not a book of law as generally believed. The theme of the book Quran is "As you sow, so shall you reap". The book discusses about the consequences of our intentions, thoughts and actions. The book also discusses about the core psyche (nafs) of human beings.

Our entire universe is settled in our own mindset. Our own thoughts are the makers / breakers of our world or evolver of our mindset. Our mindset is our true world. Destruction of strong beliefs or old concepts and birth of new ideas is our moment of Qiyamah or permanent awakening. Peaceful and sound mindset is the most basic criteria to achieve positive productivity, stability in our inner self which will reflect or manifest in our outside behaviour. We are living in our own mindset that consists of our own community of various thoughts. 

We all talk about Peace, but to offer Peace to others; first we need to have Peace in our own selves. A mind full of hate, anger, malice, jealousy, impurities, ego, rivalry, ignorance, arrogance,  superiority and pride cannot attain the state of a peaceful mind. Complete submittal to peace in all circumstances is true Islam and it is not monopoly of Arabs or Muslims. Islam is just an Arabic word for Peace, Shanti, Shalom and Salam. The entire theme of the book is about succeeding to become a peaceful soul or to have a sound, balanced and creative mind. A real Muslim is one who has sound, stable and peaceful mind, irrespective of his / her cultural background.

Nowadays to say that religion Islam signifies submission to Peace (Salam) at all cost has become a laughing stock and to say such thing is often being labeled as apologetic by its adversaries. Those who called themselves Muslims are being associated with bad temperament, ill mannerism, indiscipline, immorality, illiteracy, rudeness, intolerance, communal and terrorism. Label Muslims ignore these facts about themselves and still feel proud to identify themselves as Muslims. Fulfilling all religious rituals is a matter of big achievement for them, humanity has taken backseat.

The labeled Muslims have reserved or rather hijacked all good characters like muslim, momin, sauleh, mutaqi, muhsin from the book Quran for themselves and they have assigned all bad characters like kafir, mushrik, fasiq, munafiq, zaleem, najis, for the non muslims. 

The traditional Muslims believe that only righteous deeds are not sufficient to be qualified as a good human being. The religionists believe it is not enough if you are good, righteous, helpful, humble person. Carrying an Islamic Arabic tag with you or professing the magical formula of la ilaha ilallah muhammadurasullah is an ultimate ticket to enter the blissful state in Jannah. Such nonsense limits the magnanimous Islam as a cult religion while the message of book Quran carries universal appeal.

The message of the book Quran is put to trail again and again by different groups of antagonists around the world, thanks to the poor translation; but their accusation is also justifiable in the behaviour of the followers of the Quran. It's because of the bad behaviour of the labelled Muslims; the book Quran has to face the brunt.

The main weapon to malign “Muslims” is the centuries old translations that are merely a copy / paste chain of continuous similar line of wrong interpretations. The task of the adversaries of religion Islam becomes easier because of our blind faith on those translations which instruct us to preach, convert or kill the people who does not subscribe to the ideology of the book Quran. Almost every "Muslim" wished to have Islamic Rule on Earth or Successor on Earth, thanks to wrong interpretation of Arabic phrase خَلَائِفَ فِي الْأَرْضِ and on the basis of this interpretation they want to establish their version of "Islamic" governance.

We have made the translation and the exegesis of scholars above criticism as though they are divine. To question any translation or the exegesis of scholars is to invite wrath and isolation from main stream Islam or from the sub-sects or from some group of unconventional thinkers on social media.

In peace we have opportunity to think, contemplate, ponder, meditate and evolve. The concept of inner peace has become alien in Islam on the contrary one who speaks of non-violence, compromise, settlement, acceptance, tolerance, accommodation are labelled as coward, non-believer, faithless, traitor and escapist.

One thing is sure that we cannot achieve outer peace without inner peace; sadly nobody relates Islam with inner peace and tolerance,  not even the so called Muslims believe this, thanks to the present translation / interpretation and concocted history. We have made the entire Islam the religion of appeasement of God through rituals, rote learning and aggression.

Some recent intellectuals relate Quranic message with the establishing a just and fair society. Though the subject of formation of just and fair governance is good but it is not the topic of the book Quran. 

The topic of establishing good governance is more appealing and soothing to simple "Muslims" all over the world because they too are suffering from corrupt despotic rulers and their officials. "Muslims" look towards Quran in hope to change their destiny so they try to find "Madina Charter" through the Quranic interpretation. Many wait for some messiah to change the plight before the end of this world. 

Some  "intelligent Muslims" believe that the book Quran cannot be translated word by word so they have a freehand to interpolate the pure message with manipulations. The vital important Quranic terms are twisted to suit the idea of formation of "Islamic Socialism" through Quranic verses.

The vibrant terminologies like Allah, Rasul, Nabi, Malaikah, Shaitaan, Salat, Zakat, Saum, Hajj, Nisa, Rajul are manipulated to fit into the message of "Islamic Socialism" of the book Quran. This method of translation is equally harmful like the method of translating Qur'an on the basis of Shaane Nuzool (circumstances of revelation).

People want one verse references and that too from the translations of their favourite scholars. People often ask me about my understanding of the book Quran. My theme of the book Quran is new, my translation is under process, its a big task to translate the entire book in a short time when the concept it totally new. Picking and choosing one verse to justify our version is an act of injustice with the entire context of the book Quran.

It is a fact that we all are victim of crony capitalism, tyrant rulers and religious priesthoods and we are aware of it. The need of the hour is to become Ibrahim, Musa, Isa, and wipe out these evil  forces. But this is impossible if we follow the manipulated theme of establishing just and fair governance in the world when we ourselves are drowned in superficial knowledge. Without correct knowledge and conduct we will be wiped out from the face of the earth instead of the communities we are targeting to change.

The brief message to those who call themselves Muslims is, they must reform by accepting their ignorance, use aqal, acquire ilm, unlearn what they learnt and practice sabr.