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Wednesday, 29 September 2021



The word Namaz is a derivative of Persian Sanskrit words, usually synonyms with worship or bowing before fire ๐Ÿ”ฅ- The origin of this word is from Zoroastrianism.


The word Salat is a Quranic term for connection or reconciliation process of mind, body and soul.


The main focus in namaz is on physical movement performed in a prescribed way plus facing towards stone cubical structure in city Mecca and uttering of verses from Quran and non Quranic sources. This is done only by those who called themselves followers of Islam religion.


Whereas Salat has a universal appeal, it is a connection with your consciousness [Rabb], we do not have to know or understand Arabic language. Connection [salat] requires intense thought process whereas namaz requires no understanding, only good memory to mug up few Arabic verses.


 The only criteria for establishing salat is that we must be pure and focused plus liberate ourselves from all filthy thoughts (mushrik) that distract us from knowing our true purpose or aim. Salat is a conversation with ourselves in our own language in order to connect, gather, call,  reconcile, kill or eliminate then harmonize all our thoughts for the purpose of achieving peace of mind, in Arabic we call it Islam. ๐Ÿ™


The configuration of thoughts in Quranic parlance is called qaum (community which remains standstill but continuously work). When these thoughts assemble, become harmonious and synchronized together, this moment of interconnectedness is called Salati min yaumil Jumah in Quranic terminology where you are your own leader (Imam), accumulating your scattered thoughts together and leading yourself to Peace (Islam) while no diversion must entice you.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021


 It is widely known statement among Muslims that Salat is Meraj ุงู„ู…ุนุฑุงุฌ (ascension) of Momin (believer). The derogatory form of Salat is the popular ritual called Namaz in Indian subcontinent. Salat is a tool of connection which brings the true believer close to his actual Self. Salat is the communication between us and our inherent script (al-kitab) which is not an easy task.

2:45 - ูˆَุงุณْุชَุนِูŠู†ُูˆุงْ ุจِุงู„ุตَّุจْุฑِ ูˆَุงู„ุตَّู„ุงَุฉِ ูˆَุฅِู†َّู‡َุง ู„َูƒَุจِูŠุฑَุฉٌ ุฅِู„ุงَّ ุนَู„َู‰ ุงู„ْุฎَุงุดِุนِูŠู†َ

2:45 - Seek help in patience and salat; and truly it is hard save for the humble-minded,

Salat helps us to know ourselves provided we purify (tazkiya nafs) ourselves first. Zakat is purification of soul and not 2.5% annual charity. Salat is not a worship to a deity called Allah as usually believed by the devotees of Traditional Arab Religion.

Monday, 20 September 2021

SABR - ุตَุจْุฑٌ

Sabr is one of the most misunderstood word. People unnecessarily procrastinate and called it sabr.

The essence of word sabr is when it is impossible to survive & you are determined to stand up.

The lexicographers have given the example of dessert plant cactus for defining the word sabr. This plant survives in spite of intense dessert heat and lack of water, this is sabr, to stand up and work to survive in spite of all adversity.

Sabr (Arabic: ุตَุจْุฑٌ‎) 'perseverance' and 'persistence' is one of the criteria for living a peaceful life (Islam).

Sunday, 22 August 2021


Al-Quran is not a religious book but a concise guide in Arabic language on how to manage our own thought process and ego for living a peaceful life.

Unfortunately we associate this book with the community who called themselves Muslim or to be more precise with Arab culture. But the fact is originally Islam was a extended version of Jewish Christian philosophy.

"Muslims" or "non Muslims" can understand the message of the book Quran, only if they study this book like how any truth seeker study any other topic. The student must examine this book independently without prejudice as a specialize subject and not as a book of any particular religion. The reader should read this book simply as a human being who is not affiliated to any ideology and without having any preconceived notion.

Kafir, Mushrik, Munafiq, Muslim, Momin are not derogatory or holy words but these words describe the state of mind of each individuals irrespective of their religious background.

The essence of Qur'anic word Qatal is not related with physical killing. The word qatal signifies fighting and killing our own Kafir, Mushrik thoughts by feeding them thoroughly with education.

Everything is allowed nothing is forbidden, no matter what rituals we perform or follow, if they are harmless to us and the society. Any action done with full awareness and capacity to own the responsibility is permissible. Activities that kick our mind to remain happy and peaceful permanently is Islam.

Islam is not about pleasing God and his army of Angels but pleasing and taking care of our own self, provided it does not harm the self or others.
Jannah and Jahannam are the state of our own mind. Entering in them is solely our responsibility and choice. Jannah is hidden garden of enlightenment in us and Jahannam is a dark hole of ignorance in us. We are our own accountant and nobody else is going to take our accounts.

Akhirah is not hereafter or after death but it is a procrastination process which we all go through before meeting or finding our own true Self.

Peace to us, Peace to All is Islam. Salam is one of the greatest attribute of a Muslim.

Salamun Alaikum - Peace to all must be the slogan of every Peaceful person irrespective of their cultural or religious background.

Wednesday, 18 August 2021


2018 / JANUARY



This surah starts with initial ู†

ู† - Such type of separate alphabets are called initials or broken letters (Huroof e Muqattat). These abbreviations stand for some words. Abbreviations are used in all languages and Arabic is no exception to it. Arabs used similar letters in their verses which denotes some meaning according to context. ู†ูˆู† (nun) according to EWL also means a dimple in a chin of a young child it also means hollow cavity in a mountain in which water stagnates- A dent in the ground due to rain, the depression generally happens on soft stone - it also means oblong depression between mustaches - pot filled with color liquid or dust.
In this surah the verses are arranged in such a manner that almost all the verses ends with the 'Nun' sound. It points to the poetic format of this text which facilitates learning by heart as it produces a very charming rhythmic meter. A large number of scholarly books have been written over the centuries on the possible meanings and probable significance of these disjointed letters the muqatta’at. Opinions have been numerous but without a final conclusion. They are also known as fawฤtih (ููˆุงุชุญ) or "openers" as they form the opening verse of their respective surahs or chapters. 

Amin Ahsan Islahi a renowned exegete of the book Qur'an, has mentioned that since Arabs once used such letters in their Pre-Islamic Arabic poetries, it was only appropriate for the text of Qur'an to use that same style. He agrees with Fakhr Al-Din Al-Razi (a classical commentator of the Quran) and mentions that since these letters are names for Surahs, they are proper nouns. So there is nothing mysterious or holy about it. The original Quranic text does not contain the title of the surahs and its a later addition for easy references, neither they were represented by numericals. These Quranic chapters were actually represented by initials or first verse of the surah itself.

By the end of the sixth century—the most brilliant period in the ancient history of the Arabs—the Arabic language attained its greatest perfection, in consequence, it is said, of the poetical contests which took place at the annual fair that was held at ‘Ukฤtz during the month of pilgrimage (Dhu’l-hajj). "For, as every tribe had many words peculiar to itself," says Sir W. Jones, "the poets, for the convenience of the measure, or sometimes for their singular beauty, made use of them all; and as the poems became popular these words were by degrees incorporated with the whole language: like a number of little streams which meet together in one channel, and, forming a most bountiful river, flow rapidly into the sea." The several tribes of the peninsula vied with each other in sending their best poets to represent them at the ‘Ukฤtz assembly. Of these "Prize Poems" seven, entitled The Mu‘allaqฤt, par excellence, are preserved in many of the European libraries: they are the composition of Imra’u-’l-Qays; Tarafa; Zuhayr; Lebฤซd; ‘Antara; ‘Amr; and El-Hฤrith.

These poems which were considered as most excellent were afterwards written upon silk, in characters of gold, and hung up in the Temple and now on the walls of the house for decorative purpose — hence, it has been supposed, they were called Mu‘allaqฤt, or "Suspended."

The authors of the Mu‘allaqฤt were all men of high poetical genius, although they were in no sense possessed of literary culture - indeed, it is almost certain that scarcely one of them could read and write. They were natural poets, whose ignorance of letters was fully compensated by a nice sense of rhythm and the faculty of clearly and vigorously expressing in their rich and copious language what they thought and felt. The people of that era called them genius which means one possessed by genii. According to dictionary genii is a plural of genius page 798-797 Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary. And this very thing is called ู…َุฌْู†ُูˆู†ٍ  (Majnoon) in Arabic, the possessed one. Although genie is an English word but its root is found in Arabic language. A jinn is an Islamic mythological character also known as spirit, which can take a human form.   

What is Poetry? 

Poetry is always difficult to understand than the prose. Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language—such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism, and metre—to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, the prosaic ostensible meaning. In poetry we have to decipher the message in order to reach the intellect level of the poet. This needs a lot of real imagination and common sense, thus the need arises for an exegesis. There can be many versions of the same poem, depends upon the intellect level of the interpreter.

Poetry as an art form may predate literacy. Epic poetry, from the Indian Vedas(1700–1200 BC) and Zoroaster's Gathas to the Odyssey (800– 675 BC), appears to have been composed in poetic form to aid memorization and oral transmission, in prehistoric and ancient societies. Other forms of poetry developed directly from folk songs. The earliest entries in the ancient compilation Shiling, were initially lyrics, preceding later entries intended to be read. The oldest surviving epic poem is the Epic of Gilgamesh, from the 3rd millennium BC in Sumer (in Mesopotamia, now Iraq), which was written in cuneiform script on clay tablets and, later, Papyrus. The oldest love poem is only slightly younger sitting among Sumerian documents such as a court verdict from 2030 B.C. Other ancient epic poetry includes the Greek epics lliad and Odyssey, the Old Iranian books the Gathic Avesta and Yasna, the Roman national epic, Virgil's Aeneid, and the Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

In short, poetry facilitates quick memorization as memorization was the only mode available to keep records intact in those days, when writing was a luxury for a common man. In olden days Hufaz (who can memorized) were respected a lot and was in great demand and people relied on them for information related to different topics.

The script of this surah is a conversation between our Consciousness (Rabb) and the audience. The surah addresses in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person. A very powerful surah aimed at directing us to achieve higher level of Consciousness and discard all that negativity that prevents us from attaining that goal.


Al Qalam signifies a means by which a person carves out or shapes its destiny or personality. Al-Qalam is not an ordinary pen but a special pen of the sculpture whose ink pot is filled with desire of different colors by which one sketches or writes down the resume of ones own life.  The Quranic translator Maulana Muhammad Ali (1897- 1951) has rightly interpreted the letter ู† as an ink pot as the preceding verse clearly explains its function. According to classical lexicons Qalam also means something which is sought after / desirous / neat or pure, e.g a meat cut neatly without skin or hair, bones, intestine and legs can be termed as qalam. The basic meaning of qalam is to cut, trim, prune especially to increase fruitfulness and growth. Verses 1-4 describe how the man attains the highest pinnacle of evolutionary process by channelizing or trimming the desires in a proper way to achieve this highest rank among other species. I deduced Al-Qalam as the person/sculptor or a bud/sapling who has the potential to grow into a good character or a model or a figure or a statue by which the personality is contoured.

The respected author is assuring such personalities who are the model for growth of the highest level of evolution of consciousness, that they are not at all self-possessed as many people around them feel. Their seemingly self-possessiveness is actually a blessing for the people. It is not madness as some people think. People will soon discover their reason for being always occupied in contemplation. There will always be an opposition to them, but do not get affected with it. Your Consciousness is aware of who is on the right track. If you want to reach the highest goal, do not follow ignorant, deniers, jealous people, over-confident people who are habitual swearers, people of malicious intent or gossipers, slanderers, cunning manipulators, or intense greedy people. These people transgress all limits and will surely face the stigma and ignominy in this life.

Some people who wish to be enlightened and they become overwhelmed by the enlightenment, on realizing it they remained silent, fearing that they would have to face the ire and abandonment if they grasped the bitter fact of life. But only those who are determined to understand the message will be able to continue the learning process and implement it. To deviate from the prevalent thought process or beliefs is not an easy task except for the righteous and diligent who are favored by their consciousness due to their tremendous inclination towards acquiring the real knowledge. 

After the emergence of dawn of the real knowledge, the ones who opposed it realized their folly, blaming each other for the lapse. Some among them accepted that they tried to acquire the facts but were misguided because they were prejudice/unfair/unjust/narrow minded and transgressed all limits of decency. Nevertheless hoping that they would amend their ways, but this is only easy for those who are righteous and diligent, they enjoy the protection from their Rabb (consciousness) and they have the chances of amendment.

There will be no chastisement for the peaceful submitters from their Rabb. Chastisement is only for those who are over-smart and they tend to treat their own assessment and judgement as a final authority, they do not believe in patience, they make their opinion, assessment, judgement based on their outside temptations. Their mental perception created by these outside temptations becomes so powerful that it begins to suppress their own inner calling from their Rabb (consciouness) and eventually treat it as secondary. These people are disloyal to their Master (Rabb), the final authority of man. Instead they make their own assessment and judgement, a co-partner in the decision making process of the Creator of Mankind. On this account they face a severe humiliation and chastisement because they did not listen to the knowledgeable Rabb (Rabbul-Aalameen). Their judgments that are based on temptations become their lord, rather bigger than the Rabb, which is termed as Shirk (co-partner) in Islamic terminology, and for this they have to face the consequences.  The Rabb does not tolerate any interference in His Kingdom, He is the indisputable King.

However your Rabb is with the righteous, so do not make friends with the ignorant as they will make you slip down from your blissful kingdom.   

 ุจุณู… ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุงู„ุฑุญู…ู† ุงู„ุฑุญูŠู…


ู† ۚ ูˆَุงู„ْู‚َู„َู…ِ ูˆَู…َุง ูŠَุณْุทُุฑُูˆู†َ 1

Nun. By the pen of desire and by which they outline (make profile of life) - (96:4) 

ู…َุง ุฃَู†ุชَ ุจِู†ِุนْู…َุฉِ ุฑَุจِّูƒَ ุจِู…َุฌْู†ُูˆู†ٍ 2   

You are not by the grace of your Consciousness, a self-possessed (81:22)

ูˆَุฅِู†َّ ู„َูƒَ ู„َุฃَุฌْุฑًุง ุบَูŠْุฑَ ู…َู…ْู†ُูˆู†ٍ 3

And indeed for you is the unprecedented reward

ูˆَุฅِู†َّูƒَ ู„َุนَู„َู‰ٰ ุฎُู„ُู‚ٍ ุนَุธِูŠู…ٍ 4

And indeed you (mankind) are upon a greatest rank of evolutionary process

5 ูَุณَุชُุจْุตِุฑُ ูˆَูŠُุจْุตِุฑُูˆู†َ

So you will discover and they will also discover

ุจِุฃَูŠูŠِّูƒُู…ُ ุงู„ْู…َูْุชُูˆู†ُ 6

Which one of you is the afflicted one

ุฅِู†َّ ุฑَุจَّูƒَ ู‡ُูˆَ ุฃَุนْู„َู…ُ ุจِู…َู† ุถَู„َّ ุนَู† ุณَุจِูŠู„ِู‡ِ ูˆَู‡ُูˆَ ุฃَุนْู„َู…ُ ุจِุงู„ْู…ُู‡ْุชَุฏِูŠู†َ 7

Indeed, your Consciousness is most knowing of who has gone astray from His way, and He (consciousness) is most knowing of the guided one.

ูَู„َุง ุชُุทِุนِ ุงู„ْู…ُูƒَุฐِّุจِูŠู†َ 8

Then do not obey those who oppose.

ูˆَุฏُّูˆุง ู„َูˆْ ุชُุฏْู‡ِู†ُ ูَูŠُุฏْู‡ِู†ُูˆู†َ 9

They wish that you should suffer, so actually they would be suffering .

ูˆَู„َุง ุชُุทِุนْ ูƒُู„َّ ุญَู„َّุงูٍ ู…َّู‡ِูŠู†ٍ 10

And do not obey every worthless habitual swearer

ู‡َู…َّุงุฒٍ ู…َّุดَّุงุกٍ ุจِู†َู…ِูŠู…ٍ 11

 A slanderer, going about with malicious gossip -

ู…َّู†َّุงุนٍ ู„ِّู„ْุฎَูŠْุฑِ ู…ُุนْุชَุฏٍ ุฃَุซِูŠู…ٍ 12

(By habit) prohibiter of all good, transgressing all limits, a disobedient   

ุนُุชُู„ٍّ ุจَุนْุฏَ ุฐَ‌ٰู„ِูƒَ ุฒَู†ِูŠู…ٍ 13

Cruel and in addition a cunning manipulator

ุฃَู† ูƒَุงู†َ ุฐَุง ู…َุงู„ٍ ูˆَุจَู†ِูŠู†َ 14

Because he is possessor of intense greed and possessions

ุฅِุฐَุง ุชُุชْู„َู‰ٰ ุนَู„َูŠْู‡ِ ุขูŠَุงุชُู†َุง ู‚َุงู„َ ุฃَุณَุงุทِูŠุฑُ ุงู„ْุฃَูˆَّู„ِูŠู†َ 15

When Our signs are unfolded upon him he says "Its an old line" (extraction)

ุณَู†َุณِู…ُู‡ُ ุนَู„َู‰ ุงู„ْุฎُุฑْุทُูˆู…ِ 16

We will stigmatized him on the face

ุฅِู†َّุง ุจَู„َูˆْู†َุงู‡ُู…ْ ูƒَู…َุง ุจَู„َูˆْู†َุง ุฃَุตْุญَุงุจَ ุงู„ْุฌَู†َّุฉِ ุฅِุฐْ ุฃَู‚ْุณَู…ُูˆุง ู„َูŠَุตْุฑِู…ُู†َّู‡َุง ู…ُุตْุจِุญِูŠู†َ 17

Indeed We have tried them as We have tried the protected one, When they share the emergence of enlightenment, for the hack of it 

ูˆَู„َุง ูŠَุณْุชَุซْู†ُูˆู†َ 18

And not concealing (the knowledge)

ูَุทَุงูَ ุนَู„َูŠْู‡َุง ุทَุงุฆِูٌ ู…ِّู† ุฑَّุจِّูƒَ ูˆَู‡ُู…ْ ู†َุงุฆِู…ُูˆู†َ 19

So overwhelmed by it, an overpowering from your Consciousness while they were inactive

ูَุฃَุตْุจَุญَุชْ ูƒَุงู„ุตَّุฑِูŠู…ِ 20

So it happened as if an accomplishment / realization

ูَุชَู†َุงุฏَูˆْุง ู…ُุตْุจِุญِูŠู†َ 21

So they wish the emergence of dawn (enlightenment)

ุฃَู†ِ ุงุบْุฏُูˆุง ุนَู„َู‰ٰ ุญَุฑْุซِูƒُู…ْ ุฅِู† ูƒُู†ุชُู…ْ ุตَุงุฑِู…ِูŠู†َ 22

 "That the Prospects are on your achievement, that you would be in realization"

ูَุงู†ุทَู„َู‚ُูˆุง ูˆَู‡ُู…ْ ูŠَุชَุฎَุงูَุชُูˆู†َ 23

So they separated and became silent

ุฃَู† ู„َّุง ูŠَุฏْุฎُู„َู†َّู‡َุง ุงู„ْูŠَูˆْู…َ ุนَู„َูŠْูƒُู… ู…ِّุณْูƒِูŠู†ٌ 24

That it will not be understood at this moment of stillness fallen upon you 

ูˆَุบَุฏَูˆْุง ุนَู„َู‰ٰ ุญَุฑْุฏٍ ู‚َุงุฏِุฑِูŠู†َ 25

And the prospects are on the determination of those who value

ูَู„َู…َّุง ุฑَุฃَูˆْู‡َุง ู‚َุงู„ُูˆุง ุฅِู†َّุง ู„َุถَุงู„ُّูˆู†َ 26

But when they saw it (the real knowledge) They said "Indeed we were surely misguided"

ุจَู„ْ ู†َุญْู†ُ ู…َุญْุฑُูˆู…ُูˆู†َ 27

"Moreover we are deprived"

ู‚َุงู„َ ุฃَูˆْุณَุทُู‡ُู…ْ ุฃَู„َู…ْ ุฃَู‚ُู„ ู„َّูƒُู…ْ ู„َูˆْู„َุง ุชُุณَุจِّุญُูˆู†َ 28

The most moderate of them said, "Did I not say to you; why did not you made an effort" 

ู‚َุงู„ُูˆุง ุณُุจْุญَุงู†َ ุฑَุจِّู†َุง ุฅِู†َّุง ูƒُู†َّุง ุธَุงู„ِู…ِูŠู†َ 29

They said "Our Consciousness made a tremendous effort, Indeed but  we were unjust through out."

ูَุฃَู‚ْุจَู„َ ุจَุนْุถُู‡ُู…ْ ุนَู„َู‰ٰ ุจَุนْุถٍ ูŠَุชَู„َุงูˆَู…ُูˆู†َ 30

Then some of them accepted - some blaming on each other

ู‚َุงู„ُูˆุง ูŠَุง ูˆَูŠْู„َู†َุง ุฅِู†َّุง ูƒُู†َّุง ุทَุงุบِูŠู†َ 31

They said, "O woe to us; indeed we were transgressors throughout."

ุนَุณَู‰ٰ ุฑَุจُّู†َุง ุฃَู† ูŠُุจْุฏِู„َู†َุง ุฎَูŠْุฑًุง ู…ِّู†ْู‡َุง ุฅِู†َّุง ุฅِู„َู‰ٰ ุฑَุจِّู†َุง ุฑَุงุบِุจُูˆู†َ 32

"Hopefully our Consciousness will change from it to a better one, Indeed we are eagerly inclined towards our Consciousness"

ูƒَุฐَ‌ٰู„ِูƒَ ุงู„ْุนَุฐَุงุจُ ۖ ูˆَู„َุนَุฐَุงุจُ ุงู„ْุขุฎِุฑَุฉِ ุฃَูƒْุจَุฑُ ۚ ู„َูˆْ ูƒَุงู†ُูˆุง ูŠَุนْู„َู…ُูˆู†َ 33

As well the chastisement - and surely the rearmost/last chastisement is greater if they know

ุฅِู†َّ ู„ِู„ْู…ُุชَّู‚ِูŠู†َ ุนِู†ุฏَ ุฑَุจِّู‡ِู…ْ ุฌَู†َّุงุชِ ุงู„ู†َّุนِูŠู…ِ 34

Indeed for the righteous diligent deviation/pulling towards their Consciousness is an easy  security

ุฃَูَู†َุฌْุนَู„ُ ุงู„ْู…ُุณْู„ِู…ِูŠู†َ ูƒَุงู„ْู…ُุฌْุฑِู…ِูŠู†َ 35

Shall We then treat the peaceful submitters like criminals ?

ู…َุง ู„َูƒُู…ْ ูƒَูŠْูَ ุชَุญْูƒُู…ُูˆู†َ 36

What is [the matter] with you? How do you assess/judge/follow ?

37 ุฃَู…ْ ู„َูƒُู…ْ ูƒِุชَุงุจٌ ูِูŠู‡ِ ุชَุฏْุฑُุณُูˆู†َ
Or do you have something written through which you continuously study ?

ุฅِู†َّ ู„َูƒُู…ْ ูِูŠู‡ِ ู„َู…َุง ุชَุฎَูŠَّุฑُูˆู†َ 38

That for you shall have through it whatever you choose ?

ุฃَู…ْ ู„َูƒُู…ْ ุฃَูŠْู…َุงู†ٌ ุนَู„َูŠْู†َุง ุจَุงู„ِุบَุฉٌ ุฅِู„َู‰ٰ ูŠَูˆْู…ِ ุงู„ْู‚ِูŠَุงู…َุฉِ ۙ ุฅِู†َّ ู„َูƒُู…ْ ู„َู…َุง ุชَุญْูƒُู…ُูˆู†َ 39

Or do you have any control upon Us, extending until the moment of establishment, that indeed for you is whatever you asses/judge/follow ?

ุณَู„ْู‡ُู…ْ ุฃَูŠُّู‡ُู… ุจِุฐَ‌ٰู„ِูƒَ ุฒَุนِูŠู…ٌ 40

You ask of them (assessment/judgement) which of them, will stand guarantee.

ุฃَู…ْ ู„َู‡ُู…ْ ุดُุฑَูƒَุงุกُ ูَู„ْูŠَุฃْุชُูˆุง ุจِุดُุฑَูƒَุงุฆِู‡ِู…ْ ุฅِู† ูƒَุงู†ُูˆุง ุตَุงุฏِู‚ِูŠู†َ 41

Or for them co-partners ? Then let them present along with their co-partners, if they are truthful.

ูŠَูˆْู…َ ูŠُูƒْุดَูُ ุนَู† ุณَุงู‚ٍ ูˆَูŠُุฏْุนَูˆْู†َ ุฅِู„َู‰ ุงู„ุณُّุฌُูˆุฏِ ูَู„َุง ูŠَุณْุชَุทِูŠุนُูˆู†َ 42

The Day the agenda will be uncovered and they are invited to understand humbly but they will not be able,

ุฎَุงุดِุนَุฉً ุฃَุจْุตَุงุฑُู‡ُู…ْ ุชَุฑْู‡َู‚ُู‡ُู…ْ ุฐِู„َّุฉٌ ۖ ูˆَู‚َุฏْ ูƒَุงู†ُูˆุง ูŠُุฏْุนَูˆْู†َ ุฅِู„َู‰ ุงู„ุณُّุฌُูˆุฏِ ูˆَู‡ُู…ْ ุณَุงู„ِู…ُูˆู†َ 43

Their mental perception humbled, humiliation will cover them. And they used to be invited to understand while they were free.

ูَุฐَุฑْู†ِูŠ ูˆَู…َู† ูŠُูƒَุฐِّุจُ ุจِู‡َู€ٰุฐَุง ุงู„ْุญَุฏِูŠุซِ ۖ ุณَู†َุณْุชَุฏْุฑِุฌُู‡ُู… ู…ِّู†ْ ุญَูŠْุซُ ู„َุง ูŠَุนْู„َู…ُูˆู†َ 44

So leave Me, with [the matter of] whoever denies this Happenings. We will progressively lead them [to punishment] from where they do not know.

ูˆَุฃُู…ْู„ِูŠ ู„َู‡ُู…ْ ۚ ุฅِู†َّ ูƒَูŠْุฏِูŠ ู…َุชِูŠู†ٌ 45

And I will give them time. Indeed, My plan is firm.

ุฃَู…ْ ุชَุณْุฃَู„ُู‡ُู…ْ ุฃَุฌْุฑًุง ูَู‡ُู… ู…ِّู† ู…َّุบْุฑَู…ٍ ู…ُّุซْู‚َู„ُูˆู†َ 46

Or do you ask for them a compensation ? So they should discharge what was preponderance

 ุฃَู…ْ ุนِู†ุฏَู‡ُู…ُ ุงู„ْุบَูŠْุจُ ูَู‡ُู…ْ ูŠَูƒْุชُุจُูˆู†َ 47

Or the unseen is deviating them so they want to document it (by insuring the future)

ูَุงุตْุจِุฑْ ู„ِุญُูƒْู…ِ ุฑَุจِّูƒَ ูˆَู„َุง ุชَูƒُู† ูƒَุตَุงุญِุจِ ุงู„ْุญُูˆุชِ ุฅِุฐْ ู†َุงุฏَู‰ٰ ูˆَู‡ُูˆَ ู…َูƒْุธُูˆู…ٌ 48

Then be patient for the instruction of your Consciousness, and be not like the owner of the temptation/enticement when his inner called while he was repressed.

ู„َّูˆْู„َุง ุฃَู† ุชَุฏَุงุฑَูƒَู‡ُ ู†ِุนْู…َุฉٌ ู…ِّู† ุฑَّุจِّู‡ِ ู„َู†ُุจِุฐَ ุจِุงู„ْุนَุฑَุงุกِ ูˆَู‡ُูˆَ ู…َุฐْู…ُูˆู…ٌ 49

If not that a favor from his Consciousness overtook him, surely he would have been laid exposed while he faced condemnation/criticism.

ูَุงุฌْุชَุจَุงู‡ُ ุฑَุจُّู‡ُ ูَุฌَุนَู„َู‡ُ ู…ِู†َ ุงู„ุตَّุงู„ِุญِูŠู†َ 50

But his consciousness chose him and made him among the righteous.

ูˆَุฅِู† ูŠَูƒَุงุฏُ ุงู„َّุฐِูŠู†َ ูƒَูَุฑُูˆุง ู„َูŠُุฒْู„ِู‚ُูˆู†َูƒَ ุจِุฃَุจْุตَุงุฑِู‡ِู…ْ ู„َู…َّุง ุณَู…ِุนُูˆุง ุงู„ุฐِّูƒْุฑَ ูˆَูŠَู‚ُูˆู„ُูˆู†َ ุฅِู†َّู‡ُ ู„َู…َุฌْู†ُูˆู†ٌ 51

And indeed, those who are ignorant would almost make you slip with their mental perception whatever version they listen, and say, "Indeed, he is self possessed."

ูˆَู…َุง ู‡ُูˆَ ุฅِู„َّุง ุฐِูƒْุฑٌ ู„ِّู„ْุนَุงู„َู…ِูŠู†َ 52

But it is not except a reminder for all the knowledgeable. 


o Beware of your desire, its a pen which paints or molds your life.
o You have the potential to become the best.
o Trust your potentials and silently do your job, as there will be lot of oppositions.
o Real knowledge will emerge, it cannot be hidden for long, everybody will see it.
o People will call names - tag or label you, don't loose determination.
o True genuine knowledge only comes through your own efforts, so be righteous.
o Intense greed, temptations, fear will lead you astray from real knowledge and facts.
o Patience and perseverance is the key to good result.
o The Ignorant always have wrong perception to life, keep away from them.
o Take care of your Rabb (consciousness), He is omnipotent. 
o Rabb is the King and does not tolerate anybody else's dominion in His Kingdom.
o You are the artist of your own life, hold your own paint brush and choose your colors wisely. 


Sunday, 11 July 2021


There are many atheists versus religious forum on Facebook. I have observed that whenever a religious or an atheist throw questions, majority of them don't intend to learn or inquire but to mock or humiliate their opponents, their main intention is to pour out their frustration and sabotage any argument. In other words they are soaked in hate to mock ideologies which clash with theirs. The egos do not allow them to listen. They out-rightly deny others to satisfy their egos or to fill their sense of hollowness. They don't want to entertain any arguments in the receptacle of their thinking because they are so much filled with their own beliefs that there is no room to retrospect others point of view. Most of our minds are indoctrinated with other people's ideas and books. There are no original thinkers but reporters of somebody else’s version. Narrators have become scholars due to their better diction, memorizing strength and at presenting the events effectively. They will never question themselves whether their thoughts are really their own thoughts or accumulation of various thoughts we gather from society or from others since birth. We obediently carry with us the load of what thousands of people have said without questioning. This is a very unhealthy approach if we want to cultivate our fertile mind. Isn't it foolish to feel proud and be adamant in our thinking knowing very well that it is not our thought and we are carrying somebody else’s thought?

The fact is most of us are not eligible to discuss subjects like metaphysics, evolution and psychology; the backbone of most of the revered ancient scriptures. These subjects needs deep contemplation, observation, study with intense sense of imagination. We cannot produce proof of what is going inside the mind or how we are feeling or how our thoughts are troubling or soothing or evolving us, what is the reason of our specific behavior or the purpose of our existence. These are the topics which can only be studied through long persistent observation and experiments through thorough experience and collection of intense vast universal data.

The superficial arguments are always about their and our words or our thought process because no side can produce appropriate proofs. Usually the purposes of arguments are for one-upmanship and not for learning something new. For any average intelligent person to criticize any religion is the easiest way; it does not need super intellect.

Complacency in the respective beliefs is the main cause of the masses for not even giving a thought to what clashes with their drugged senses. They demand proofs, evidences of what they don't understand or can't measure. Both this groups believe they have perfect knowledge and are capable to verify the evidences and proofs if presented to them.

It is unfortunate that some of us begin to criticize some specialized subjects based on what appears to us as an inaccurate, illogical write-up by the author or the writer. It is hard to put on the author's shoes and decode message if the language is outdated. The result is that the cursory readers don't look for solutions but dwell on the supposed problems and mistakes they think committed by the ancient unknown author. Imagining the possibility that they might be wrong in their deduction is completely ruled out.

In today's IT era we are drowning in lot of information but lack knowledge or wisdom to understand or imagine things, thus the educated among us are thoroughly programmed not to think or imagine outside the educational syllabus especially designed by the "authorized" programmers or academicians. Copy paste knowledge or blindly following is the trend of today and serious thinkers or out of box thinkers are considered insane.
The knowledge of religionists are mostly based on hearsay and blind following, that's the reason the person with little common sense or logic can able to debunk it. To reject religion one does not have to be a top notch thinker it only requires questioning our own beliefs.

The knowledge of most of the atheist are based on the foolishness of their own respective books of religions which they failed to understand or reform because they were disgusted as they wasted their lives following it. It is easy to quit or criticize religion rather than wasting time scrutinizing the text once they believed to be divine or par-excellence.

Most of the atheist is of the opinion that old religious scriptures were written by nincompoops who lack wisdom or written by vested interest to control the masses and it is naive to follow their writings in this advanced progressive world. I am against following anything blindly when we have divine mind with us. Ancient books are not for worship or blind following or for rote readings. These archaic books are not for everyone however they must be used by passionate archaeological mind whose intense desire is to revive the lost message and fill in the blanks of the context of our misunderstandings. Only on the basis of expertise in language no translator can do justice to these old scriptures. He/she need to have tremendous passion and overall scenario on the the subject. First rule should be that the researcher must not ignore or leave anything that is related to the subject of his research.

In olden days the language was not developed much. The main mode to define or describe certain phenomenon was through oral parables or by the help of analogies. And from the context of those parables the meaning of intended message or the meaning of the word was deduced. Then came the era of script or basic writing was developed. The message was even encrypted or preserved by some artist, painters, sculptors and architects in their work of art for the coming generation to decode its true essence. Now a single word can define the entire depth of the phenomena if the responder is a literate of that field. The Arabic word Rabb is one such word which has very deep meaning and have many different layers of essence of understanding.

Atheist are generally considered as people of reasoning based on empirical evidence. But the problem with Atheists and religionists are that both took these old abstract parables in the scriptures as physical happenings. Both these groups have closed the door to imagine outside their known territory. One group does not want to think as their beliefs are based on faith and the other group thinks those parables are bull shit and it is a waste of time & energy to think about those old senseless parables. 

Atheists are right not to waste their time and energy on what they consider worthless. But I have observed that they are the one who talks more on religion and god in spite of rejecting it. This shows that they are disturbed or agitated for not experiencing the sense of fulfillment or contentment in their newly found beliefs. Their single agenda is to criticize religion. It is okay to criticize but only those have the power to criticize those have the knowledge, will, strong desire to reform, amend or reformat the community. This task is most difficult and one who is ready to sacrifice his entire life for the purpose of reformation can only wear the cloak of a reformer. Demonizing or criticizing particular religion will only produce strong hate, suspicion, alienation of that community. Your hate is sowing the seeds for future genocide and this is not good for the entire humanity. We must learn to be tolerant and respectful of one another.
Intolerance, arrogance, lack of love and respect for each other is the main reason for both the groups not able to convey their respective messages which may help mankind to develop unconventional love for everyone. 

Peace and Love to all, no offense intended.