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Friday 14 July 2023


Deen is Empathy.

Deen is a system of God and will always remain a system of God, whether we believe it or don't believe it, whether we establish it or don't establish it. Deen will always be the system of God, prevailing all other systems.

The essence of Deen is giving or precisely it means to payback, the Urdu, Hindi word dena is a derivative of Arabic word deen. Every creature in the universe give or contribute to establish and maintain the natural balance of Deen of Allah except so called human beings. 

The Deen with Allah is Islam - This aphorism means our Peace with the system of consciousness is in philanthropic way of life / empathetic way of life.

We are humans and we need to prove this by manifesting Humanity in our life otherwise we are inhuman, just living a life of haiwaan (inhuman). 

Birds 🐦, Animals 🐴, trees 🌴, crops 🌾, water 💦, Sun 🌞, Moon 🌝 are the honest Deendaar (contributors). They know their restrictions and work within it, they are the one who are sincerely doing their duty of surrendering to the will of God, except the ungrateful greedy human beings. 

Nature is the one who follows the path of philanthropic way of life (Deen). It is only the Man that has to work on his mindset and come out from the mentality of consumer to the mindset of maintainer and distributor.

As a human being first we need to establish Deen in our own life, create a state of Deen in our own mindset. Madeena a derivative of deen, it is a state of mindset not a city of Saudi Arabia. Madeena means the place where the Deen lives or where the Deen is established. To become Muslim first we need to establish the state of deen in our own mind or in our own nafs. If every individual realizes / recognizes (maruf) that he is a slave of God, then only he can be a true servant (abid) of God. 

A Muslim is a slave, one who knows the wishes of his Owner, Master and is in service 24x7 without the expectation of reward. If we are good slave then salary, property, honour, peace, prosperity, good health, good environment or good society is the byproduct of our own being a good slave or Human being. A Muslim understands, recognizes, follows the covenant & agreement his / her own pure conscience made with himself / herself.

A Momin is a trustee or a caretaker of God's property. Being a good person means to be trustful, loyal and honest towards the properties (niyamat) of God. A Muslim is one who surrenders everything for the sake of Salam and Islam. Performing rituals to please God or shedding blood for the sake of God has no place in Islam (Peace) ✌️-

A Christian will fight to establish Kingdom of God on Earth 🌎, a Hindu will fight for establishing Ram Rajya on Earth 🌍, a Muslim will fight for establishing Nizam e Mustafa or Nizam e Rabbubiyat on Earth 🌎, similarly Chinese, Koreans and others will fight to establish their supremacy on Earth. If these fights of holy flags persists then there cannot be Peace ✌️ on Earth 🌎 - The Quran is the book of Peace, it's message is Peace ✌️  and not war or subjugation of others.

Being a good slave or human being is not easy at all, for that we need to be always at war with our own selves. A good slave is above religious background. Jihad is a internal struggle of being perfect human being before any external struggle.

The entire message of the book Quran is based on unseen events known as gayab in Islamic terminology. The basic motive of the message is to evolve Man (Adam) into conscious human being. All the personified characters of the book Quran or Hadith have meaningful connotations that signify their role and function within Adam or our own senses, emotions, thought process.


Our Mohammad must fight many wars with his internal enemies. Our major enemies are Abu Jahal (ignorance, illiteracy) number one enemy of Islam, 2nd is Abu Lahab (ego, anger) - these two enemies should be killed and the rest are to be overpowered or banished - Our 3rd enemy is becoming a prey of blandishment, flattery, allurement (Hinda), Our 4th enemy is Abu Sufiyan (one who easily get carried away like dust or influenced by others), Our 5th enemy - Yahood (those think they are guided ones, not ready to learn, Our 6th enemy is Nasara (those who always wanted to remain as assistant only, never want to grow, always remain subordinate) etc... the final take from these illustrated parables is that we must never become friends with the enemies of Islam (Peace). 

These are not a part of any Islamic History but they are part and parcel of our life. We need to know our friends and enemies.

The book Quran and Hadith are written in personified parables (misaal) for us for the ease of comprehension but we take those personified examples / stories (qasas) as literal events in the life of parabolic personalities and then foolishly love, hate or fight under their influence.

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