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Monday 10 June 2024



Question raised by one of my close friend

He says “Excellence or success is purely caused by individual’s efforts”

My take:

First we need to define success. The book Quran says success is when you able to discover your purpose of life and adhere to that direction. Success is that brings you happiness and peace. Islam is peace and peace is success.

The Book Quran says all you need to recognize your inherent script (Al-Kitab). You will find guidance that means direction in it. All you need to believe in that unseen, untrodden path and connect to it sincerely. This will take you to success.  

Efforts are not everything, direction (qibla) of the efforts is also important. We lose our direction because of wrong upbringing. Some parents understand the hidden talent in the child. We called that child God gifted. Those who are away from God may not understand this natural gift. Or those who are materially inclined may not like the talent which the child possesses.

Those who are naturally gifted need little efforts to excel and find peace. We all have that hidden talent but we and our parents failed to recognize it. The cause of real excellence is hidden talent; discovering that god gift in early stages of life and following that talent passionately and persistently lead to success. First stage is to recognize that talent then after that hard-work and passion comes. The ultimate cause of excellence is to recognize our own inherent natural script, commonly known as Book of Allah.




Traditional interpretation.

21:107 - وَمَا أَرْسَلْنَاكَ إِلَّا رَحْمَةً لِّلْعَالَمِينَ

My interpretation.

Also study the verses for more clarification 21/106-108 & 3:81 and 33:40.

First we need to understand the dialogue format of the book Quran. The style of it's writing is theophany. All ancient religious scriptures are written in this format. In layman term personification of abstract things in a plain and simple language so that we be able to easily decipher it.

This verse is about mohammad our own service provider / obedient mindset (qaumil aabidin) one who explain, approves and mark the stamp of approval to all our compilation of thoughts (Quràn) extracted from our own mother book (al-kitab) of our information (nabiyeen) that resides nearer to nafs of the believers (33:6). Nabi means my information.

The sense of the verse is at your perusal.

21:107 - And we have not downloaded you except as a nourishment process for all knowledgeable.

The verse is not addressed to any person but to our embedded rasul that we have lodged you in the nafs of human beings so that you be the guide to all those who seek knowledge.

Translating rehmat as mercy and rehman as merciful is wrong translation. Allah represent justice (adal) and He is Adil (Judge who gives Justice), so how He can be merciful? Allah is not at all merciful. What you sow so shall you reap is the basic principle of divine accountancy and furthermore we will be testifying against our own selves. In other words we will be our own judge. It is all auto mode, no interference of any kind.

Rehman is the teacher of the Quran (55:1-2) and rehmat is the process by which we understand the Qur'an (note: not the 114 chapter book).

Saturday 8 June 2024



The book Quran says when we fully understand the content of our own unique script (al-kitab); we should accept it wholeheartedly and value it's guidance which then becomes our fate (muqqadar) that defines our purpose and way to successful life (muflihun). Fate is what we value (qadar) in life.

Happily / peacefully surrendering to our fate means accepting the direction of our inherent script (al-kitab) after recognizing the final script as our book of destiny and thus by acceptance of its message we bring peace (Islam) to our agitated minds (naas) and gradually creates a peaceful mindset (muslim).

The instructions from your book (al-kitab) don't let you sleep, you are continuously reminded (zikr) and you become conscious about your journey, this in Quranic terminology is known as taqwa and the person involved is mutaqqi (one who is conscious of his / her own script - al-kitab).

Facing continuous struggle and inner resistance to seek knowledge from our own script (al-kitab) and implement it with conviction is jihad in the way of allah (our own consciousness / conscience). 

After jihad comes qitaal. Thorough knowledge that comprehensively wipes out our wrong ideology is Qitaal; a better ideology that hits our temple is qatal, generally interpreted as fighting or killing.

A person who after thorough investigational process believes in his own script (al-kitab) is a believer (momin) and the guidance (hidayah) of the script is only for believers.