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Monday, 16 January 2023



Namaz is not part of Salat, 100% agree but neither it is a part of establishing Just and fair society in the "corrupted countries" in the name of religion Islam.

This concept of establishing so called Islamic Socialism is an Utopian concept and root cause of dispute, conflict and disagreement between people of different beliefs.
We are still fighting among ourselves over which is the best translation of the book Quran and wish to establish our own version of Quranic society in the world. Isn't it strange?

This is not the intended message of the book Quran but the understanding of some respected souls who were concerned about the dilapidated condition of their country's governance.

There are so many countries who are not aware about the message of the book Quran but still are top in peace and happiness index. It is because they follow their common sense and did not rely on holy books for guidance.

Please don't misinterpret or convert the message of Love, Peace, Acceptance into the message of war, overpowering, conquering, capturing, spilling blood of others and establishing the rule of the book Quran which we ourselves are not clear and don't understand. 🙏

The book Quran is not a civics book nor it is a book of criminal, society or civil laws. It is a catalogue of how to develop, operate and handle our own nafs, soul, self. 🙏

Monday, 2 January 2023



@Everyone - The book Quran never gave us any system neither it provides any clues on how to establish "Islamic System". It is not a civics administration book.

The topic of the book Quran is human nafs and not human rights. The entire book discusses about the characteristics of human nafs and how to protect it from drifting on the wrong path. Each nafs has to bear the burden of his / her deeds, no one else is responsible but his own soul or nafs. So the entire emphasis of the book Quran is on character building of nafs / self / soul.

The program of Salat, Zakat, Saum, Hajj, Jihad, Hijrah are for the growth of individual's nafs / soul.

The urge to establish "Quranic values, laws" on Earth or Country or Society or in Family is the main cause of fasad or conflict throughout the world 🌎. 🙏

Know who you are, contemplate deep within, read / understand the ayaats (signs) within yourself (nafs) and follow / connect / grow with the help of your unique script (al-kitab).

We cannot understand even 1% of the Nature around us that's why the topic of the book Quran is not about comprehending the Nature but to understand our own nature / self / Nafs / Soul.

But some of our friends ignore this important message of the Quran in lieu for forming just and fair society because they are suffering in their native countries that are corrupted to its core. They think that the book Quran is all about equal distribution of wealth irrespective. Upliftment of financial condition or other living condition of the rich or the poor is not the topic of the book Quran; although it is an important subject but it is not the subject of the Quran.

The message of the book Quran is not just for the political elite class to form government but it is the message of entire human psyche from all walks of life.

I am not against forming a good just and fair society but that's not the intended message of the book Quran. Societies are formed by the culture of majority community. We cannot impose our version of culture on others. If we strive to do so then we are pushing for conflict, dispute and unrest in the world.

We need to take care of our own self first, we first need to recognise our own devil's and angels. We need to connect with our own soul and try to establish the Kingdom of God within us. We don't even realise that we are driven by the devils inside us and we wish to establish Kingdom of God outside. This is not at all possible. This is an utopian concept.
God does not change the condition of any community unless they change what is inside them.

Happy New Year To Everyone.