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Tuesday 1 June 2021


A question asked by someone in a FB group -

Questions for Muslims:

If I know that sticking my finger in a fire will burn my finger, and I choose to stick my finger in a fire regardless, does it make sense for me to get angry at the fire when my finger gets burned?

Similarly, if Allah creates sinners knowing that they will sin, does it make sense for him to get angry when they do sin? 

We are told that nothing happens against Allah's will. But if that's true, then it's also true that sins don't happen against Allah's will. In other words, sins only happen because Allah wants them to happen. But if Allah wants sinners to sin, why does he feel the need to punish them for sinning?

My Answer:

All your questions are valid. In your questions you used the Arabic term Allah 4 times without knowing it's exact connotations.

Your questions are in English but you have not interpreted the term Allah because very vast majority of us think that Allah is God, all Powerful Judge, Accountant, Teacher, Giver of Punishment and Reward for our deeds.

Those who keep such a concept of Allah either deify Him or ridicule Him as they don't want to understand this term. They think their knowledge is sufficient.

The book Quran clearly say that there is no god/God (ilah) except Allah. The problem start when we believe Allah as a Bigger God contrary to the basic teaching of the kalimah that categorically reject the concept of God/god.

Unfortunately we have not understood the term Allah and assume it as Almighty God and make Him either the object of worship, hate or ridicule.

Islam is not a religion of God or fairy tales about God and His soldiers. The term Allah has no gender, still I am using masculine gender instead of using a neutral gender; just to make matter easy for everyone to understand.

The book Quran is a victim of wrong interpretation and translation. It clearly says there is no God/god but we are bent on worshiping that invisible God personified as Man.

In short Allah means our own consciousness, our own mind and Rasul is the voice of our consciousness. The entire drama or the narrative of the book Quran is played inside us. Nothing is physical, historical or geographical in the book Quran. All the names of the characters have meaning and they are not proper nouns either.

The book is written in theophany format so we misunderstood it that it is from the sky God.

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