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Sunday 20 June 2021


The actual or a real Quran is the low voice of our inherent rasul, listen to it carefully. It is in our own language, don't let it get lost in the louder voice of dajjaal (false propaganda and vanity). This 114 chapter book is not our Quran as it is not in our language. It is just a guide to discover our own Quran and Rasul. The Qur'anic phrase quranun arabiyun means the settled or downloaded expression in our own language. The real Quran is a beacon of enlightenment and it's teacher is Rehman [One who reveals the Quran upon us and teaches us the Quran as well]

The reason we are not successful in life is because we don't recognise our own script (Al-Kitab) and tend to follow / imitate others. With so much false information smeared upon us, now it is very difficult to remove those layers and discover our true and unique role.

Understanding and connecting with our script in a very early stage of life is key to success. This connection with our own script is Salat.

No doubt our own rasul will complain to his personal Rabb that we have discarded this Quran (the voice of our rasul), in short we have not used our own intellect because we are more connected to the outside world than our inner world.

After reading this small above article a friend asked me; I like your explanation, however would ask you that in accordance to your opinion what is our guidance book?

My explanation: 

It depends on what guidance you want.

If you want to learn cooking you would take cooking book as your guide or a good chef as your guide.

If you want to learn driving you would join driving school,

If you are interested in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history or any subject, you would take guidances from those books.

If you want to learn to operate some electronic gadgets you would refer it's manual.
Some things are natural, we don't have to learn them, they are embedded in us and we don't require guide books for them.

Permanent moral values are same in every religion, we don't need a special guide books for it.

We need to discover our own book of guidance [Al-Kitab], it's embedded in all of us and Quran is the part of Al-Kitab. The Quran in us will guide us our unique role in life. It will direct us to whatever career we need to choose to be happy, satisfied, content, secure and peaceful in life. But usually we prefer money or material above peaceful and happy life. Thereby we reject Islam (peace of mind) as our way of life (Deen).

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