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Saturday 22 May 2021



To understand the basics in any field one need to first understand how to measure or analyse the quality of the product of that field. For example the very initial requirement in the field of tailoring is first one need to learn to understand the measuring tape in order to fit the final product properly on the curvy human body. In engineering field we need to understand different gauges, vernier caliper, micrometer and so on. To know the quality of the product one must need to be an expert in the understanding of measuring instruments or measuring gauges of those fields before having an authority in that field.

The measuring instrument of the product Islam is the book Quran. We need to understand the book Quran first but unfortunately we have more knowledge of Hadiths, exegesis, different translations and sermons which are not the measuring instrument of the product Islam. Sadly we judge Islam by these easily available spurious instruments and claim to understand Islam.

Ironically even before taking the mammoth task of understanding the book Quran we already have readymade / preconceived popular meanings, terms and concepts of the book ingrained in our minds. This is the biggest injustice towards the message of the book Quran. We don't let the book Quran speak to us as we already have preconceived understanding of it.

We think that by reading different kinds of translations we understand the book Quran. Our basis of understanding the book Quran is not based on understanding the language and it's grammar but it is based on popular or established beliefs or the belief that is most appealing to us. Trusting or relying on scholars is the biggest hindrance in understanding the subject of the book Quran.

We cannot understand Islam or the book Quran if we read the book to validate or confirm our ancestral beliefs or to accommodate the thought process of our respective scholars. 

Due to our wrong understanding or beliefs our actions are being judged by others as if it is the replica of the ideology or the book we follow or love the most.
The result is that the book Quran becomes the victim because of our wrong thinking process and actions. The fact is Muslims have not understood the message of the noble Quran and with a heavy heart I have to say that they have surrendered their divine intellect at the altar of fallible scholars.

Generally people think that the behaviour of Muslims are because of their religious teachings. They blame this innocent book of human psychology because it is hijacked and dominated by organised religious bigots.

Having said that, now the million dollar question arises how to gauge if our understanding of the book Quran is right? In mathematics 2+2=4 in every language and in every culture; this must be the criteria to measure every knowledge.

The message of the book is self-evident. If the parables of the Quran is understood in the right perspective we can feel, experience the entire narrative in our self. If conceived properly we can feel entire characters or characteristics from Allah, Iblees, Shaitaan, Malaikah, Nabiyeen, Rasuls in our own selves. The proof of the genuineness of the message lies in our correct understanding of the subject. If we understood the message correctly we can witness in ourselves the entire drama being played between our higher and lower consciousness.

If somebody claims that the book Quran is about religion and moral values then it must match with the religion beliefs and moral values of other religions. The interpretation of the book Quran will easily fail in this test as it is not compatible with other religious philosophies of the world. That means translations or interpretations based on such lines are full of flaws.

If somebody claims that the book Quran is about science, history, geography then it must match with the current knowledge of those fields. The present translation is full of manipulation so as to bring it in the line of those subjects.

My claim is that the original message of the book Quran has a universal appeal and can have an impact on the intellect of any sensible man. When I say that the message of the book Quran has an impact on the human mind then to guage this claim we need an open and non biased mind. 

I also claim that the book is about human psychology then to verify that claim it must make an effective appeal on every human being irrespective of his caste, color and creed plus the theme of the message must match the Psyche of the entire human race. 

I even claim that the book is about peace so it must have methods to how to attain peace of mind and must not have any scope for any ideological conflicts, battles and wars. 

I also say that the book Quran has a secular nature, if it is true then it must not talk about any religion or ideology. My understanding and translation of the book Quran is based on this theme, although my translation / interpretation is under process.


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