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Wednesday 20 January 2021


The theory of creation or a Creator is a Biblical concept sneaked into the interpretation of the Quran; the reason lies in the mythical story of Adam whom God created / formed from clay / soil with his own hand like the potter makes his pottery. 

The word teen طِينًا is wrongly translated as clay under the influence of Bible. To imagine God as an anthropomorphic angry figure is the root cause of our worship. We don't see God as our 24x7 Friend, Companion and Guide. Please understand God at micro level first that is to understand our connection with Him, then only we can realize His True Magnanimity or His Magnum Opus.

The basic meaning of teen طين is to plaster, to coat, the meaning also signify adaptation according to disposition / natural transformation or that can be molded or can be formed like the wet clay. The word طين signifies character of Adam to adapt to situations, circumstances or environment rather than an object clay.

Various forms of creationism and biblical literalism consider Adam to be a historical person. Scientific evidence does not support the idea that the entire human population descends from a single man.

According to the book Quran Humans / Mankind can evolved or survive through adaption[ طين ] if he molds himself according to circumstances. The word طين signifies the quality of Mankind to adapt to situations. It is a major part of evolutionary process.

One must also understand the thin difference between 10 Quranic words in order to understand the concept of Creator / Maker / Evolver / Manufacturer / Originator / Initiator / Fashioner / Construct / Build / Inventor / expander / Producer . 1) فَاطِرِ [fatir] 2) خَالِقُ [khaliq] 3) جَاعِلِ [jaeel] 4) صَنْعَةَ [sanae] 5) بَدِيعُ [badae] 6) الْمُصَوِّرُ [Musawir] 7) ابْنُوا [abnu] 8) الْبَارِئُ [Al-Bari] 9)  اشْرَحْ [ish'raḥ] 10) الْمُنْشِئُونَ [ l-munshiūna]

The translators play between the meanings of these words to justify their understanding of creation. They don't educate the masses the difference between them so that their traditional religion will collapse. The masses are content with whatever they know plus they don't have the time / inclination to research, verify and check the meanings.

We must understand the nuance of the word خَالِقُ normally translated as creator. This word is active participle + nominative in nature and must be understood with the word خُلُقٍ which means character [68:4].

When the word خَالِقُ is active participle and nominative in nature that means no creature is separate from IT. That means He / It is present in every evolutionary species مخلوق - I don't translate the word خَالِقُ as Creator but as Evolver of character because one of its derived meaning is also اخلاق akhlaq / standards of behavior or moral character اخلاقي - 

When we translate خَالِقُ as Creator we make a big gap between the Creator and His creation and thereby ignore His other attributes like Ahadun, Zahiru, Wasiun and Makar... Our focus are only on those attributes that confirm or relate with our faith / belief. These attributes are Wahid, Batin, Rahim, Rahman... If we really want to understand the term Allah we need to understand its overall attributes.

Sorry I too can only point you or give you the clue at this moment as I don't have the time and energy to thoroughly explain it to you all the difference and proper application of each word according to the context.

Have you ever ponder why "God" need our service, servant, devotees, worship, praise or thanks giving? Don't you think by doing this we are lowering the dignity of God. My God does not need this sycophancy. My God says whatever you do it is for your own self for your own good. You do bad it is for you, your own self. My God says I am free from all your sycophancy. Be cautious, don’t let God disappear from your life.

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