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Saturday 6 July 2024




The clash between these ornamented subjects' starts when we begin to judge or measure religion and spirituality with science. However it is disastrous when religion and spirituality try to enter into the domain of science. Although these three subjects are altogether different in nature but have important connection with mankind. It will be unfair to compare between them and to differentiate which one is better. These are simple subjects like Moral Science, Psychology and Science. Whether you like it or not, all subjects are of equal important for grooming mankind, we cannot debunk anyone of them. 

Basically Religion is cultural based. We don't adopt it consciously; it is automatically inherited from parents and environment. Religion is the system of beliefs that is based on a belief of reward and punishment for our actions from god or gods. Religion has nothing to do with spirituality, it is a base of Moral Science. You don't have to be religious to have moral values.

Spirituality begins from questioning the inherited rituals of religion. It is recognition of feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than our own prevalent belief. Spirituality is something larger than just following dogmatic rituals. 

Spirituality is a feeling of universal compassion experienced by our own senses, coming into contact with greater empathy, connection or relationship with our own self and nature. It is a study of our own existence and origin. 

Spirituality is a non-material unseen metaphysical subject of Human Psychology. A Quantum Physicist can understand spirituality in a more precise manner. 

I would place the book Quran in the genre of Human Psychology (nafs) rather than a religious book. Quran is not a book of God but a book about your own God, a book of signs, about knowing your own God and Satan. It's all about positive and negative energy within us. The book Quran helps you to know your direction and destination.

Science is the study of available information about the physical world and natural laws. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and Geology are some of the main subjects of Science. Technology too is a part of Science.

The book Quran is not a book of Science or Political Science. The book Quran's only concern is to bring peace to human mind and it is a simple guide to it, nothing else. It is not a book of History that discusses the rise and fall of nations. 

So the conclusion is every subject is necessary at different level of our growth and learning. Never hate or love anything without scrutinizing it by your own self that too with an unprejudiced mind. If you hate something in entirety there is a great possibility that you would miss something of great importance for your learning. Nothing is entirely wrong, that's why a neutral mind is important.

The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will make you an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you. - Werner Heisenberg.


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