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Wednesday 25 March 2020



The job of an honest and blank translator of the book Quran is not at all simple even if he has all the tools of translations within his reach. It is like swimming in the deep ocean, gasping for breath while looking for the nearest shore. The book Quran is the most read or recited book in the world but the irony is nobody understands the crux of its message. It is foolishness and waste of time / energy to read / recite any book without understanding it at all. Why people fail to understand this simple logic that why they read this book blindly? If people believe or have faith that this book is divine then why don’t they learn Arabic and try to understand directly from the original script rather than relying on so many translations. People have no right to believe that the book Quran is divine unless they understand it themselves without relying on third party for its confirmation. They have no right to defend, criticize or love this book if they have not understood its message. Giving judgments on the basis of the third party translation is not just and fair to the author of the Quran or its message or those who are researching on the subject by themselves. Don’t argue to be right, converse to find the truth. Very vast majority of Muslims are hypocrites they are giving step motherly treatment to the book Quran and claiming to own it like their original child.

Note my brothers and sister this blind faith of yours has taken us to the abyss of the abysmal condition in the world. The only way out of this condition is to use your own divine reason / intellect unbiasedly or objectively.  If you have passion to dive in the deep ocean first learn to swim. This is like extra curriculum activity for some and not as main subject but if you have the passion / courage to decode the entire book then you have to step into the sea and cross it as “Musa” did. A small request for those who are passing their time on the beach not to ridicule, criticize, discourage and pass irrelevant comments to those who have made their mind to cross the sea. Majority of them are satisfied with the translations of their predecessors so enjoy on the beach and please don’t invite those who want to swim deeply.

Some who failed to cross the sea they deserve big applause / respect for their daring, determination and sincere hard work.  Healthy criticism is good but if you want to criticize their work make sure you have better option of your own and not copy paste references from other sources. Learn to be a good student or listener before jumping to criticism or conclusions.  If you want to contribute anything to them please give your blessings, your motivation and encouragement to continue with their work. Thank you.   

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