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Wednesday 2 May 2018



Questions are simple keys to any learning process; nevertheless they are useless if they cannot open the lock. However, even if it opens the lock of the door, the holder of the key does not know what lies beyond the door. Once the door is open, it could be small cavity, a small room, an apartment, a bungalow, a stadium or maybe even a bigger place, much beyond the imagination of the key holder (questioner). The simile of the questioner is like an innocent key holder, who wants to see what is beyond the lock but does not hold the vision or the capacity to comprehend the beauty of the space beyond the keyhole.

Therefore to understand some answers are beyond the scope of the questioner (key holder). The questioner may ask any type of simple questions but he does not have the idea of what the magnitude of the answer will be. He even gets irritated if his/her questions are not answered according to his / her expectations but the fact is that he has to give it some time for it to sink in, and gradually achieve the capacity to absorb the magnitude of that answer. The important thing is he must empty his cup to receive new information or knowledge.

There are many questions whose answers are not within our magnitude to understand. That does not mean that the questions are not valid. The questions are valid but first we have to clear the basics of any field, if we want to advance in that respective field.

Pardon me again if I am behaving like a teacher, but the fact is that I am a learner too. The general rule before explaining the chapters; the educator should know whether the learner knows the basic vocabularies or the terminologies of the chapters, without which it is hard to understand the subject thoroughly or proceed further.

My genuine intention is not to discourage anyone to raise questions but my answers will create many never ending questions and to avoid this my humble request is that we should concentrate more on the basic words before venturing out on complete chapters. Picking selective verses for understanding will complicate the matter even more.

IMHO - The best way to understand is to exercise patience, perseverance and persistence if you believe it is important to learn the subject. Try to learn the basics before speeding your way to the highway. If your intentions are sincere, remember you are the Best Teacher and Rehman will come to your Aid.

I am sorry, but my intentions are not to hurt anyone.

Posted in different group by me.... When to many questions were asked to me, continuously... without having any basic idea of what Quran actually is...My humble appeal is if anyone wants to understand the Quran it is important to know in what format it is written otherwise we will be just encircling around historical personalities and their descendants meant to be taken as examples only but generally people assumed it as real persons, and made their place of birth as pilgrimage centers.... PEACE / SALAM

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