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Sunday 14 December 2014



For any verbal or written record to pass the test of truthfulness, it should be on the ground of Logical Soundness; i.e. like the formula of 2+2 = 4 which is universally accepted by all. Every “Holy Scripture” should pass this test in order to validate that its teaching is beneficial for entire mankind. But the issue is so emotionally strong that we often skip the subject and categorize it as personal affair. This is a very serious subject which we all ignore or give less importance. Governments come to power or lose their power because of this subject. How can it be a private affair when its teaching affects the entire mankind so severely?

We should stop the policy of appeasement if we sincerely desire peace for entire mankind. The world is now a global village with common interest that is Peace for all. Any teachings that violate this fundamental interest should be amended at any cost. We humans cannot afford to remain silent and be a spectator to any sort of teaching that propagates hate, bigotry, misogynistic, intolerance and injustice in the name of “Holy Scriptures”. Education is the only option. By all means we have to educate the masses even if it requires the use of force and to do that our intentions should be honest and sincere. We cannot be dictated by handful of violent people and their hateful ideology.

In this matter the guidelines are given by the “Quran” but the followers of the “Quran” ignore these guidelines, the reason they rely too much on their respective “guides” and refuse to take notice of the actual message. My emphasis is more towards the “Muslim” community because they are the main victims as well as perpetrators of the mindless violence. Blaming others for our plight won’t exonerate us from the responsibilities. We have to accept that we “Muslims” are not thinking people. We don’t use our brain; we are herds of cattle led by many shepherds. We are threat to the world peace.

The First Dilemma:

While the language of the “Quran” fortunately remained mostly untouched, its words and terms were made to lose the spirit which are so beautifully conveyed in the original Arabic language. This happen basically due to the instant merger of two cultures and resulting in the sudden evolution of the language which every language has to pass through. The Quranic terms went through an adaptation process with the erroneous philosophies prevalent in the once Zoroastrian culture of Persia, and they later on became widely accepted even among the Arabs! As a community Arabs are believed to be the most unlettered people who have hardly contributed to the Arabic literature but the fact is otherwise. All the Arab literature of more than 200 years were destroyed during the Abbasid rule and not a single page was available except the traces of marvelous “Quran”. I am not ready to believe that Arabs were illiterate seeing the beauty of "Quran's" message and its eloquent style. During that period it was literally Persians influence who were at the realms of power and the newly converts had to totally rely on these Persians for their education and Abbasid were just a puppet, under the false illusion of power and glory. Many learned Arabs who were aware of the truth of the “Quran” were systematically killed if they raised their voices against the malpractice of the Persians. This staggering tragedy explains why and how, even the Arabs or the intellectuals among the “Muslims” lose their touch with the “Quran”, the weapon of mass enlightenment (25:52).

The Second Dilemma:

The later generations of interpreters and exegesis’ of “Quran” have blindly followed the men of old and this tendency has been consistently taking its virulent casualty. The followers of “Quran” have been thinking of the Ajami Arabic as the original Language of the Quran. By Ajami Arabic I mean not the pure Arabic but with many alien concepts attached to the Arabic words and terms of the Quran.

Any worth reading book is that which has a proper sequence or in perfect order of narration, without compromising with its main theme. Lacking that would be a mess, non-scholarly work relatively unreadable and boring to the reader. The reader must be able to tell what the entire book is all about, simply and briefly in clear words. What is the use of the book if we fail to discover its theme or main agenda or subject matter, without which the objective or the purpose of reading the book is futile?

There is only one original “Quranic script”. It is in the dialect of the natives which was written down in short hand and spoken too in half discourse. The Arabic script has no vowel or diacritical marking, which means individual words can be interpreted in many ways. But because of years of brainwashing and misunderstanding of the “Quran” the common men thinks that canonical meanings are the only meanings to be followed. The “Muslims” are taught from a very early age that the Quran is a perfectly preserved book and that “God” has taken it upon himself to guard each verse, word, and letter and even a dot of the Quranic Arabic text is free from any errors or changes. But we fail to judge what we are actually following is not “God’s” word but it is the interpretation of the respective translators. If the meaning of the word changes, how we can we claim that the message is preserved or remains the same. We are living in false contentment. We are actually sleeping and pretending to be awake.

The Third Dilemma:

I would like to enlighten the readers on some script problems in the Arabic Quran, mainly diacritical marks. The Arabic writing system was not fully developed during the time of compilation of “Quranic script”, it was mainly an oral communication. The original Quranic Arabic alphabet was derived from Syriac /Aramaic and eventually evolved into Arabic alphabets which were written without the present diacritical marks. Initially the Arabic writing was called Garshuni script. These vowels and diacritical marks were added years after the final compilation of original text. The problem with this is addition or subtraction of diacritical marks is it radically changed the meaning of original text thereby drastically altering the Arabic words which even changed the root words.

The Fourth Dilemma:

Most of the essence of the original script of the Quran is lost; the original speakers of the language are no more. Most of the original meanings of the vibrant words of “Quran” are practically dead but still its traces are found in some classical lexicons. The book of wisdom is infringed upon with alien concept and mythological stories of dead characters. The present translation and interpretation is comfortably based on the conjecture or at the mercy of the majority. The situation looks depressing, but true. Apparently the “Muslims” have lost their Qibla; an important aspect of faith.

The Fifth Dilemma:

Majority of “Muslims” have no idea about Islam, they blindly follow their sect leaders. When we ask them some simple questions which is contrary to their beliefs their perennial answer is “Allah Knows the best”. What I want to convey is that their thinking and learning process has been completely stopped. They are programmed not to think, not to use their minds, and to blindly accept whatever is taught in the name of religion. They think performing certain rituals, wearing an Arab dress, eating particular kind of food and believing in life after death stories is “Islam” or article of faith and this is the absolute truth which cannot be changed or amended. They are ready to die for their belief, that’s the reason they are so complacent and thus dangerous.

When confronted, they are trained to sing “Allah Knows the Best” tune and then move on very careless, not bothering to know the answer. Their urge to seek knowledge is completely destroyed. They are content performing rituals and they are hypnotized to think this is what “Islam” is. The mindless rituals they perform in the hope of pleasing Allah are proudly called by them as Ibadat (service) to Allah, without knowing who is Allah. Please see my article on Allah.

It seems that logic and reasoning has disappeared from such people's thought process. Without the application of reasoning there is no thinking. Such an irony and fall of intellect that people don't want to think for themselves. Years of dependence on their respective religious head has taken its toll, it will take a long time before they even want to unlearn. It’s so sad to see them react in such a violent, abusive manner when we confront them with Quranic verses related to their beliefs. They tirelessly defend their beliefs and call names to those who provide evidence from within the Quran to all their queries. How are we ever going to get rid of such a mindset called Stockholm syndrome?

The Sixth Dilemma:

Now the biggest dilemma is how to understand this sacred book called Quran, on which the lives of 1.6 billions of “Believers” depend? What the Noble Quran says about it, when everything is almost lost, who will teach the “Quran” when its language alien to most of us? Or is it even important to know this 114 chapter book called Quran? Let’s see what the “Quran” has to say about this dilemma? – Please refer to my on Kitab, Quran and Arabic for more detail.

The Seventh Dilemma:

How it is possible to decode the “Quran” when it is clearly mention in the “Quran” that we cannot follow our elders, ancestors, teachers, friends, historical events or the opinion of the majority?


(1) In order to see the truth one must recognize the lie. First the believers or the followers of “Quran” should realize that what they rote is gibberish reading or singing of the Arabic text of “Quran” furthermore it is a waste of time and insult to the honorable author of the “Quran”. But many among the “Muslims” don’t see any problem with this type of reading and they are not even bothered about their lives. They are content with their condition and terming it as Allah’s wish or they would blame the so called evil forces hatching conspiracy against them.

To understand the “Quran” through various translations and to believe that we know all about “Quran” is wishful thinking or self deception. What they understand is not an original message of the “Quran” but a version based on “Traditional Quranic Dictionaries” written by traditional writers. This “Quranic dictionaries” are tailor made for the purpose of interpreting the “Quran” on the concept of “Shaan-e-Nuzool”.  The Particular circumstances of revelation called Shaan-e-Nuzool is a conjecture tool fabricated by Ajami Imams whose mother tongue was not even Arabic and they played the role of the teacher to help decode the Arabic Quran for rest of the “Muslim world”. But the truth is this sham tool of Shaane Nuzool was fabricated to fool the Arab natives and those new converts who embrace into the fold of Islam.

The “Quran” was the only weapon by which the “unlettered Arabs” became the Master of Ajami (foreign) lands in record breaking time. And it was very important for the non Arabs to neutralize this weapon of mass enlightenment in order to stop the advancement of the message of the “Quran”. So after more than hundred years after the compilation of this noble book of Arabs; the non Arabs (Ajami) have invented the tool of Shaane Nuzool, just to curtail this magnanimous message of Arabs from taking over the world.

“Shan-e-Nuzool means the particular circumstances, context or events in which or in response to which, particular verses of Al-Qur’an were revealed to Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). This is also a very essential science needed for understanding Al-Qur’an. There are two types of verses in Al-Qur’an, one includes those which Allah sent down Himself and was not in response to any particular event or question posed towards Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). The second type includes those verses which were sent down in response to a particular event or question. It is for understanding of the second type of verses one needs to know the Shan-e-Nuzool. Some people believe that it is not important to know the Shan-e-Nuzool, but this are not correct, as it is very difficult to understand the correct meaning of these verses without having in mind the background for which or in response to which these verses were revealed – This is the general view of the so called Islamic scholars which is instill in the common man.

It occurred when the commentators of the Qur’an, centuries after its revelation, tried to connect every verse with a certain historical event, calling the process Shaan-e-Nuzool (Circumstances of a revelation.) Here the words and terms of the Qur’an were given tailor-made meanings to fit the supposed story, with total disregard to their original vibrant meanings, concepts and messages.

This deplorable practice only serves to bind the verses of the Timeless Qur’an to some supposed incidents and chain the Word of God in another set of shackles!

Worst of all, and inevitably so, this conjecture of Shaan-e-Nuzool was attributed to the exalted Prophet and his noble companions. This led people into believing that this was how they (the Prophet and his companions) used to understand the Qur’an! So, the foundation of an Islamic decline was laid down and mankind was robbed of the Supreme Gift of guidance bestowed upon them by the Creator! Dr. Shabbir Ahmed

This understanding of “Quran” based on “Shaane Nuzool” lead to the demise of the original message of the “Quran”. The magnificent Quran became permanently handicapped that needs crutches of this deceitful tool called “Shaane Nuzool” and it is told that we cannot understand “Quran” without this fake instrument. And we all are witness to the consequence caused by the sad demise of the original vibrant message of peace, eventually transformed into the doctored message of violence and rituals. The first solution to the dilemmas is to realize where we went wrong and accept the mistake & not to defend it by apologetic justifications.

(2) After realizing or accepting the fault we must scrutinize each and every word of the original text of the “Quran” through the classical lexicon. Note, not to refer the modern Arabic dictionaries as these dictionaries will often show you the present or colloquial meanings of the word instead of pure classical Arabic meaning. As we know the lexicons provides range of meanings, the appropriate selection of meaning must be determined by the context of the verse, the theme of the subject, Rattal & tasreef al-ayaat, selected meaning should be in line with the core message of Quran. Before selecting the meanings the factor of religious influence over the lexicographers should be kept in mind.

Now is the era of IT revolution; nothing can be hidden in this era. In this is the era of information and knowledge and everybody has an easy access to information. The world has become a global village. Today there are no Arabi and Ajmi differentiation. Today even a non Arab can understand the nuance of the Arabic language better than the native Arab. Today anyone who is interested can independently study the “Quran” without the help of any teacher; this is one of the greatest boons of internet technology. 

(3) While retracing the precious message for mankind from the “Quran” we must make sure that is it really meant for mankind or is it a hollow claim. If the message is really concerned about the well being of mankind its essence should pass the test of humanity. The message should be not about any particular culture, region, caste, and creed or it should not teach any type of hegemony over others. While interpreting the message if it does not fulfill this criterion then the claim fails that it is the message for entire mankind. 

The present day interpretation of the “Quran” is exceedingly based on faith rather than on the classical language and common sense. Sadly the present interpretation of the “Quran” is full of bigotry, misogynistic and myth. Whoever learns or able to sing with good Arabic pronunciation all these crap on the basis of conjecture formed by their predecessors are considered as Aalim (scholar) of Islam. The learning from these schools (Madrasah) is of no use and these people are not recognized as literate by the main stream society because they cannot secure jobs on the basis of this learning except in Mosque or religious school.

Between the fifth and the seventh century Hijri the science of Dialectics or Scholastic Theology was established through Imam Ghazali (450 AH) and for the support of which, besides the a-fore-said sciences, poetic sciences like Logic, Philosophy, etc. also became a necessary ingredient in the curriculum of the Islamic schools and universities.

In the beginning of eighteenth century Mulla Nizamuddin Sahalvi, who was contemporary of Shah Waliullah drafted the curriculum known as "Dars-e Nizami", which is current today in all the Arabic schools, is a relic from him. This new syllabus was prepared by Mulla Nizamuddin by adding something more to the syllabus of Imam Ghazali’s theology. Since then the syllabus remained unchanged and is the backbone of all “Islamic Schools”. This archaic syllabus should be changed first in order to bring the future generation back to the modern track.

The purpose of discussing all this history is that due to this rigid syllabus imposed by the so called contractors of Islam; the gate of inquiry or independent reasoning (Ijtehad) was closed and the “Muslim” community had to rely and bear the burden of this thousand year old syllabus. Ijtehad is opposite of taqlid (blindly following the verdict of an “expert”). Once the community of independent thinkers became the herd of cattle lead by an old shepherd known as “Dars-e-Nizami”. In the name of acquiring religious education young innocent boys and girls are enrolled in these courses by their respective parents. And unfortunately these youths spoil their prime time in learning the useless 1000 year old defunct education in the hope of acquiring nearness to “God” thus spoiling their worldly life on which every other things are based.

(4) Classical Arabic is based on chain of root words and it is easy to detect the discrepancy in the meaning of the word, although it is a tedious task to scrutinize each and every word but it is the only option if we want to revive the lost message of the "Quran". If we sincerely want to revive the lost message of the noble “Quran” we have to undertake this tedious journey. And there are no shortcuts; if we are interested in acquiring the right message, otherwise just crying over the past tragedy of conspiracy by the Persian Imams would be futile. The process of independent reasoning or new reforms should be encouraged and welcomed. And those doing it should be given protection from the fanatics.

(5) The problem is we simply ignore the greatest gift bestowed upon us by our Creator that is our intelligence and empathy. We extremely underestimate our intelligence and ignore our empathy. We immediately run to take opinions from those who are responsible for our society’s dilapidated condition. We have lost the power to think independently. We are suffering from Stockholm’s syndrome. We love the things which are responsible for our decay. We love to live in the past histories and Utopian concepts. We cannot face facts they are fearful to us. The so called established canonized concepts don’t allow us to think independently. We fear freedom of expression and freedom of liberty. We kill our sisters and daughters in the name of fake honor. We like to control the weaker section of the society by curbing their rights at the pretext of protection. We are extremely intolerant because we think our ideology is far more important than the brotherhood of humanity. We kill people who don’t subscribe to our ideology. We are the most intolerant creatures on earth. We say Islam is peaceful but we are thirsty for each other’s blood. We have more than 100 sects, each sect calling other an infidel. We are not ready to think out of the well. Each sect is content to remain in that well they assume as their world. We are a casualty of absolutism. We should accept that our wrong ideology is threat to the world peace.

The only solution for this mess up life is to think, and think independently how to come out of this miserable mess. Don’t rely on strange books not even the 114 chapter book called Quran as it language is intangible to us. Realize everything is within you. Follow those books (Kitab), signs (ayaat), lessons (surah) or messengers (rasuls) which you understand and that relate your day to day life. Trust (Imaan) yourself be the master (Imam) of your own destiny (Qadar); don’t let other forces overpower you. Life is too precious to be conceded to others whims and fancy. Don’t insult yourself, hold it in high esteem. Take your own decisions, identify (ism) the voice of yourself (Nafs) who is your Allah / Rabb / Rehman…The Kingdom (Mulk) and its King (Malik) is inside you. Know or recognize yourself. You are the creator and destroyer of your own self. You are one of the brick of the society. If you are weak the society will be weak. Build yourself first; we cannot serve (Ibadah) anyone from an empty cup. Please don’t rely on others to build your house or keep it in order. Work is worship. Work is your God (ilah); you have to serve your God sincerely in order to attain success or reward (Thawab), don't serve the God with any formality or rituals. This is the short message of 114 chapter book called the noble Quran.


Do not follow blindly what you do not know: your understanding, insight, and intelligence will be questioned about all these. (Quran 17.36)

And those who when they are reminded of the Ayat (proofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) of their Lord, fall not deaf and blind thereat. (Quran 25:73)

We have not sent any messenger except in the language of his people (Quran 14:4).

And if you obey most of those upon the earth, they will mislead you from the way of Allah. They follow not except assumption, and they are not but falsifying (Quran 6:116).

And when it is said to them, "Follow what Allah has revealed," they say, "Rather, we will follow that which we found our fathers doing." Even though their fathers understood nothing, nor were they guided? (Quran 2:170).

And when it is said to them, "Come to what Allah has revealed and to the Messenger," they say, "Sufficient for us is that upon which we found our fathers." Even though their fathers knew nothing, nor were they guided? (Quran 5:104)
That was a nation which has passed on. It will have [the consequence of] what it earned and you will have what you have earned. And you will not be asked about what they used to do (Quran 2:134).

And it is not for a soul to believe except by permission of Allah, and He will place defilement upon those who will not use reason (Quran 10:100).

Follow, [O mankind], what has been revealed to you from your Lord (Consciousness) and do not follow other than Him any allies. Little do you heed? (Quran 7:3).


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