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Monday 10 November 2014

A famous fable


If you serve the universe; The universe will serve you.

Lets reflect on this incident : Fleming, a poor Scottish farmer, heard a cry for help. A boy mired to his waist in block muck was struggling to free himself. Fleming saved the boy. Next day an elegantly 
dressed nobleman came to Fleming & said, You have saved my son. I want to reward you for your act' 'No, I cannot accept any reward for my act. It was my duty, ' replied Fleming. 'Is that your son?' the nobleman asked pointing to the lad standing next to him. Fleming nodded in affirmation. The nobleman offered to educate Fleming's son as a goodwill gesture. 'Your son will make you proud ' was his assurance. Years passed. Fleming's son went on to become Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered Penicillin. Years later, the nobleman's son was stricken with deadly pneumonia. What saved him? 'Penicillin vaccine'. The name of the nobleman was Lord Randolph Churchill. His son was Sir Winston Churchill. Someone has rightly said, "what goes around comes around". There are two types of actions; outer & inner. What determines the quality of one's life is the inner action, thoughts and emotions. Be alert to every moment in your thoughts & emotions and learn to quieten the chaos. Let the Rehmaan in you, express itself. 

This story consists of legendary characters and the purpose of this story is to highlight a lesson.

As the time passes by, people forget the lesson that the story has taught them and start revering those legendary characters by canonizing them. Gradually, they name their new born babies after them and they see this as an act of piety. Their birthdays become an integral part of a ritual and are celebrated with pomp and glory. Similar types of stories are compiled together to make a book, which is revered and the essence is seldom understood. This is how the birth of a new religion with a holy book takes place.  

This is how the "Quran explains with the help of stories as examples to reflect.

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