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Saturday 27 November 2021



Life must not be a daily battle to excel. It's a continuous struggle of thought process swinging between gloom and glow. Enjoy the challenge of roller coaster called Life. It must not be a fight against each other but against one's own self.
Life is a self searching project to understand the mystery of self, origin of thoughts, efforts to understand our own script of life, self's urges, self's desire, self's purpose, self's role and freedom to seek the enlightenment to choose the right path. A struggle to see with our own eyes and think with our own heads rather than depending or relying on writings we don't understand.
One of the popular stand of the masses while arguing is that they stood on the solid grounds of what their forefathers believed and what the majority followed. I don't summarily reject what our predecessors thought or what society thinks. But are we going to stop at where they ended or are we going to probe the pages of life further? There could be nothing more leisurely and luxurious than to believe in the illusion of a living comfortably while being parasitic on borrowed thoughts. We can rest in the comfort of our parental upbringing but the problem is the world is not standing still, it keeps on changing. And ideas have to evolve, grow further and must be conducive to adaptation according to the demand of the current situation. We cannot rely on old solutions to open new doors. We just cannot afford to relax and wait for the imaginary "Day of Judgement" or judge people by calling names - One has to take accounts for their own thoughts and deeds every moment. The alibi of the borrowed ideas will not take you anywhere except in the labyrinth of darkness.
The serious question to ask is whether my ideas are my own or borrowed. We often make others' thoughts as our own because of the inability to think for ourselves. This inability to think is often induced, institutionalised and celebrated by those having herd mentality. We have made simple religions as specialised subjects. We look to "experts" to do the religious thinking for us like how we sometimes let the quacks do the medical thinking for our own health and we don't ever make an effort to ponder independently about the consequences it may have on our mind and body. We don't feel like educating ourselves on such important matters. We let others to do thinking on behalf of our own thoughts. I would fain to buy this argument if any sane thinking mind accepted alibi.
Thinking is too important to be left in the hands of either the clerics or the ideological zealots. This is not just a matter of physical life and death. This is even much bigger. It is a question of our existence. It is a question of living between Light and Darkness.
Our own mind is the vibrant messenger don't bury it and sing unnecessary hymns upon the "holy personalities". Usually people are dumb and deaf, they don't realise it and have been ignoring the living inherent voice of the messenger for a very long time. Its high time that we heed the inherent messages, signs, indicators that are much clearer, self explanatory, relevant to self, pure, authentic & free than the what is served to us from the clergy's pulpit.

May be an image of text that says 'Le de ke apne paas faqat ek nazar to hai Kyon dekhen zindagi ko kisi ki nazar se hum Maana ke is zameeñ ko na gulzaar kar kar sake Kuch khaar kam to kar diye, guzre jidhar se hum In all, we have just one view, our own Why should we see the world through someone else's eyes? We could not turn the world into a garden, we accept But at least we removed some thorns from the paths we trod -Sahir Ludhianvi'

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