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Sunday, 22 August 2021


Al-Quran is not a religious book but a concise guide in Arabic language on how to manage our own thought process and ego for living a peaceful life.

Unfortunately we associate this book with the community who called themselves Muslim or to be more precise with Arab culture. But the fact is originally Islam was a extended version of Jewish Christian philosophy.

"Muslims" or "non Muslims" can understand the message of the book Quran, only if they study this book like how any truth seeker study any other topic. The student must examine this book independently without prejudice as a specialize subject and not as a book of any particular religion. The reader should read this book simply as a human being who is not affiliated to any ideology and without having any preconceived notion.

Kafir, Mushrik, Munafiq, Muslim, Momin are not derogatory or holy words but these words describe the state of mind of each individuals irrespective of their religious background.

The essence of Qur'anic word Qatal is not related with physical killing. The word qatal signifies fighting and killing our own Kafir, Mushrik thoughts by feeding them thoroughly with education.

Everything is allowed nothing is forbidden, no matter what rituals we perform or follow, if they are harmless to us and the society. Any action done with full awareness and capacity to own the responsibility is permissible. Activities that kick our mind to remain happy and peaceful permanently is Islam.

Islam is not about pleasing God and his army of Angels but pleasing and taking care of our own self, provided it does not harm the self or others.
Jannah and Jahannam are the state of our own mind. Entering in them is solely our responsibility and choice. Jannah is hidden garden of enlightenment in us and Jahannam is a dark hole of ignorance in us. We are our own accountant and nobody else is going to take our accounts.

Akhirah is not hereafter or after death but it is a procrastination process which we all go through before meeting or finding our own true Self.

Peace to us, Peace to All is Islam. Salam is one of the greatest attribute of a Muslim.

Salamun Alaikum - Peace to all must be the slogan of every Peaceful person irrespective of their cultural or religious background.

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