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Friday 12 June 2020


Usually the word Khaliq used for a Creator is a Biblical concept use to elucidate one of the character of God. God created man or universe is a distorted version of an original Biblical theme. We are following the same distortion blindly.

Khaliq does not mean One Creator creating man from clay like a potter makes his pots. Then from man's rib women was created. Creating every species by His Own Hands or ordering His Angels to do certain tasks. These all are all fallacious Biblical concepts which got infiltrated in Islam and the translation of the book Quran.

Khaliq actually means Evolver / Giver of akhlaq [character / ethics] - Akhlaq and Khaliq are from same root word. Takhliq is to evolve with ethics and Makhluq is the one who is evolving. We all are makhluq; means we all are evolving with certain ethics. Furthermore we cannot fathom Allah by just concentrating on one attribute of Khaliq...

Without Khaliq we cannot evolve ethically. The Evolving Mechanism is inside us, we just need to activate it. Shaitaan too is inside us, we don't need to go to Mecca and throw stones at the pillar made of concrete and cement. Everything is inside us. The concept that God and Satan are outside forces hinders us in understanding Islam and the book Quran. This is the main reason we search for peace in physical aspects.

Without the process of ethically evolution we cannot meet our Rabb. We have to evolve ourselves through connecting or possessing love for everyone. The concise message of the book Quran is "sab mein Rabb dikhta hai" - God is everywhere - WASIUN - We are inside God and God is inside us. We are not separate from God; He is All Encompassing [Wasiun] -

We ignore various attributes of ALLAH present in the book Quran - We think that the attributes are for counting beads and chanting his names. The author of the book Quran has described Allah / Rabb by mentioning its attributes in different context, more than 5000 times still but we are not aware about the essence of Allah.

If we cannot understand the essence of Allah / Rabb / Rehman / Subhaan... and why these specific attributes are specifically used in different context; my opinion is we must not waste time in discussing the book Quran. This are the basics. If we cannot understand Allah in the context of the book Quran we can never able to understand the message of the book Quran how much ever we make an effort, Its simple.



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