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Friday 26 April 2019



I am still unable to understand how some sensible people can understand any foreign language without the help of dictionaries / lexicons or grammar books. For comprehensive study of any language, it is important to grasp the overall idea / concept of that word and the context of the topic, without which it is not possible to understand the crux of the message. When the value of understanding the book Quran is matter of life and death for its followers, I don't understand how they can trust / rely / accept somebody else's translations without verifying it. 

How the Muslims around the world can understand the message of the book Quran without the help of dictionaries and grammar books. The correct understanding of the book Quran is a matter of life and death for Muslims but I don't understand why they still rely on unreliable sources for guidance? Such people believe that thinking is dangerous and questioning means blasphemy. Thinking on our own is an act of rebellion. The safest way is to remain within the cult by blindly following its leader; like the herds following the shepherd.

To keep the herd intact special ready-made dictionaries are crafted by the theologians specifically for the study of the book Quran but they are completely influenced by Hadith literature rather than the Arabic language. This is not the right way to do sincere study of the message [Quran] whose linguistic are made very simple due to diacritical markings done by very high standard grammarians. We just cannot understand its vibrant message simply by relying on low level translations and ignoring the language and the divine common sense due to our lethargic attitude.

I am very much surprised by the methodology by which many sincere students of the book Quran study the message of the book without learning the basics of its language. Instead of referring the grammar books, linguistic dictionaries, they either trust their respective religious site or refer their doubts by comparing the various ready-made translations available on the net or in the market. In both these cases no brain is applied; they just copy paste the information from the wall of the site to the wall of their mind and happy to confirm their beliefs. Such type of study or research is superficial. One can only grasp the intrinsic nature of the message only when he/she sincerely learns the language of the message and honestly studies the book purely in the light of that language.

Language has no caste, creed or color but ironically in the case of the language of the book Quran simple colloquial Arabic words are prejudiced or given preconceived meanings to paint the color of traditional Arab religion. This change of Arab color is not based on reason or comprehension of the language but predetermined through concocted literature [Hadith] that has nothing to do with the language or the message of the book Quran.

Inspite of believing in hadith based translations these poor souls who called themselves Quran alone followers and are allergic to the word lexicon or dictionaries thinks referring dictionaries and grammar books is going against the "established meanings". These Quran alone followers want to study the book Quran from the so called established meanings derived from various Hadith literature but they proudly feel that they are solely following the book Quran without any outside influence. These innocent souls do not realize that the translation of book Quran they are studying is heavily adulterated from Hadithic elements.

I find many such intelligent people on the internet who find Hadith based translation of the book Quran correct because it matches with their old beliefs. They think their understanding of the book Quran is final and they argue on the basis of that copy paste information. They miss the actual truth in lieu for their intellectual compatibility with the majority.  

There is no shortcut for those who really want to understand the book Quran. Referring multiple corrupted translations will never solve the problem unless you courageously take out mistakes / faults from prominent translations. No translations are above mistakes. Doubting the existing translations is the first step towards critical analysis. Majority of Muslims read / study the book Quran for confirming their old beliefs. You don't have to disrespect or insult other translators simply to hold your views but it is of prime importance to verify each and every verse of the book Quran if you are really in love with it. Blind love is always dangerous.

I never recommend people to waste their time and energy to learn Classical / Modern Arabic in order to understand the book Quran in a better perspective. This post is only for those who are really interested in knowing the correct message of the book Quran.

67:10 - And they will say: "Had we but listened or used our intelligence [Aqal], we would not have been among the dwellers of the blazing Fire!"

The entire book Quran emphasizes on using our own intelligence, it never said to learn Arabic language. If we use our intelligence properly we need not need any other books to guide us.

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