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Monday 5 November 2018



In Quranic sense 'Consciousness' or Rabb is portrayed as an amphitheater, while 'mind' is the lower stage where different actors perform in order to keep the theater alive. A real actor is one who focuses on his own script [Al-Kitab] in the play to his best potential without copying other actors. All the problem starts when one fails to identify his own script and tries to emulate other actors. Everyone has their own role to play; adapting others role is the biggest injustice to the self. In Quranic terminology it is called shirk [adulteration] and the person who practice it is called Mushrik.

The innate vibrant script provokes / forces man to recognize, remember and follow the signs of his inherent messengers and act accordingly.

Experience what is happening within, experience the entire community within. Guard your own thoughts. Look within, listen to their low voices, feel their cry, heed their advice and warnings, analyze your urges, don't ignore them, be attentive to those frail voices inside you. Listen to the voice of your consciousness, a basic criteria to attain / make peace with the self. 

This is Islam - State of surrendering / accepting your own self to peace, this is the basic and clear message of the book Quran...first step is peace to yourself [Mind, Body and Soul], peace to the environment and peace to the fellow being...then you can go further for other dimensions of peace, but first peace for self...this is the key to achieve Islam [Peace] for yourself -

The pains, the fears, the anxieties, the worries, inner voices, the urges and the curiosities are the only true messengers and warners of God, plus they even speak in our own language. We don't have to learn their languages it is easy to understand but we seldom give heed to them. This is what Rumi meant when he said these pains you feel are God’s messengers listen to them.

But we are revering dead human messengers whose languages have also became dead. We are so busy in learning the Arabic pronunciations, grammar that we are missing the signs [Ayaat] all around us which the inherent messengers provoke us time and again to take heed of.

Our real wealth is not outside of us but within us. We have been blessed in many ways but unfortunately we don't use our inherent potentials. We act worse than animals. We rely on books and adore personalities for our guidance in spite of possessing the capacity to think and learn. But when I observe animals, birds and other creatures with lower levels of intellect then man I wonder how they obey the laws of nature without consulting any books or their fellow beings. Or how the early humans survive without any books.

It is a shame that we human, being the epitome of all creations cannot use our own innate intellect to conduct our lives. Do we need to be taught what to eat, drink, share, how to do business, how to treat our employees, employer, friends, relatives, wives and children, keep slaves or not? Do we not have common sense? Why do we need to be reminded by others for our intellectual enrichment? The real problem is we don't genuinely take Rehman as our teacher so we fall for every Tom, Dick and Harry as our Guide. 

Quran is all about using our intellect so that we change our thoughts which controls our feelings, emotions and they ultimately drive our lives. The message of Quran can only be understood by those who realize how a single word [Kalimah] can change the course of our thought and action. One single word can make us happy or sad. So when you are thinking or praying you are actually talking to your own self be careful what you think because your own self is listening. 

Peace, Happiness and sadness are all inside so the solution cannot be found outside of man. This is the core message of the Quran.

Shanti, Peace, Shalom, Salam.

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