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Monday 9 October 2017



The initialization of the “Ideology of Peace”, better known in Arabic as Islam is not a prerogative of the book Al-Quran or Arab Muslims. The book Al-Quran is neither a religious scripture as generally believed by the masses nor the book of Islamic God and his chosen ones. The core subject of the book Quran is peace of mind for all human beings. The ideology of Shanti, Shalom, Salam and Peace is as old as the origin of mankind. The truth is the feature Islam / Peace is a basic requirement of all human being, whether one accept or deny it. The word Islam is stigmatized today, ironically due to those who claim to follow the Book of Peace [Quran] but actually follow hate, aggression, intolerance and either suffer from superiority complex or stockholm syndrome.

I would say, Al-Quran is the masterpiece of literature in the genre of human psychology which pertains to each and every aspect of human psyche. The message of this book is such that it appeals to all those who yearn to know themselves and attain peace. The distinctiveness of the message of the book Quran is that it is not addressed to any particular group or society or community or region of the past but to every individual whoever is ready to use reason, observe, experience and analyze their own selves. The distortion
 started when the interpretation of the book Quran was done on the basis of "Hadith" instead of reasoning.To sum up the book Quran is for those who want to know their hidden potentials. It is an evolutionary book for mental development. Those who have understood the correct essence of the message of the Quran won’t require any proof for its genuineness from “historical events” or science because they can feel / witness the effects of its ayats in their own selves [nafs]. 

The enigma of real, lasting peace concerns all human beings, is a basic human requirement. Through inner peace genuine peace can be achieved around our surroundings. The individual realization of the value of peace is quite essential. Then an atmosphere of peace must first be created within ourselves, and then gradually expanded to include our families and our communities. Without inner or self peace there cannot be Peace / Islam in its real sense.

The Quran is the only book which repeatedly challenges it reader to think … “Don’t you see, don’t you think, don’t you witness and don’t you ponder” are the words of Quran. This is the biggest miracle of the Quran that it challenges its reader to think, ponder, witness, see its signs [ayat] within their own selves [nafs] – [51:20-22]

To verify the message of the Quran is very simple and easy, we don’t have to go to any scholar to understand it. The message of the book Quran is a living demonstration which educates you by giving vibrant examples from your own selves; one can feel the experience of its narration running inside them. If the message is conveyed in the right essence it will appeal to all mankind irrespective of the levels of education they may possess. When the Quran is understood correctly its teachings will flow into your veins and will continuously prompt you to live a life according to its enchanting signs [ayat]. In whose veins the teachings of the noble Quran has once been embedded then he does not need to memorize or recite the book in a rhythmic tone and spread its word. He himself becomes a model of peace [Muslim], the brand ambassador of that book. He does not have to impose or preach the message of the Quran as he becomes the living messiah for the people around him. The aura of his impeccable character infused by the Quran force people to follow his footsteps, thus he becomes the leader [Imam] and people are compel to follow his charisma.

The spirited appeal of the Quran that there is no "God"/Deity except the system of consciousness [Allah], this statement cause the powerful religious entrepreneurs lose their hold on the masses. This powerful statement shook the foundation of the powerful religious elite whose main source of income was through their ancestral deities. The very quick acceptance of this message made the powerful religious entrepreneurs insecure thus there was an urgent need to change message of the Quran to protect their ancestral business. All energies were consumed to cleverly distort the enchanting message. Whenever people proclaim freedom from all the deities and gods and embrace their allegiance to the new message of the book Quran, the religious entrepreneurs try to obstructs them. This is the reason why the meanings of the vibrant Arabic words were carefully distorted again and again to accommodate their temple rites and rituals. This is why the noble Quran was distorted through very carefully picked up chain of narrators to support the translations and exegesis then they are backed up by fabricated events to justify such drastic change of the magnificent message.

Finally we have lost the message of this wonderful book due to sectarian interpretations by the "scholars" of different school of thoughts. Some “scholars” have linked this book with the life of “Prophet”, but the fact is the message of the book Quran predates the advent of the “Islam”, “Christianity” and “Judaism”. Some scholars have correlated it with science to prove its divinity and holiness. Some modern intellectuals have connected it with “Islamic Socialism” that is to associate the message of the Quran with development of a just and fair society. The intellectuals totally ignore the Arabic text of the book Quran in lieu for already existing preconceived notions of their respective ideologies to interpret the Quran. The victim of poor interpretation of this book is the helpless Quran.

The new “Islamic Socialism” types of interpretations have no doubt attracted some individuals. These interpretations of the Quran have brain washed the gullible and fed up minds from the “mullas” version of Islam and the political instability of their own country. These manipulative interpretations show them the dream of establishing Islamic Socialism in the world based on the so called “Natural Law” of the Quran. They hope such interpretation of the Quran will solve all their maladies. But such dangerous interpretations are equally harmful and conflicting to the world peace compared to the sectarian interpretation of the Quran. The basic message of the Quran is peace and security for self. Any amount of good governance cannot feed peace and tranquility to the disturbed mind [AL-Naas]. The book Quran is a healing for disturb and agitated minds.

A general tendency I don’t understand is that why a conqueror of land is hailed as a hero by their respective religions. The truth is that “Pious Caliphates” and the “Holy Roman Empire” or the Catholic Empire was all created by conquests and subjugation of others. Then these imperialists were glorified by the religious followers for spilling the blood of their fellow human beings. This in-humanness is tolerated and justified by those who control the masses through religion. Maybe the religions were not directly responsible but they are portrayed by the respective religious head as the saviors of their life and religion thus justifying their brutal action in the name of religion.

From my study of the Quran I can confidently say that one, who has understood the correct essence of the book Quran, cannot impose its message on anybody, so killing or waging war or forming government on the basis of that is out of question. This is not Islam and the teaching of Quran, the book which is identified as Messenger of Peace.

The so called Islamic conquest proudly portrayed by the so called Muslims in the light of distorted history is actually damaging the essence of the message of the book Quran. Those who wage war to plunder others land; property or convert the population to their ideologies cannot fit into the definition of Muslim. They are not at all Muslims by definition as they have not understood the message of the glorious Quran and Islam. The spread of Islam was not done by preaching or by sword but by the individual’s impeccable character molded by the noble book Quran. Those personalities who spread Islam were living Quran.

The early Arab imperialism misconstrued as الفتوحات الإسلامية‎‎, al-Futūḥāt al-Islāmiyya, also referred to as early Islamic conquests falsely attributed to the teaching of Quran in the 7th century. And these war brutalities in the name of expansion were wrongly attributed to the teachings of a simple wise man of Arabia [many many salutations to him]. Many false stories were concocted on behalf of his name to malign his sublime character and the image of Islam.

I would say these conquests were actually victory of Arab imperialism over Persian and Roman Empire rather than to believe that it was “Islamic” in nature. The British Empire comprised the dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates and other territories ruled or administered by the United Kingdom and its predecessor states but it was never construed as Christian expansion or conquest. But unfortunately these expansions were labeled as Islamic conquest by the western orientalists. The fact is "Muslims", fought more wars within themselves than against all the non Muslims put together.

Human mind / consciousness are the topic of the book Quran. The right development or evolution of mind is biggest concern of the author of the book. The state of bliss [Jannah] or the state of stagnation [Jahannum] is the state of mind; it has nothing to do with building of societies or distribution of equal rights. The main concern of this book is to build the right psyche [Nafs].

The truth is peacefulness is a personal experience. Any amount of distribution of equal wealth won’t bring the state of happiness to a disturbed individual. We have to pay the price for happiness. Happiness cannot be sold or bought in the market or taken from one and given to others. The state of bliss can only be attained if we understand our own mercurial mind.

“Muslims” fail to understand this simple message of the Quran primarily due to their respective religious ideology [mazhab] which is the main obstruction. Secondarily their over dependence on their scholars [ulema] for guidance as they feel they are incapable to use their own common sense to understand the message of the Quran or they are lazy to study on their own.

The message of Quran is for individual character building. Conquest of self is not at all easy as some people assume; it is the biggest task which the book Quran emphasis. We cannot form any society or government if we lack individuals of impeccable characters who understand the psyche of the people. Nobody can build a strong “Quranic Society” without the individuals of exemplary character. There are many good and detailed books on the subject of good governance, civics and history. Quran’s genre is totally different from these subjects. The reason the message of Quran failed to connect with the masses is that we began to correlate this wonderful book with history, geography, civics or science, neglecting the basic need for human mental development.

The Quran is not a book about “God” or the history of “Holy personalities”; the objective of the book is to attain wisdom. But we have interpreted the magnificent book by blindly copying from the Jewish and Christian scriptures, thus sabotaging the original message and aligning it in the line other religious book

The word Kafir - Mushrik - Munafiq - Fasiq - Mufasidun - Mukazabin - Momin - Muslim, Yahood, Nasara are distinct thoughts / ideologies of different layers of our own level of self - We have to nurture some and some we have to kill or delete or educate from our own System of Consciousness. They are not persons belonging to particular communities but moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.

Rasuls and Nabis of Quran are not dead personalities but are senses in our own selves [2:129], [2:151], [3:101], [3:164], … and many more verses that clearly shows that the messengers are in you [فِيكُمْ] and not among us as interpreted by traditionalist. – Salam / Peace.

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