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Tuesday 2 May 2017



Classical and pre-classical Arabic language is strictly based on root words and it is a bit different from traditional or Modern Arabic. Quranic Arabic comes in the genre of classical and pre-classical Arabic so in this we must strictly follow the root word connotations. In classical Arabic every word contains a root word and from it derives a chain of many derivative words but the meaning or the essence of root word is present in all the derivative words. If we don’t find the essence of the meaning from the root word in any derivative word then that means the chain of meanings is broken on which the principles of classical Arabic language is based.

1) Example:

The root word علم [alam] means he knew – ilm, talim, maulim, Aalim, Alim, Allama, Uloom, Maaloom, Ulema…

The meaning of every derivative word should contain the basic essence of the root word. If there is change in the meaning we can easily detect the corruption or distortion in the meaning. For example the word الْعَالَمِينَ [Aalameen] is the derivative of root word علم but in traditional or modern Arabic it is translated as Worlds whereas its meaning should be all the Knowledge. This is a clear cut distortion because the essence of the root word is missing from the final / current meaning.

2) Example:

The root word شهر [shahar] the meanings of which are apparent, manifest, notable, well known, famous, proclaim, notorious, New moon, lunar month, drew his sword from its scabbard,

The commonly known derivatives of Shahar are Mashoor, Shaurat, Ashraan, Ashaar, Ishtehaar...

The Evolutionary stage of Al-Hajj is called well known manifestation [ashur] of Knowledge and information [malomaat] الْحَجُّ أَشْهُرٌ مَّعْلُومَاتٌ – 2:197 - But sadly our interpreters translate it as well known month. Here the word Maloomat is translated as well known whereas its meaning is knowledge and information.

There so many examples where the chain of meaning is broken from the root word just to suit the thinking of the interpreters.

Usually the Quranic context is decided by the preconceived notions, and then the meaning of the word is chosen to justify that notion or ideology. There must be a checking instrument to verify whether the assumed ideology is beneficial for entire mankind or not. Any belief or book which claims to be the message for the entire mankind and if it does not cater to the need of entire mankind then its proclamation is a hollow one, regardless how many people love it.

There is not a single translation of the Quran in my knowledge that can pass through this test where its teaching / message can be applicable to the entire mankind or individuals, that should even include the people living in the jungles.

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