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Saturday 16 April 2016


"God" or Energy is a part of the evolutionary process. It is not separate from the evolutionary cycle.

Evolution (Takhliq) does not create anything; it’s a process which gets created by itself. There is no foremost (Awal) and no procrastination (Aakhir) - it’s an evolutionary cycle that runs in perfect synchronization and harmony, called oneness or Tauhid - The questions are never ending - who was created first, egg or hen ? “God” and environment are not two different entities, they are two sides of the same coin moreover we can say that environment and “God” is single body with various characteristics.

But those who know the process of evolution very well know the presence of “God Particle” or subatomic particle present in every cell or atom. And these particles have the tendency or a character to create mass around the matter. Evolution or transformation of matter is a continuous journey, whether we like it or not, it’s a journey everyone has to undertake. Whether our journey is with “God” or with “Satan”, it does not matter because “God” and “Satan” are just characters to understand good and bad behavior that we have in ourselves. What matters most is how we struggle to maintain the ecological balance while we traverse through this journey.


  1. The theory of evolution has already been discarded my dear as it could not substantiate itself.
    Yes, evolution does take place within the stages of creation to carry the creation from its lowest level to the highest level to attain the highest conscious values designed and fixed for the stage.

    God and environment can't be one. God is the creator of Planet Earth after the creation of Cosmos. And it is the Planet Earth which was programmed to create the environment for biological life to appear and grow. So, then the vegetation stage was enabled to be created, followed by animal stage and finally the present human stage.
    Nothing is created without a Creator and a Plan. Elements and physical laws all are created under mathematical formulas. How great that Mathematician would be who thought over and invented all those formulas which served as basis for all creation.

    In short, are you propagating Godlessness? I'm just curious and wish to know you and your concepts rather closely. Please don't mind my intrusion in your business.

  2. I am not talking about physical evolution of Darwin... Quran talks about mental evolution...Qiyamat is a part of that... With lot of apologies but if you study Quran with a secular mind you will see that the Book Quran is not about "God" but about Consciousness ... La ilaha ilal allah = There is no god except Allah... And Allah is not a Bigger God as traditionalist think... you are welcome sir ... Peace


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